iPad use Presentation - Mineola Independent School District

The inspiration – Case Study
Located about 20 minutes outside Boston, Burlington High School is a public school in
a middle-class suburban community. Its student body of about one thousand 9th12th graders has performed well by traditional standards. With a 100 percent pass
rate on the state examination and 95 percent of graduates going on to college, it
appeared that Burlington had no need for change.
But the progressive-minded faculty felt they weren’t doing enough by just helping
students perform well on tests. They wanted to adapt their teaching methods to an
increasingly digital world, to help their students better prepare for real life.
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Our purpose in offering a one-to-one iPad program is to open the doors for our
students to engage in learning their way. We live in the 21st Century, where
technology is everywhere around us. This is the only world that our students
know and can relate to. So why not let them learn in a way that is both
meaningful and relative to their generation?
The idea for the one-to-one program started as a idea by our School Superintendent,
Dr. John Fuller, and the MISD school board.
They knew that our students work best when they can control a large part of their own
learning, and they know that our students have grown up in a world of technology.
They made the decision to allocate the funds to purchase one-to-one devices for our
students, and decided upon the iPad because of it’s versatility and ease of use.
Over 500 iPads were purchased, along with cases and other accessories.
A new technology instructor was hired to coordinate the program, and our staff visited
other schools with similar programs.
Initial roll out of the ipad program was set to begin with distribution to students during
file:///Users/sauerd/Google Drive/Acceptable Use Policy Webpage
A copy of the receipt form for your signature will be available at the
end of this presentation.
Device Specifics - iPad 2 tablet computer – 16 G, charger, charging cord, and case
It is the student’s responsibility to care for the iPad at all times.
iPads may NOT be serviced at ANY off campus site – must be brought to our campus
iPad coordinator, Mrs. Beth Bell, for repair.
The equipment is, and at all times remains, the property of MISD.
The iPad is subject to inspection or confiscation at any time.
The iPad MUST be returned in acceptable condition when student leaves the school for
summer, graduation, withdrawal or expulsion
Damages will be assessed and a fine may be charged if damage is found.
iPads will be wiped clean at the end of each year.
Consequences may also be assigned for vandalism or theft, as well as criminal
My iPad is my responsibility and I will not leave it unsupervised
I will honor my family’s values when using the iPad
I will bring the iPad to school every day fully charged and ready to use
I will treat the iPad appropriately and will report any mechanical or technical
issues to the school in a timely manner and will backup my data before returning
iPad at end of year
I will ensure that the MISD-owned iPad is not damaged, lost, or stolen while it is
issued to me
I will not remove or modify the identification and inventory labels that have been
placed on the iPad. I will not add stickers, labels, tags, or markings to the iPad
I agree to use the iPad only for appropriate, legitimate, and responsible
I will keep my accounts and passwords secure and will not share with other
I will not attempt to add, delete, access, or modify other user accounts on the
I will not modify the iOS operating system or “Jailbreak” my iPad
I will not change or delete the internal “name” of my iPad
I will not reset the iPad back to factory settings
I will not remove or alter in any way profiles on the iPad set by the district
I will take no action that could interfere with the district’s network
I will return the iPad and all accessories in good working order when requested
I must perform regularly requested and mandatory updates of the iPad operating
system only when directed by the technology department of MISD
I will update assigned apps and maintain them at all times
I understand that by performing regular back-ups of my iPad, I help protect
against the loss of data.
I will keep my iPad protected and in a case at all times
I understand that I am limited to 4 gigs of personal storage on my iPad, and that
the remaining 12 gigs of storage is reserved for school apps or storage.
I understand that I am responsible for any damage on my iPad when I return it.
I understand that my refusal to follow the rules of this agreement my result in the
iPad being taken up, disciplinary consequences, or criminal charges.
I understand that refusal to turn in a devise when advised by the school to do so,
for any reason, may result in criminal charges
I will supervise my son’s/daughter’s use of the iPad at home
I will discuss our family’s values and expectations regarding the use of the
internet, email, apps, and photos, and I will ensure they report any mechanical or
technical issues to school personnel
I will ensure that my son/daughter understand the Student Responsibilities
outlined in this Loan Agreement
I agree that the iPad and accessories will be returned to the school when
I understand that my son’s/daughter’s failure to follow the rules of this
agreement may result in the iPad being taken up, disciplinary consequences, or
even criminal charges.
I understand that refusal to turn in a devise when requested by the school, for any
reason, may result in criminal charges being filed
ALL students will be required to pay a $30 user fee each year of high school
before an iPad will be issued. Failure to pay the user fee will result in a student
checking an iPad in and out every day. No user fee refunds will be given.
iPads are required for daily instruction for all classes.
Upon graduation from Mineola High School, a student may purchase their issued
iPad for a depreciated price of $200 less the user fee paid each year:
• Class of 2014 - $200-$30 user fee = $170 purchase price
• Class of 2015 - $200-$60 user fee = $140 purchase price
• Class of 2016 - $200-$90 user fee = $110 purchase price
• Class of 2017 - $200-$120 user fee = $80 purchase price
Students will be responsible for a deductible for repairs to their issued iPad.
Deductibles must be paid before repairs will be authorized. Failure to repair will
result in student checking an iPad in and out each day before and after school.
Broken Screen: $75 - $30 user fee = $45 deductible
Damaged Beyond Repair: $125 - $30 user fee = $95 deductible
Lost or Stolen: $375 - $30 user fee = $345 deductible
If an iPad is lost or stolen, the district will replace it only one time for the $345
replacement cost (to be paid by student). If it is lost or stolen again, the student will
not be issued another iPad. Payment plans may be available in certain situations.
Damage to the cord, case or charger will be the student’s responsibility to replace. In
case of theft or other criminal acts, a police report MUST be filed by the student or
parent and a police report number must be provide to the campus.
Once you have completed this presentation, you will need to see our campus
technology coordinator, Mr. Joseph Armstrong to sign that you have read and
agreed to the terms of both the MISD Acceptable Use Policy and the iPad Loan
Agreement Contract
Once you have signed the appropriate forms, you may go to the Internet Café to be
issued an iPad, case, charger, and cord.
Our iPad coordinator, Mrs. Bell, will scan your ipad and change the device name.
You will be asked to set up your Google Drive email account and your Apple iTunes