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Sandusky City Schools’
Customer Service Initiative
Professional Development
Dr. Eugene T. W. Sanders
Superintendent and Chief Executive Officer
Customer Service
Friday, August 30, 2013
Mrs. Faith Denslow
Understand the Importance of Customer Service
Identify Internal & External Customers
Our Customer Service = Our Success
Student Achievement in relation to our Customer Service
Listen to feedback and answer questions about our schools
and plans for transformation, change and reform
The most
important person
in any business!
• Our students
• Their
• The
Human beings with
feelings & deserve to
be treated with
A person that comes
to us with their needs
and wants. – It is our
job to fill them!
They deserve the
most courteous
attention that we
can give them.
Customers will go where they receive the
best attention.. HENCE, WE MUST BE OUR
Typical dissatisfied customer will tell 8-10
7 out of 10 complaining customers will do
business with you again if you Resolve
the complaint.
Types of customers
• Internal: Group of people you may interact with/serve within the
o Principals, teachers, students
o cafeteria workers, IT, custodial workers,
o Transportation, office staff, departmental..etc.
• External: Someone who comes to your organization for products or services
o Parents: Choice
o Open enrollment in other districts
o Home School
o Online Learning
o The Community
• Levy supporters, area business’, local government
Complaint Handling
• Appreciate and thank the
customer for the feedback
• Offer an apology for
inconvenience, error or
• Show empathy- put yourself
in their place
• Listen actively(in person: nod; phone:
interjections showing your interest)
• Resolve- if it’s within your control,
if not, bring it to the attention of the
appropriate person
• If not an immediate
resolution- take down the
customers: name, number, address to
Follow Up
* Don’t take it personal!!!
Complaint Handling
• Angry Caller/ Front Office:
o Let them finish; don’t interrupt
o Be firm yet polite
o Always Remain Professional
* Don’t take it personal!!!
Transforming our schools to meet the Global
Challenge in the 21st Century
• Meeting the needs of parents regarding the
Sandusky City Schools educational experience
• Partnering with leading industries to create
aligned priorities for student growth, economic
viability, and building families who live, work, and
play in Sandusky
Transforming our schools to meet the Global
Challenge in the 21st Century
• Reinventing public education in Sandusky
• Reassessing our commitment to meet the
expectation of global economy
Next Level
Photo courtesy of Tim Fleck
Role Play
Great Qualities
• Accuracy
• Friendliness
• Timelines
• Efficiency
• Courteous
• Honesty
When on the phone:
• S- Smile- as if the person is standing
in front of you. It does show in your
M- Manners- Give a greeting and
the name of the department and
your name. Always ask before
placing a call on hold
I- Inflection- use properly
L- Language- use language the
caller understands
E- Ending- let the caller end the call.
Never hang up first
When a customer gets a little more than what
he/she expected, Good Service Becomes Excellent Service
Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you
tell them what they need well before they realize it
themselves." - Steve Jobs, Apple
"It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only
handle the money... It is the customer who pays the
wages."- Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company
"We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we
are the hosts. It's our job to make the customer experience
a little bit better."- Jeff Bezos,
"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the
service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi
$1 Million Gift from the
Dorn Foundation
Sandusky City Schools’
Create Competitive Choices for Students
and Families:
Regional Center for Advanced Academic
Compass Academy
Sandusky City Schools’
The District’s Transformation Committee
The Next Level Academic Model
Build on our tradition, pride, and spirit of
excellence (marketing and communication)
Blended Learning Opportunities
(increase in technology as a learning tool)
All Building Comment Card Box
5- Elementary bldgs. - located
near main entry door in each
1-SCC- Outside office door
1-SMS- top of the steps near the
2-SHS- located outside of the
main office door & at the rear hall
intersection of cafeteria and gym
1-RCAAS- located near main
entry door
1-Admin. Bldg.- located near
main entry door
Sandusky City Schools District
Phone Greeting
Admin Asst:
Good Morning/Afternoon. Thank you for calling “location”, where we
value pride, tradition and excellence. This is “surname” how may I help
Transferred Calls Procedure:
Provide caller the assigned extension/phone number for the requested staff
member. Press transfer, dial extension, and speak to staff member at that
Admin Asst:
Hello, “staff member name”. “Surname of caller”, I understand you have
question about “X”. I am transferring you now.
Staff member call is transferred to:
Hello, this is “staff member surname”.
“Surname of caller”, I understand you have a question about “X”.
Response Times
Phone calls: 24 Hours
Email: 24 Hours
Written Communication: 7 Business Days
Tips for Good Customer Service
• Be Presentable/
well groomed
• Make eye
contact if in
• Be a good
listener and
Show interest
• Make them feel
important and
• Identify and
anticipate needs
• Be
• Save them time;
Resolve Issues
• Use positive,
verbal, body
Our Purpose, Our Goal, Our Success!
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