Learning, Training and Employment for Young People in Leeds

Leeds Pathways:
Learning, Training and Employment
for Young People in Leeds
Leeds Pathways
Learning, Training and Employment
for Young People in Leeds
IAG – Information, Advice and Guidance for you
Leeds Pathways – Options for your future
Local Jobs and Careers – Find out about the job
market and how to get into it
Who’s Who – Find out who does what and
where to get help
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Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)
• Every young person from Year 8 to 13 is entitled to get information and advice
on all the career options and pathways that are available
• Leeds Pathways is a free online resource to help young people, teachers,
parents and professionals know what’s on offer in Leeds.
• Young people will soon be staying in learning until their 18th birthday, so it’s
more important than ever to understand all the choices there are
• Leeds Pathways is also a great way to research where to learn and make your
first application.
Leeds Pathways is owned, developed and managed by
Leeds City Council Children’s Services for the young people of Leeds
Leeds Pathways gives you information and
advice about…
Different ways to
carry on learning
after Year 11
Different places
to apply to
Learning, training and
employment “opportunities”
Learning “providers” :
places to learn after Year 11
 All levels
 Sixth forms
 All subject areas
 Colleges
 Something for everyone
 Apprenticeship and
training providers
Useful Information
 Travel
 Higher Education
 Looking for jobs
 And much more…
What is Leeds Pathways for?
You can use the website to find out everything you need to know
about Learning, Training and Employment for young people in Leeds.
• Find out which careers
could be right for you
• Then explore job
profiles and watch
videos to find out more
• See where you can learn in
Leeds and which courses are
• You can also find out about
Offsite learning outside of
• Apprenticeships
• The Apprenticeship
• Job and
• Information about
work experience
Supported learning
Find out about :
• Learning in
• Learning in
• Learning in other
Read case studies of
young people to find out
what supported learning
means to them
Getting started
• Look at the latest
short courses and
• Get in contact with
Connexions Leeds
• Find out about the
Leeds Youth Contract
• Explore how to
improve your skills
and make your way
into work
Do something different
Want to do something
Look here for information on:
• Voluntary work
• Gap year
• Studying abroad
• Distance learning
• Setting up your own
And Then What Next?
Find out about going into:
• Higher Education
• Higher Apprenticeship
• Or Employment
Local Jobs and Careers
• Vacancies for
Apprenticeships and Jobs
• Key job sectors offering
the jobs of the future
• How to set up your own
• Job opportunities across
the whole Leeds City
Who’s who?
We put in place services,
programmes and resources to
help young people , teachers,
parents and professionals find
the information and advice they
need about learning, training and
Our main aims are:
To support young people aged
16-24 to access apprenticeships
in Leeds.
To support small to medium sized
employers in taking on an
apprentice. We can help set up
appropriate frameworks and
access to grants.
Connexions Leeds offers support
to young people aged 16-19 years
who need extra help to make a
successful transition into further
The Leeds Pathways Helpdesk is
here to support you with:
• Leeds Pathways
• Local Jobs and Careers
• Teacher, Parent, and
Professional resources
• UCAS Progress Search and
You can contact us using the web
form here or email
Young people with special
educational needs and/or
disabilities can use the service
until they are 25.
Leeds Education Business
Partnership provide creative,
realistic ,work-related learning
opportunities for children and
young people.
We collaborate with businesses
to give young people the chance
to explore the world of work.
us @ www.facebook.com/connexionsleeds