Black Boy

Black Boy
• Complete the anticipation guide for “Black
Boy.” Keep this anticipation guide and track
your opinions throughout your reading.
Background Information
1. Biography
2. Harlem Renaissance, Blues, Jazz
3. Naturalism, Pre-Individualistic Behavior
4. Black Boy, Jim Crow Laws
• Your group is responsible for summarizing the
sections of the article assigned to you. Be
prepared to share.
Research Tasks
• You will be responsible for researching the
topics you draw.
• You may swap with another students if you
don’t like what you have and the other
student agrees. You will be responsible for
presenting your findings to the class in a
Chapter 1: Black Boy
1. Why was Richard nearly beaten to death by his mother?
2. Why did Richard kill the kitten?
3. What did Richard do to pass the time of day when he was
six years old?
4. How did Richard learn to count?
5. What did Richard learn in his first day of school?
6. What did Richard do to show off all the four-letter words he
had learnt at school?
7. In whose favor did the judge rule?.
8. Why did Richard have to go to an orphan’s home?
9. Why did Mrs. Wright and Richard go to see Mr. Wright?
Pair Up with A Partner
• Check your answers to the quiz.
• Be prepared to share you answers.
• If you do not agree, work toward a consensus.
Complete the Chapter Graphic
With a partner, complete the graphic organizer.
When you are finished, write one question that
you have about the first chapter. Use the DCAS
prep questions in your notes to help you write a
question. You will be asking this question to
your classmates in the circle discussion.
• What are three things you learned today,
either about the novel itself or its
historical/cultural context?
• Explain one way the main character is similar
to you or someone you know. Explain one way
the main character is different from you or
someone you know.
• Tell who you plan to research your topic.
• Have out your completed notes for chapter 2
and your chapter 1 graphic organizer.
• Prepare for your quiz by numbering a half
sheet of paper from 1-5.
• 1.Why didn’t Granny want Richard to read story
• 2. Why did Granny hit Richard with a wet towel?
Why does his punishment seem unjust to him?
• 3.On the trip to Arkansas, Richard becomes
aware of the separations between blacks and
whites. When he asks his mother questions
about racial differences, what is her reaction to
him and why does she act that way?
• 4.What happened to Uncle Hoskins? Why?
• 5.What was ironic about Betsy’s death?
Research Assignments
Naquesha: Harriet Tubman
Rashawn: H.L. Mencken
Shane: Slavery
Nick: Fredrick Douglass
Rylie: KKK
Mary Ann Shad
Anthony: Booker T. Washington
Javier: Martin R. Delany
Jordan: John Mercer Langston
Zach: Communism
Structure Your Journal
• Every two chapters, you will submit two
journal entries: one for each chapter.
• You will be given 20 minutes at the beginning
of class to write your journal entry for the
previous chapter. This should be at least 1
page in length. Spelling and grammar count.
• Ideally, you will submit a two sided journal
page every other class: one journal on each
Chapter 1 Journal: Answer the following
questions in at least 3 Paragraphs- well
organized paragraphs- NOT A LIST
• 1. Why is language frustrating?
• 2. When have you had difficulty expressing
• 3. What situations seem to be more difficult than
• 4. What problems do you find in Chapter one that
relate to Wright’s use of language?
• 5. What evidence is there in this chapter that
demonstrates Richard’s rebellious nature?
Circle Discussions
• After the quiz and journal questions, we will
have a circle discussion based on the chapter.
• You will be completing an annotation guide for
each chapter that will serve as both your
notes to study for the quiz, as well as the
place to write your questions for the class
Annotation Guide
• Refer to chapter 1 to complete the front of the
annotation guide with your partners.
• When you are finished, use the DCAS question
stems to create 5 questions to be written on
the back of the annotation guide.
Chapter 2 Discussion
• Ask 1 question from your groups about
chapter two.
• Write what you leaned in the summary box.
• Be prepared to share.
• Read and complete annotation guides for Ch.
• Prepare for your quiz by numbering a half
sheet of paper from 1-8.
• You may use your annotation guides for help.
• 1. What is the focus of conversation during Richard’s talk with his
friends at the beginning of the chapter?
• 2. Wright states that the white boys and the black boys “tacitly”
agreed to stay on opposite sides of the round house. What is the
meaning of “tacitly?”
• 3. What does Richard promise his mother after being injured in the
fight? Why does he or does he not keep this promise?
• 4. After his mother’s stroke, where does Richard’s brother go?
Where does Richard go?
• 5. What does Richard do on his first day of school?
• 6. Why does Richard become unable to sleep?
• 7. Where does Richard go at the end of the chapter?
• 8. How old is Richard at the end of the chapter?
Chapter 3 Journal Entry
• At the beginning of the chapter, there is a conversation
between Richard and his friends that deals with race
issues from the boy’s perspective. Each utterance is
followed by a brief phrase written by the narrator. In 23 paragraphs, respond to the following questions:
• What is the purpose of the phrases following each line
of dialogue?
