Year 12 Information evening 2014

The Clarendon Academy
Aspire to Excellence
Year 12 Information Evening
for Parents
Wednesday 1 October 2014
Head of Sixth Form : Mr Witham
Sixth Form results: Achievement at AS
The Clarendon Academy
Aspire to Excellence
• A – B % has increased from 14% in 2008 to 32% in 2014
• A – C % has increased from 33% in 2008 to just under 60% in 2014
• However there are a number of students who do not fulfil their potential at
AS. (The national pass rate for AS level is 83%)
• How do we ensure, working together, that your son/daughter achieves their
potential in the Sixth Form?
The Clarendon Academy
A2 Results
Aspire to Excellence
• A2 Results 2014
• Rise in A*-A% compared to 2013
• A*-B grade was above 42% for the 5th Consecutive year.
• We maintained our pass rate of 98%, whilst the national pass rate fell.
• All students in Year 13 achieved the grades needed to undertake their place
at University, and many are now studying at the top Russell Group
The Clarendon Academy
Overview of the next two years
September 2014
October 2014
January 2015
February 2015
March 2015
May/June 2015
July 2015
August 2015
September 2015
Sept–November 2015
January 2016
May/June 2016
August 2016
Commencement of AS /BTecs
Internal tests and progress report
AS Trial examinations
Academic Board (follow up fortnightly meetings)
Parents’ evening
AS examinations
Commence University application process
AS results are published
A2 courses (choose 3 courses) are finalised
Finalise University applications (or
A2 Trial examinations
A2 examinations
A2 results are published
Aspire to Excellence
The Clarendon Academy
Course Structures
Aspire to Excellence
Year 12
Typically 4 AS levels. 2 or 3 units of assessment in each subject(may include coursework and
practical units)
National Diploma Btec (equivalent to 3 A levels)
A combination of AS levels and Btec qualifications
Year 13
Typically 3 subjects taken into A2, again with 2 or 3 units in each subject
Completion of Btec qualifications
Final A level grade based on the sum of the AS and A2 results with each year
counting for 50%
The Clarendon Academy
Why is this year so important?
Aspire to Excellence
• AS courses lay the foundation for A2 results
• Progression to A2 dependent on achievement at AS: students with a “U”
grade will not progress to A2.
• All AS grades will be on university applications (UCAS)
• This year provides the evidence for predicted grades for UCAS
• University offers are dependent on AS grades & predicted grades
• Final Btec grades will be dependent on successful completion of units of
work in year 12. Missed deadlines will result in fails.
The Clarendon Academy
Aspire to Excellence
GCSE and AS level study: what is the difference?
• Independent learning is the basis of post 16 study.
• Productive private study in school and at home
• Course content much deeper and more intellectually demanding
• Success demands consistent effort through the year
• Cannot recover lost ground in final few weeks before examinations
• Revision needs to be an on-going process.
Ability v attitude
7 = All As
6 = All Bs
5 = All Cs
Average GCSE points
AS Grades
Student A
Student B
Student E
Student F
Student G
Student H
Where can Year 12 study?
A very low noise, supervised Study room
A silent, supervised Sixth Form library
The Library: A silent, supervised whole school
Sixth Form work room: An unsupervised room
where students can discuss work and undertake
group work.
The Bistro: Our new café provides a place to
complete work in a fantastic setting.
Expectations: How should the students be
effectively learning independently?
• Additional reading - texts, journals, newspapers
• Re-writing of class notes
• Adding to class notes from different texts and internet sources
• Attending surgeries or revision sessions
• Undertaking examination questions / essay writing
• Re-drafting of homework following feedback
• Self testing , internet revision sites, peer support
A shift away from the phrase “I haven’t got anything to do”
The Clarendon Academy
An example
Aspire to Excellence
How much should they be working?
Four AS courses
16 -20 hours of teaching per week
Three AS courses
13- 15 hours
Three AS + one GCSE
19 hours
Extended Project AS
1 hour per week
In addition :
Community Action
1 hour per fortnight
Private Study
4/5 hours per week
during school day
7 hours per week
Independent study
3 to 5 hours per subject per week
The Clarendon Academy
Expectations: Attendance
Aspire to Excellence
• “I haven’t got a lesson, I don’t have to go in”…..
• All students should have an attendance of 97%+
• Year 12 students must be on site between 08:45 and 3:00pm
• They must register at the 6th Form desk if they do not have a lesson either
periods 1 and 5.
