Year 10 Information - Port Hacking High School

Port Hacking High School
Yr 10
Record of Student
Achievement (RoSA)
Information Night
Monday 24 February 2014
In 2011 it was announced
• There will be no more School Certificate tests in NSW
• There will be a new credential created for students who
leave school after completing Year 10, but before
receiving their HSC
• Schools will still need to enter Year 10 students into
Stage 5 courses, and provide grades for those
students at the end of the year
In February 2012 the
minister announced that:
Fully implemented the RoSA will:
Be a record of the full range of student achievements
right up to the day they do their HSC or leave school
Provide an electronic record of achievements that
students can use at any time
Use assessment by teachers in schools, moderated by
the Board of Studies
Offer on-line literacy and numeracy tests, with
particular emphasis on work readiness, that students
will be able to undertake twice a year.
• Provide the capacity to record vocational courses and
students’ vocational experiences as well as citizenship
and leadership achievements.
Mr Piccoli said,
The formal RoSA credential will be awarded to eligible
students who choose to leave school prior to receiving
their HSC, while still allowing students to view and
download a transcript of their achievements when
applying for jobs or further education or training.
The new credential will:
• Provide an ongoing, cumulative record for students
It will record grades for courses students complete
in Year 10 (and in 2015 Year 11)
• Report results of moderated, school-based
• Introduce optional, online literacy and numeracy
testing for 2014 school leavers.
• Provide the opportunity for students to incorporate
extra-curricular achievements.
Who will get a RoSA?
• Students entering Year 10 in 2014 will be eligible for
the new credential when they have completed Stage 5
• Students will need to have completed the mandatory
requirements for Stage 5 (Yr 10) to eligible for a
• It will only be issued to students when they leave
school prior to completing the HSC.
What stays the same for
Year 10 students from 2012:
• Students will be entered into Stage 5 courses with the
BoS as per usual
• Teachers will conduct their assessments according to
current procedures
• A to E grades for Year 10 students, using the results of
school-based assessments, will be submitted to the
Board at the end of the year.
• The end date for Year 10 will not change. Students will
be expected to maintain a satisfactory attendance
• The commencement date for HSC studies will not
Why record extra-curricular
Parents, students, employers and providers of further
education are looking at more than a student’s level of
academic attainment.
This information can help form a more comprehensive
picture of a student’s interests, commitments and
achievements in areas other than school.
How will extra-curricular
activities be recorded?
• Currently, The Board of Studies NSW focuses on
activities that have an authentication framework. This
makes it easier for employers and others to be sure that
the achievements recorded are correct.
• Activities widely available that already have
authentication include:
Life-saving and first aid qualifications,
VET courses,
AMEB certification,
Premier’s Volunteering
The Duke of Edinburgh Awards.
What about literacy and
numeracy testing?
• Optional literacy and numeracy tests will be available
for school leavers.
• The tests will be taken online and will be available to
students twice a year.
• The tests will not be available as whole cohort tests.
• They will be designed to provide schools leavers with a
current supplementary assessment of these key skills.
Why offer literacy and
numeracy testing?
Parents and employers are increasingly interested in
having affirmation of a student’s fundamental levels
of literacy and numeracy.
This measure provide valuable information to an
employer when they are considering job candidates
who have not completed their HSC.
The literacy/numeracy tests will also help students,
parents and teachers determine if a student needs
particular support in an area.
School Certificate Assessment
Year 10 2014
(Pink booklet)
Students were issued with the school’s pink
assessment booklet at the beginning of the year.
This is the school’s policy (aligned to BoS
requirements), which governs the administration of
the Stage 5 certificate.
A one page overview of the Yr 10 assessment
schedule is available on the school’s website.
Please refer to this booklet for more detailed
information regarding:
mandatory requirements
course grades and performance descriptors
non-completion of assessment tasks
late submisson of tasks
malpractice and plagiarism
non-serious attempts
rules of conduct
“N-awards” and appeal process
subject information, assessment schedules and
RoSA course grades will be
awarded to students who;
• Follow and satisfactorily complete a pattern
of courses required by the BoS.