• Choose one line of dialogue and the phrase the follows
it. Explain, giving reasons to support your answer, the
meaning of the phase following the line of dialogue
and how it relates to or sheds light on the boy’s words.
Warm-Up for Ch. 4-5
• By now, you should have completed
annotation guides and questions for chapters
1-5. Have those out on your desk for the quiz.
• 1.How does Richard defend himself from Aunt Addie’s attempts to beat
him after school?
• 2. What is “Popping the Whip?”
• 3.What worries Granny the most about Richard?
• 4. How does Richard hurt and embarrass Granny?
• 5. What gives Richard pleasure at the end of Ch. 4?
• 6. In the beginning of Ch. 5, how does Richard’s family react to his
promotion at school?
• 7. Why does Richard get a job selling papers instead of working on
• 8. Why are the members of Richard’s community concerned by the
newspapers he sells?
• 9. Why does Aunt Addie threaten to kill Richard in Ch. 5?
• 10. Why is Uncle Tom mad at Richard for delivering the news of Grandpa’s
death? Why is Richard disheartened by this?
Chapter 4 Journal
• Analyze the influence that Richard’s aunt and
grandmother have on the negative
impressions he develops toward the church.
Trace the main events of the chapter that
contribute to Richard’s negative impression of
the church and explain their effect on
Richard’s view of religion.
• Prepare for your quiz on chapters 6 and 7 by
numbering your paper from 1-10.
• Have out your annotation guides for notes and
• If I have not yet received your chapter 1, 3 and
4 journals, please place them in the B1 bin.
Why didn’t Richard return to work for the white woman who gave him
moldy molasses?
2. What is Richard’s reaction to his baptism?
3. Why does Uncle Tom want to beat Richard?
4. How does Richard verbally attack Uncle Tom? What does he say to
belittle his Uncle?
5. Who’s dog bites Richard in Chapter 7?
6. What is the title of Richard’s story?
7. How do Richard’s friends and family react to his publishing a story?
8. Why does Richard dream of going North?
9. What, according to Richard, does the educational system of the south
aim to stifle?
10. When Richard would ask questions in school, how would his teachers
often react?
Chapter 5 and 6 Journal
• Richard’s first exposures to the white world
are through the various jobs he takes on while
trying to support himself and his family.
• Analyze at least three different jobs Richard
takes on, beginning with Chapter 5, and
explain how each reveals racial tension. You
should write at least three paragraphs.
Circle Discussions
• Have your five questions prepared.
• You will ask a question and person will answer.
• Once that person has answered, we will open
the floor for others to respond.
• Be sure to take notes on the discussion.
• Be prepared to summarize what you have
learned at the end of class.
• Prepare for your Chapter 8 quiz by numbering
a sheet of paper from 1-10.
• Have out your annotation guides and be
prepared for a class discussion.
• Place your completed chapter 5 and 6 journal
in the B1 bin.
Ch. 8 Quiz
1. What convinces Richard to not seek out a job at the sawmill?
2. How does racial violence encroach upon Richard in this chapter?
3. What helps Richard to make the final decision to leave home?
4. Richard is selected as the Valedictorian; what does this mean?
5. Why does the principal write the speech for Richard?
6. Why doesn’t Richard accept the principal’s speech?
7. How do other students react to Richard’s denial to recite the
principal’s speech?
• 8. How is Richard treated by his brother when he returns home?
• 9. How old is Richard at the end of the chapter?
• 10. What is one word you would use to describe the mood of the
Chapter 6, 7, and 8 Circle discussions
• Have your five questions prepared.
• You will ask a question and person will answer.
• Once that person has answered, we will open
the floor for others to respond.
• Be sure to take notes on the discussion.
• Be prepared to summarize what you have
learned at the end of class.
• Please have out your notes and circle
discussion questions.
• Prepare for your quiz by numbering your
paper from 1-5.
Where does Richard get a job?
Who is Pease?
Why does Richard leave his new job?
What does his boss try to get him to do after
he decides to leave?
• Why do the boys in the car mistreat Richard?
Chapter 9 Circle Discussion
• Have your five questions prepared.
• You will ask a question and person will answer.
• Once that person has answered, we will open
the floor for others to respond.
• Be sure to take notes on the discussion.
• Be prepared to summarize what you have
learned at the end of class.
Chapter 9 Journal Entry
• In this chapter, Richard is faced with a choice:
to speak out against the white co-workers who
tormented him and risk being “marked,” or to
lose his opportunity to be trained in a trade
and finally begin making enough money to
support himself.
• Analyze Richard’s decision to “snitch” or not.
Evaluate whether he made the right choice.
Explain your judgment.
Chapter 9 Summary
• In this chapter, the Yankee boss gives Richard
a chance at receiving justice by exposing the
wrongs that his white co-workers perpetrated
upon him. Richard chooses not to. Explain the
social forces that pressure Richard to stay
quiet. Are the attempts of the Yankee boss
enough to do any good, or are they ultimately
powerless to improve Richard’s situation?
• Have your chapter annotation guides 1-10 on
your desk for me to view while you take your
Ch. 10 Quiz
• 1. How does Richard initially react to losing his job at the optical
company? What does he decide to do eventually?
• 2. Why doesn’t Richard gamble and socialize with his co-workers at
the hotel?
• 3. Why do many of Richard’s co-workers steal?
• 4. How does Richard make extra money at the hotel?
• 5. Explain why Richard decides to take the job at the movie theater.
• 6. To what does Richard compare his emotions while participating
in the movie theatre scheme?
• 7. Why does Richard risk going to jail?
• 8. How does Richard get the final bit of money he needs?
• 9. What does he promise his mother?
• 10. In Richard’s words at the end of the chapter, what does crime
Chapter 10 Journal
• Evaluate Richard’s decision to participate in
criminal activity. Explain if committing a crime is
ever justifiable. If you were a judge presiding over
a trial trying Richard for his crimes and knew
every thing about Richard’s decisions, would you
find him guilty? Explain your decision.
• If you believe Richard’s decision is justified, why
does he feel guilty?
• If you believe Richard’s decision is not justified
explain how he could have achieved his goal
• Review your annotation guides;
• Number your papers from 1-8.
1.Who was Mrs. Moss?
2.Who was Bess?
3.What plans did Mrs. Moss have for Richard?
4.Why did Richard refuse Bess?
5.Who was Shorty and why did Richard dislike
• 6. Why did Richard fight Harrison?
• 7.Why do you think Richard felt unclean after the
• 8. Define “atone”
Circle Discussions
• Have your five questions prepared.
• You will ask a question and person will answer.
• Once that person has answered, we will open
the floor for others to respond.
• Be sure to take notes on the discussion.
• Be prepared to summarize what you have
learned at the end of class.
Ch. 11-12 Journal
• In chapters 11 and 12, Richard is faced with social
pressures; he successfully rejects one social
pressure, but is unable to avoid succumbing to
• Explain the two main social pressures exerted
upon Richard in chapters 11 and 12. Analyze the
reasons why Richard is able to reject one, but not
the other. Richard says that he feels shame in
both situations; explain why he feels ashamed
and evaluate whether or not he should feel
ashamed in each situation and why.
• The presentations will be completed in the order
that the name generator selects them. Please be
ready to present.
• To expedite the presentations:
• If you have your presentation on a flash drive,
upload them to our class website so we may
simply download your presentation instead of
waiting for the drivers for your flash drive to load.
• Post them under Powerpoints>Black Boy
• As your classmates present, you will be tasked
with completing the audience participation
• This counts toward your overall presentation
grade, so be sure to complete it to the best of
your ability.
• We are three quarters through the school
year. You only have one marking period left.
• What are your goals for your classes for the
rest of this year?
• How do you plan to achieve these goals?
DCAS Goal Setting
• Use the report sheet to help you complete the
Student Goal Setting and Progress Monitoring
• Circle the following information on your
report sheet
• A. Fall DCAS Reading Instructional Score
• B. Spring DCAS Reading Instructional Score
• C. Growth Goal/Target
Follow the steps to complete your
Goal Setting Form (This will be
collected and graded today).
• 1. Complete your name, grade, and career goal
• 2. Write the Reading instructional score numbers
from your grade sheet onto the Fall and Spring I
• 3. Use the numbers you circled on your grade
sheet to plot your progress and Spring II goal.
• 4. Answer the questions.
• 5. Write your GOAL number and score (1-4) for
Spring II.
Ch. 15 and 16 Quiz
1.Once Richard gets to Chicago what is the first job he finds?
2.Who are the Hoffmans?
3.Why does Richard have trouble with the Hoffmans?
4.What kind of examination does Richard take?
5.How many days does Richard take off from work for the
6. What does he tell the Hoffmans when he returns?
7. What is the weight Richard must attain to get his new job?
8.Who are the Garveyites?
9. What job does Richard take when his mother, brother and aunt
fall ill?
10. As the depression worsens, what is Richard forced to do?
• Two students will be placed within the
• Students in the outer circle will ask questions
of the students in the “Fishbowl.”
• Students will leave the fishbowl when they
give an answer that is a good balance of
evidence and commentary.
• Sketch a drawing that you think might be
published on the cover of “Left Front” or “The
Masses.” Refer to the descriptions in the novel
if you need to.
• 1. What job does Richard obtain through the federal relief program?
What does he realize at his job about segregation?
• 2. Why do doctors cut the dogs’ vocal cords?
• 3. What makes Richard feel like a slave while he is cleaning the
• 4. Why is Richard immediately drawn to the Communist Party?
• 5. How does Richard realize that the Communists have not found
the right language for mass appeal?
• 6. Why is Richard elected executive secretary of the Club?
7. What is the significance of Comrade Young?
• 8. What was the John Reed Club?
Outer Circle Questions
• What is the most interesting question you
• What is the answer you would have given to
that question?
• Why is this question important to
understanding the novel as a whole?