• If attendance falls below 92% a letter will be sent home. A School
Attendance meeting will be held if it has not improved within 2 weeks with a
set of targets which will be reviewed fortnightly.
Using Data in the
• Many Sixth Form centres track progress by judging a student’s progress against
what would be expected to be their minimum performance. They are set
minimum performance grades.
• However the students at the Academy are set target grades. These are
aspirational grades, but are not limiting. They are set for A2 grades but remain
unchanged throughout their studies.
• The regular reporting system will recognise and praise the students making
progress at, or above, their expected performance.
• It will identify students that are under-performing and take action to help them
How will you know how they are progressing?
• Continuous assessment by subject staff based on specific pieces of work.
(If you have concerns contact subject staff)
•A formal assessment in October – results posted home.
•5 Progress reports in October, December, January, March and July which
are posted home, including one written report.
•Formal trial exams in January – Results posted home. Further mock exams
in March.
•Academic Board in February for those students who under-achieved in
Mock exams.
Beyond the curriculum
Extra Curricular weekly programme:
5-a-side Football
Amateur Dramatics
Go Green
Engineering Club
Table games
School band
Robotics club
Survival cooking at
Fitness class (for
Additional extra- curricular activities
• First Aid Training , Duke of Edinburgh, 6th Form Rugby
• Extended Project, Community Action, Mentoring, Supporting younger students in class
Leadership opportunities
Senior Prefect roles
Social committee roles
Running societies and clubs
Working with younger students
The Clarendon Academy
How can you best support your
son/daughter with their 6th Form studies?
Aspire to Excellence
• Discuss their studies, and support them with independent study.
• Support us with ensuring they meet our expectations
• Contact subject teachers or relevant staff if you have concerns, or want a
progress update.
• Limit paid work outside of school
A strong work ethic, in and out of lessons, coupled with outstanding
attendance will lead to a successful year.
Winston Witham (Head of Sixth Form)
Andy Ridyard (Assistant Head of Sixth Form)
Fiona Jesson (6th Form Admin Assistant)
Lynn Wheeler (Exams Officer)
Diane Merchant (Attendance Officer)
Polly Wiggins (Careers advisor)
Julie Thomas (UCAS and post 18 options)
Careers Information and
The Clarendon Academy
What do we offer ?
Aspire to Excellence
• Within the Academy in Year 12 :
• A comprehensive programme delivered through assemblies and workshop
activities throughout Year 12 and 13 …………..goal setting, employability
skills, career planning etc
• Clarendon Academy “Next Step” Careers Conference in June 2015
• Oxbridge / Russell Group Programme starting in January 2015. Mentoring
from Oxford University
• Career appointments with our careers advisor Polly Wiggins. Every
Wednesday . Access to comprehensive careers website
The Clarendon Academy
What do we offer ?
Aspire to Excellence
In partnership with other providers / events
• Bath University “taster days “ in a variety of subjects, starting with Computer
science in October. Chemistry, Sport and Social Sciences to follow
• Access to Higher Education Conferences organised by UCAS and Wiltshire College
(over 50 Universities represented) April 2015
• “On Track” mentoring programme through our partnership with Bath University.
September 2014 to April 2015
• Career Mentoring via local companies for students interested in careers centred
on Business , Finance and Engineering.
• Information on Summer schools , eg Bath Spa, Bath University, Bristol University,
Southampton University
The Clarendon Academy
Aspire to Excellence
UCAS Guidance
• Clarendon has provided a highly effective programme for many years.
• In general, approx 70% of Year 13 apply to University ( this year 85% have started
applications) This year, all students wishing to take up a place in September 2104
were successful.
• The programme will start in Term 3 for those students we feel should be aiming
for The Russell Group Universities or Oxbridge ( based on GSCE scores and A level
• Individual support with the whole application process including : writing personal
statements, interview skills and student finance
• Parent and Student presentations on Student Finance in May for Year 12 and
March for Yr 13
The Clarendon Academy
Work Experience
Aspire to Excellence
• Post 18, Universities and employers are less interested in the tradition two
week Year 10 “work experience” and may expect more recent and relevant
• Highly recommended for careers in :
• Medicine / Health / Veterinary science
• Engineering
• Teaching / Child Care / Social Work
• Level 3 Apprenticeships
• Can be a full week or individual work shadow days with different companies
Queries and Questions
How can we support parents / carers ?