Fast Food Nation: Epilogue

Audrey, Laura, Caitlin
 Author
shows that paying a little more for
better quality should be worth it.
Ex: (p258) Conway’s Red Top Restaurant in Nevada is a family
business that has good quality food but it is slightly more
expensive. They have way more business than Wendy’s across the
Restaurants are still successful without acting
like a fast food industry
(p259) In-N-Out Burger refuses to franchise it, use verses from
the Bible, part-time pay is $8 an hour, and full-time workers
get medical, dental, vision, and life insurance
 Quality
should be in high consideration
so that children will not be obese
Author believes Congress should ban all ads
aimed at kids that promote foods high in fat
and sugar
Could discourage eating habits that are lifethreatening
 Industrialized
system of cattle production
can’t be sustained
Organic meat tastes better than what we usually
Organic meat come from grass fed cows and the
meat contains no E. coli
 Fast
food is a culmination of larger social and
economic trends
“the low price of a fast food hamburger does not reflect its
real cost-and should. The profits of the fast food chains
have been made possible by losses imposed on the rest of
society. The annual cost of obesity alone is now twice as
large as the fast food industry’s total revenues.”
Places like In-N-Out Burger can serve better
quality of food for extra money, but can still
bring in more customers than normal fast food
 Other countries have tougher food safety laws
than U.S.
USDA can test cattle that have been slaughtered for
diseases, but cannot test live cattle
American food processor can expect a visit form an FDA
inspector every 10 years
IBP workers like days when they ship meat to Europe
because slower pace and far less injuries
Far more Americans are severely harmed every year y
food poisoning than by illegal drug use
Food in school cafeteria is less quality food than
fast food restaurants
USDA and FDA allow selling of questionable meat to the
federal agency until children are sickened
Fast chains offer horrible ingredients and no one
should want to eat there
People should pay more money
 The Restaurants and Institutions Choice in Chains ranked InN-Out Burger first for quality, value, service, atmosphere,
and cleanliness
 Same year McDonalds was ranked as lowest quality food
of any major hamburger chain
Congress should ban commercials using children
to advertise foods with high sugar content
Congress already banned commercials for smoking because
of health risks
 Americans
need to be cautious of where their
food comes from and how it can hurt their
 Quality of meat should be the priority in
order to keep the next generation healthy
 Parents need to be able to teach their kids
healthy eating choices by first taking control
and changing their own eating habits