Gambia-powerpoint-1 - Ecclesall Infant School

Greetings from
Kabafita Lower Basic
School, Brikama in The
Gambia. We are so
excited we are going to
be friends. Let me show
you where The Gambia
Here is the world. Can you see Africa?
The Gambia is the smallest main land country in Africa. It’s on the west coast.
It is shown with a red arrow.
It is a long thin country 40 miles north and south of
the river gambia.
The red arrow shows where our
school is in Brikama.
The square is our school. The classes make the square.
We also have a nursery.
We now introduce you to our main school
building. It has six classrooms with two offices
including our head teacher’s office.
We have a vision
and a mission
statement. Let
me show them to
you. They are
targets that are
school tries to
achieve. Do your
school have
vision and
We learn English
every day in class as
you can see in our
class time table.
We learn three core
subjects: maths, English
and Integrated Studies.
We also learn arts, P.E.
And Islamic Religious
Knowledge. Here is our
Here are our
school rules.
Do you have
rules in
Hi, we sit in groups in our classrooms so that
we can learn from each other. Do you do the
same in your school?
We do all our class work
in our exercise books.
We copy the the maths
exercise from the black
board into our exercise
book and work them
out. Is it the same with
you guys?
We learn jolly phonics in school so our teachers
put on the walls our jolly phonics sounds on the
walls so that we can see and remember the
We use bottle
tops as counters
when we are
doing our maths
sums. Do you use
bottle tops as
counters to solve
your sums
There are nearly 3,000
pupils at our school.
Because there are not
enough classrooms some
children come in the
morning and others in the
afternoon. Most classrooms
have 45 to 50 pupils.
It’s lunch time and us boys are playing football.
We hope you like our school market. we buy our
food here during our break period. We buy
bread and beans, pancake, ice, wonjo juice,
cooked cassava and ebbeh.
Hallo my dad is a
peanut farmer and
he is currently
harvesting them.
So I have brought
some peanuts to
school to eat.
Hello. Here is our school
tap. Its very hot in The
Gambia and we drink lots
of water. Every classroom
has a large bucket and a
This is our classroom
bucket. Learning is
thirsty work
We are so
excited we are
going to be
friends. We
hope you will
write and tell
us about your
For now we
say good bye