56 PL Bus Driver and Monitor

Inform parents of bus number, bus schedule, bus rules and
emergency procedures.
Inform parents of your name and phone number of yours or
Create seating chart.
Know your students, read all student information. Special
instructions and training on the medically fragile students will be
included in the student information forms.
Know your safety equipment and how to use it.
Keep a copy of route information, stops and times of pickup and
drop off. Let your district supervisor know of changes you make to
your route.
Bus driver shall keep a daily log of riders, if required.
 Attendance sheet will be given for student that require it.
No time changes, whether morning or afternoon, will be made to the
route without approval .
Never leave a child home alone without written permission from the
Maintain an emergency evacuation plan.
 Red folder will be explained.
The driver is responsible for fueling and having required maintenance
service completed.
The student have to receive a full day of school. The driver should not
expect to leave the school early.
Please read page 24 & 25 in you handbook!
Assist bus driver in the supervision and care of
students to ensure safety and efficiency in
conjunction with their transportation to and from
school and school activities. Under the General
direction of the Bus Driver, a Bus Monitor has
immediate responsibility for the safety and well
being of passengers.
“See Forsyth County Schools Job Description”
Be on time to meet driver. The driver cannot delay starting the
route due to tardiness of a monitor.
The monitor should have a designated location to sit; but during
route this should be tailored to student needs.
Monitor should be alert at all time and be attentive to student
needs(keep little noses clean, etc…)
Be aware of your surroundings, don’t be caught texting, reading
or talking on the cell phone for personal use while students are on
Know how to use all equipment on the bus; radio, emergency
brake, star seats, wheel chair restraints, car seats, and safety vest
Ensure cargo and other items are properly secured during transit
Supervises students during all phases of transportation,
including loading and unloading.
The bus monitor should follow all school system rules, policies,
procedures, and state and federal laws and regulations.
Monitors should report inappropriate conduct to the driver and
, as needed, assists the bus driver in developing and submitting
reports of conduct issues to appropriate school officials or
Transportation Department supervisors.
Monitors should keep a daily log.
Be accountable for your actions; keep driver informed of
conversation between you and students and any corrections
given to the students.
Keep inside bus clean this includes handrails, seats & windows
The monitor should be knowledgeable of the route. It is
suggested that the monitor keep a copy of the route and
student info.
Please read pages 26 of your handbook!
The privacy of school records of students with disabilities is
protected by IDEA, Federal Education Rights, Privacy Act,
and regulations listed under them.
A significant amount of information is developed and
maintained regarding the evaluation, placement,
transportation, health needs, and performance of students
with disabilities. It is essential that these records be
accurate and up to date. This information is strictly
It is necessary to be extremely careful not to use a student’s
name in a casual conversation. Even mentioning a child’s
name when questioned or speaking about a service
population can identify them a “special needs” students.
This is a Breach of Confidentiality.
Keep student information sheets confidential. Do not
leave of bus.