• Apply themselves with diligence and
sustained effort in their studies.
Attendance Rate
Illness/ Misadventure.
• If a student is unable to sit an assessment task or
complete course work due to illness or misadventure,
then they may apply for illness/misadventure.
• Students must collect an Illness/Misadventure form
from a deputy, which they and their parents must
complete and return.
• If a student misses an assessment task due to illness,
the misadventure claim must be accompanied with a
doctor’s certificate.
• The student must be prepared to complete the task on
the first day back after their absence.
“N-Award” warning letters
“N-Award” warning letters will be sent home if a student
has not meet one of the following requirements in a
• Not followed the course developed or endorsed by
the Board.
• Not applied themselves with diligence and sustained
effort to the set tasks and experiences provided in the
course by the school ie classwork.
• Has not addressed some or all of the course
• Non attendance at or non serious attempt at an
assessment task.
Consequences of receiving
“N-Award” warnings
If a student has two or more outstanding
“N-Award” warnings in a subject/s, by the time the
school is required to submit Stage 5 grades to the
BoS, the principal may submit an “N-Award”
determination to the Board.
After the appeal process, if the “N-Award”
determination is upheld then the student will NOT
have met the requirements for a RoSA.
If a student is not entitled to a RoSA they will receive
a Transcript of Study from the BoS.
Redeeming an “N-Award”
“N-Award” warnings can be redeemed by a student.
The “N-Award” warning letters outline the task to be
completed and a new due date.
If a student submits a serious attempt at the task, then
the “N-award” warning is redeemed.
While the student will receive zero for the task, which
may affect their final grade, the “N-award” warning is
cleared from their record.
How are school grades
• All subjects have an assessment schedule
that is published in the Assessment booklet –
with the pink cover
• Students are advised to transfer this
information into their school diaries for each
of their subjects.
Course grades are awarded by the school
Based on the BOS
These are in the
pink assessment
Grades for Mathematics.
• Schools are responsible for awarding each
student studying Mathematics a grade.
• A10, A9
• B8, B7
• C6, C5
• D4, D3
• E2
There are 3 pathways
in Mathematics.
Can a student who has studied content from
the 5.1 pathway ever be awarded a School
Certificate grade A in Mathematics?
This is highly unlikely as both the A10 and A9
course performance descriptors refer to
student achievement on 5.3 pathway content.
Does the answer above mean that some
Students are prevented from achieving higher
No. Students who demonstrate the mathematical abilities
required to achieve a higher grade should always be
encouraged to do so by a teaching and learning program
that includes the knowledge, skills and understanding in
the more demanding pathways.
The Mathematics education community preferred the
single scale as it allows students to aim high and have
their achievement reported. Schools now have the
flexibility to move students from pathway to pathway and
so make and revise grade decisions right up to the end of
Year 10.
End of Year
Students are required to remain at school and
continue to do work in all subject till the last day of
the school year (2014 – 17 December)
School reports will be issued to students on 15
December. Reports will only be issued early in very
exceptional circumstances AND if the reports are
printed. (A family holiday does not meet these
Additionally, ALL students will do the “All My Own
Work” Program and Peer Support Training.
Important Dates
Monday 8th December 2014
Yr 10 School Formal
Wednesday 10th December 2014
School Sports Presentation Assembly
Friday 12th December 2014
School Presentation Day
Monday 15th December 2014
Reports distributed
Wednesday 17th December 2014
Last day of year
School Leaving Age
As from 1st January 2010 it has been compulsory, by
NSW law, that all students complete Yr 10 and until the
age of 17…
• Remain at school
• Enrol in a Cert 2 TaFE course or higher
• Undertake approved vocational training eg cadetship
• Employed full time ie 26 hours a week.
More information?
• Board of Studies website: