Leander High School
8 Grade
Parent/Student Night
Senior Class of 2019
(2015 Freshman)
Tiffany Spicer – Principal
• Shandalyn Porter – Dean of Instruction
• Counselors:
• Julie Cooper (Lead Counselor/IB
• Brent Parsons (Last Names A – F)
• Deborah McKenna (Last Names G – J,
• Duane Teets (Last Names K – Q)
• Marsha Simmons (Last Names R – Z)
• Melissa Wood – Transition Coordinator
Tonight’s Topics
• Credits and GPA
• Top 10%- Automatic Admissions
• Graduation Requirements
• Freshman Curriculum
• Athletics
• Fine Arts
• Advanced Program options
• Endorsements
• Performance Acknowledgements
• Student Success
A/B Block Schedule
Sample Schedule
A Day
B Day
Athletics or Band
Sample Schedule
A Day
B Day
1. Football/Band
5. Football/Band
2. English 1
6. Biology
7. Elective
3. Prof. Comm.
7. Elective
8. W Geography
4. Algebra 1
8. W Geography
1. PE
5. Elective
2. English 1
6. Biology
3. Prof. Comm.
4. Algebra 1
Credits & Grade Point
•26 credits are required for
• Credits are earned when you pass (70 or higher) a
• 1 semester grade = .5 Credit
• Fall semester + Spring semester = 1 credit
Student must have 90% attendance to get credit for
class, so student cannot miss more than 4 class
• You have the possibility to earn 7- 8 credits per
year depending on double blocked courses like
band and athletics.
• Based on a 6 point weighted scale
• Begins the first day of 9th grade
4 Credits – English 1, 2, 3, 4
4 Credits – Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2,
4th Math
4 Credits – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, 4th Science
Social Studies
4 Credits – World Geo., W. Hist., US Hist.,
Government & Economics
Foreign Language
3 Credits – same language
1 credit* - Band/Cheer/ROTC/Athletics/Dance
Communications or
1 credit
Fine Arts
1 credit
4 credits
 Endorsement
Credit requirements specific to at least one
Graduation Plans
• Available Graduation Plans:
1. Foundation with Endorsements
2. Distinguished Level of Achievement
3. LISD Distinguished with Honors
• All students will enter 9th grade on the LISD
Distinguished with Honors Graduation plan.
• Other options are available after the student’s
sophomore year or through ARD committee
Distinguished Level of Achievement
•Allows you to compete for Top 10%
Automatic Admission eligibility at
any Texas public university.
•May allow you to be eligible for the
Texas Grant (if you qualify
•Ensures you as a more competitive
applicant at the most selective
colleges & universities, since it:
•Requires more Math & Science
than the Foundation High School
Top 10% Automatic Admission
• Any student ranked in the Top 10% of their
graduating high school class, after completing
their junior year OR during their senior year
• Who will graduate under the Distinguished
Level of Achievement graduation plan (or
• Is eligible for automatic admission into ANY
Texas state college/ university (with the
exception of the University of Texas at Austin).
• Class of 2015- Top 7%/ Class of 2016- Top 8%
• Example:
520 in the senior class…….
#1-52 would be eligible for
What is the FAFSA?
• Free Application for Federal Student Aid
• The form that must be filled out (based on your
income and/ or tax information) during your
child’s Senior year in high school.
• Qualifies students for federal student loans,
grants, the work-study program, scholarships
and student/ parent loans (subsidized &
• Many universities require the FAFSA be filled
out, in order to be eligible for scholarships.
• The FAFSA should be completed if you are a:
• U.S. Citizen
• Permanent U.S. resident with an Alien Registration Card (I-
What is the TASFA?
•The TASFA is the Texas Application
for State Financial Aid.
•If you're an undocumented student in
Texas wondering about your college
prospects, keep this in mind: Texas
allows undocumented students to apply
for state financial aid and state tuition
under certain conditions.
• To be filled out during the Senior year in
high school
• Is currently only available in paper form
Endorsement Areas
•Arts & Humanities
•Business & Industry
•Multi-disciplinary Studies*
•Public Service
*All students will begin freshman year with the Multi-disciplinary
Studies Endorsement and may change/add endorsements as desired.
Endorsements are earned by successfully completing at least
one of the Programs of Study listed below:
• Passing Dual-Credit/ Articulated Classes
• Being Bilingual or Bi-literate
• Earning Qualifying Scores on a College
Board Advanced Placement (AP) or
International Baccalaureate (IB) Exam
• Specific Scores Achieved on the PSAT,
• Earning a Nationally or Internationally
Recognized Business or Industry
Certification and/or License
In addition to earning
the required number of
credits, each student
must pass the required
STAAR assessments to
Graduation Requirements and STAAR
• In addition to earning the required number of credits, each
student must achieve the necessary score on the STAAR
Assessment System to graduate.
• Students will take the STAAR tests for:
• English I and II, Algebra I, Biology, and US History.
• Students will have the opportunity to retest in any subject
area where they do not meet the passing standard.
What Classes do Freshman Take?
9th Grade Required Courses:
• 4 Academic Courses *
• (English, Math, Social Studies & Science)
• Professional Communications or AVID
• PE or equivalent course
• Fine Arts/Endorsement Elective
• Elective/ Foreign Language
*Students have the opportunity to take a
Pre-AP/AP/ or Pre-IB course for these subjects.
Course Suggestions- 4 Academic Courses
• English
• Math
• Science
• Social Studies
• Based on data points
• Parents will be given
paperwork showing
how the
recommendation was
made when
verification forms go
If a course is not “Suggested” for your child, please look at the
data points to determine “WHY?”. However, please note that
Parents/ Guardians ALWAYS have the option to self-select
courses and override what was suggested.
Data Points Used for 4 Academic
Course Suggestions:
Social Studies
If QUEST, recommend Pre-AP QUEST English I
If not Q UEST,
– 7th STAAR Reading
≥ Final Level II
– 7th STAAR Writing
≥ Final Level II
– 8th Readistep Reading
≥ College Ready Benchmark
– 8th Readistep Writing
≥ College Ready Benchmark
– 8th ELA Course
Advanced course
– 8th ELA Sem 1 Grade
≥ 75 (≥ 85 if on-level)
– 8th Sem 1 Attendance
≤ 6 absences
• All Social Studies Students:
– 7th STAAR Reading
– 7th STAAR Writing
– 8th Readistep Reading
– 8th Readistep Writing
– 8th ELA Course
– 8th SS Sem 1 Grade
– 8th Sem 1 Attendance
4 out of 7 in the above areas (or ≥ 50%) => suggest Pre-AP English I
Less than 4 (or < 50%) => suggest English I
≥ Final Level II
≥ Final Level II
≥ College Ready Benchmark
≥ College Ready Benchmark
≥ 85
≤ 6 absences
5 out of 7 in the above areas (or ≥ 70%) => suggest AP H uman Geography
(only 9th grade AP academic course)
Less than 5 (or < 70%) => suggest World Geography
• If current course is Grade 8 Math, suggest Algebra I
• If current course is Pre-AP Algebra I,
– Most recent STAAR Math
≥ F inal Level II
– 8th Readistep Math
≥ College Ready Benchmark
– 8 Math Sem 1 Grade
≥ 75
– 8 Sem 1 Attendance
≤ 6 absences
• 2 out of 4 in the above areas (or ≥ 50%) => suggest Pre-AP
• Less than 2 (or < 50%) => suggest Geometry
• If current is Pre-AP Geometry or above, suggest
Pre-AP of next course
All Science Students:
– 7th STAAR Reading
– 7th STAAR M ath
– 8th Readistep Reading
– 8th Readistep M ath
– 8th Science Sem 1 G rade
– 8th Sem 1 Attendance
≥ F inal Level I I
≥ F inal Level I I
≥ College Ready Benchmark
≥ College Ready Benchmark
≥ 85
≤ 6 absences
3 out of 6 in the above areas (or ≥ 50%) => suggest Pre-AP Biology
Less than 3 (or < 50%) => suggest Biology
English Suggestions:
•English 1
•English 1 Pre-AP
•English 1 Pre-IB
•English 1 QUEST Pre-AP/IB
Math Suggestions:
If in 8th grade Math= Algebra 1
If in Algebra 1= Geometry Pre-AP/IB
If in Geometry= Algebra 2 Pre-AP/IB
Biology Suggestions:
•Biology 1
•Biology 1 Pre-AP
•Biology 1 Pre-IB
Geography Suggestions:
•World Geography
•AP Human Geography
Students taking AP Human Geography
should feel comfortable with challenging
college prep curriculum.
Foreign Language Options
• Students need 2 years of the same foreign
language for ALL graduation plans under the
Foundation Program.
• Students need 3 years of the same foreign
language for the LISD Distinguished with
Honors Graduation Plan.
• Students who take and pass Spanish 1 in 8th
grade should take Spanish 2 in 9th grade.
•Students are not required to
take a foreign language in 9th
grade. A student can begin in
10th grade.
•Foreign Language Choices
•American Sign Language
• Lee Bridges – Boys Athletic
• Jonathon Lamb – Girls Athletic
• See LHS Athletics Webpage for
more information regarding
specific sport
PE or Equivalent Course
Students may choose from the following courses:
(Band and Athletics meet every day, so they count as 2 classes.)
Dance Team Prep
Girls Basketball
Girls Volleyball
Girls Soccer
Girls Softball
Boys Football
Boys Basketball
Boys Soccer
Boys Baseball
Cross Country
Sports Medicine
Fine Arts Choices
• Art 1 General – Beginning Art 1 class
• Art 1 Studio – Experienced Art 1 class, this student is
planning to take more Art 1 classes and planning to do Art in
• Band – Band directors will come to middle school for tryouts
• Choir – Choir director will come to middle school for tryouts
• Dance 1 – PE/Fine Arts credit, survey of dance class
• Dance 1 Team Prep – prepares to try-out for Blue Belles
• Theater 1 - Acting
• Theater Tech – Building sets, lighting, etc.
Leander HS Choir
• All 9th grade students can participate in choir. No audition or prior musical
experience needed.
• Minimal amount of before/after school mandatory requirements.
• Private voice lessons available during the school day.
• Focus on how to become a better singer and how to read music.
• Opportunity to sing a wide variety of musical styles and genres.
• Travel to renowned musical destinations around the U.S.
• Questions?
• (512) 570-1039
The freshman course that serves as a freshman orientation
and includes:
• Knowledge of self in relation to college and career
• Academic skills like note taking, binder organization,
time management, and goal setting
• Research and planning for high school course selection,
endorsements and four year plan development
• Communication and presentation skills
• PSAT preparation
• Student-led conference/portfolio
•If your student is currently in
AVID they can sign up for AVID.
•Students not currently in AVID
must complete an application,
and interview process. See your
8th grade counselor or AVID
Elective Options
Freshman will take either one or two electives, depending on whether
or not the student participates in band or athletics.
Art 1 General
Principles of Ag, Food, and Natural
Art 1 Studio
Theater Arts 1
Principles of Business, Marketing and
Tech Theater 1
Business Information Management 1 (BIM 1)
Girls Choir
Principles of Human Services
Boys Choir
Principles of Biomedical Sciences
OR any Endorsement
Level I course
Intro. to Engineering Design
Journalism/Analysis of Visual Media
4 Year Plans
• Your child will complete a 4 year plan this
spring, and Middle School counselors will meet
with each 8th grade student (by the end of the
school year), to review their 4 year plan and
answer any questions they may have.
• It is a GUIDE for courses to be taken….with
the end in mind!!
• It is a FLUID document!
• It will be REVIEWED & UPDATED yearly!
• Courses and Endorsement Areas can be
High School - Four Short Years
“The single most important factor in
determining college success is the
academic challenge of the courses
taken in high school.”
David T. Conley,
College Knowledge 2005.
Advanced Programs Options
in Leander ISD
International Baccalaureate (IB)
Julie Cooper, IB Coordinator/Lead Counselor
Advanced Placement (AP)
Shandalyn Porter, Dean of Instruction
IB Information Meeting
February 5, 2015
6:00 pm
Leander High School
Little Theater
Julie Cooper, IB Coordinator/Lead Counselor
Students interested in participating in the LHS IB
Diploma Program should…
• Be prepared to take 4 years of the same language
(French, Latin or Spanish)
• Take Pre-IB/AP classes in all 4 core subject areas both freshman and
sophomore years to prepare for the rigor of IB courses junior and senior
• English
• Math – It is recommended that Algebra 1 be completed in 8th grade.
• Science
• History
IB Transfer Policy
• Any student in LISD may transfer to LHS for the IB
Diploma Program.
• Students are encouraged to transfer as 9th graders
to enable them to participate in extracurricular
programs available at LHS.
• Transportation is provided.
• Complete the online transfer form on the LISD
website beginning _______. Applicants must
complete the following:
1. LISD Online transfer form
2. IB Application
3. LHS Course Choice Sheet
Advanced Placement (AP)
Shandalyn Porter, Dean of Instruction
LHS Advanced Programs Night
April 14, 2015
5:30 p.m.
Leander High School
How Can my Student be Successful in High
• Come to school every day and make
sure that you pick up your
assignments when you are absent.
• Do your homework and then turn it
in. Create a time and a place at
home to study.
• Use a planner!
• Go to tutorials.
• Communicate with teachers and
your counselor.
Middle School Registration Schedule
• LHS Counselors will be at middle schools on the
following days to do schedules with your incoming
LHS Freshman.
• Leander Middle School
• January 29th and January 30th
• Running Brushy Middle School
• February 5th and 6th
• Transfer Students for IB from other Middle Schools
• Will fill out the Course Request available online.
LHS Course Choice Sheet
Links to Important Information:
• LISD Course Guide
• LISD College and Career Readiness Website
Thank you for coming.