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Photography Club
Kids take pictures of school activities,
Mavericks, sports, etc. & share them via
web-based site .
No Dues
Requirements – a camera and a love for photos
Meeting date/time - TBA
Advisor Name(s)
Michelle Strantz
Science Olympiad
This is a competitive science club which
competes with the other high schools in the
district and state. Students work in specific
areas of science to solve problems, show
mastery of subjects and build evidence of
science knowledge.
Steve Rines
Assistant Mentors:
Michelle Rines, James Cowart,
Danielle Van
Speech & Debate Club
The Speech & Debate Club seeks to strengthen and sharpen the
skills that are necessary to become an effective communicator.
You should have the ability to choose you words wisely,
incorporate yourself into the work and argue appropriately for
yourself, your team and your future success.
Meetings: Thursdays in the Media Center after school.
Mr. Nuccio, Rm. D104
Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
GSA club is for anyone and everyone looking for a safe, open
place to express themselves and make a difference in their
community to reduce ignorance. GSA is a great start to
develop leadership and meet new people. It’s also a great place
to share your story to help spread awareness and acceptance at
Meeting day & time every other Tuesday at 2:30
You can also like the Facebook page “Mallard Creek High
School G.S.A.”
Ms. Hummel
Ms. Deiderich (B207)
School & Community Service Club
There are no requirements, just a desire to help others
9th graders are most welcome and often future officers are those
who started in 9th grade!
Dues $15/year (includes T shirt)
Meeting date/time First Tuesday of Month in B210 - The
Orchestra Room
Advisor Name(s)
Mrs Rines (C203)
Dr. D. (E300)
National History Club
It’s history, sociology, psychology, and politics without all the tests!
You can just come hang out or choose to apply and make it
Join our group (use code: mkmykp)
Dues - $25 (includes a t-shirt)
Meeting date/time - 1st Tuesday of the month, 2:30, C202
Leah Conway
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
This is a group who shares how God has changed their lives
through a relationship with Jesus Christ and we also do several
service projects.
To be involved with an athletic organization is the only
Dues: none
Meeting date/time: Every other Friday from 2:30-3:15, dates are
announced on morning announcements.
Advisor Name(s):
Adam DeGraffenreid
German Club
This is a club which highlights students' interest in the language and culture of the Germanspeaking countries. We learn about holidays, customs, historical events, films, sports,
and food from these countries. It is an active club which plays a big role in welcoming
students from our partner school in Germany who will be coming in March 2013.
Students should be enrolled in German this year (or a previous year) or see the advisor
about membership.
$20.00 (includes club t-shirt) -- needed the latest by October 13th
$6.00 (with no t-shirt)
Meeting date/time
Fridays 1x/month - next regular meeting is Friday, November 9th
Mrs. DeMarco-Flohr, Room B304
Mallard Creek Players
Mallard Creek Players is a theatre club here for
students. The club will meet for improv games, to
discuss social events, and to read and discuss plays.
In addition, the club has input into play selection for
the after school program.
Mr. Delaney
Room B210
An association for students in Marketing classes to compete local
and nationally!
Dues: $50
Meeting Date: 2nd Tuesday each month
Time: 2:30 - 3:30 pm
Advisor Names
Bumgarner & Byers
MacLeod & D. Patel
Tech Club
This is a club that consist of 3 clubs:
The Technology Student Association (TSA) is open to students enrolled in or who have completed
technology education courses. Members learn through exciting competitive events, leadership
opportunities and much more.
VEX Robotics is a robotics club in which the students build robots to compete in different competitions
to complete a series of tasks.
Maverick Motorsports - Ten80 Student Racing Challenge: NASCAR STEM Initiative™ (Student
Racing Challenge) Students in middle and high school form Ten80 Student Racing Challenge teams
that mimic professional motorsports teams. These student teams compete in national tournaments.
Requirements: Express Interest, attend meetings and compete in at least one competition.
Dues: $50
Meeting date/time: Tuesdays 2:30 to 3:30 and Thursdays 2:30 - 4:30
Advisor Name(s)
Sharrell Howard & Yulonda Johnson-Ervin,
Lamar Young & Sandra O'Brien-Duke
Book Club
Book club meets each month to discuss a
book we've all read.
Love of Reading is all that is required!
Meeting date: Last Wednesday of every month at 2:30 in
the media center
Mrs. Lord
Are you a leader? Do you have a passion for Volunteering,
Fundraising and Advocating for others?
Leaders like you are invited to join our club, Party for
Austism Club at MCHS!!
Let’s bring awareness, raise funds, and advocate for
students with Austism!!
Refreshments will be served.
Mrs. Williams & Mrs. Scott
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
The largest student business organization in the country.
Membership in FBLA-PBL prepares students for “real world”
professional careers in business and business-related fields.
Requirements: Any student currently enrolled or have completed
three of the following courses.
Dues: $40.00
Meeting date/time: 2nd Tuesday of every month
Advisor Names:
Mrs. Crump & Mrs. Chisholm
Mrs. B. Brown
Creek Chaos is a student group dedicated to the growth of school spirit and
student involvement in athletic and after school events at Mallard Creek.
Membership allows students to attend all home (non playoff) games at
MCHS and to attend tailgates and ride spirit busses. There is also a
philanthropic project each year. This year's project is to raise funds to build
a press box at the baseball field.
Requirements: Participate in student section at games. Dress in student
section theme at games the student attends.
Dues: $30
Meeting date/time; Each Tuesday in C104
Coach Rutledge
Spanish Club
Spanish Club provides students an opportunity to explore
the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. Activities
include holiday celebrations, soccer tournaments, movie
afternoons and Latin dance lessons.
Dues: $25
Meeting date/time: Once per month on
Fridays 2:30-3:30pm
Mrs. Howard & Mrs. Duque-Estrada
National Art Honors Society
National Art Honor Society (NAHS) is designed specifically for high school
students in grades 9-12for the purpose of inspiring and recognizing those
students who have shown an outstanding ability in art.
Requirements - Juniors and Seniors must meet a GPA requirement.
Dues - $15 includes a shirt and art supplies for public works.
Meeting date/time - First and Third Monday of the month, starting
September 17th. All dues must be paid by Sept. 21.
Brooke Colby, Viloki Patel.
Art Club
Art club represents MCHS in the community through public
artworks and charity art events. We have created Sculptures
for an auction and sponsored a student art auction with
proceeds going to Camp Care. We also allow studio time for
students to explore media more independently than in a
regular classroom setting. The first Mural Project is already
under way!
Brooke Colby & Viloki Patel
Room B200
Spanish Honor Society
An honor society for students of Spanish who have maintained a
B average or better. La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica is a
service-based student organization reaching out to the local
Latino community and supporting learners of the Spanish
language at MCHS.
Dues are $15
We meet every other Friday from 2:30-3:30pm in B-301
(opposite Spanish club meetings)
Señora Wheeler
Mu Alpha Theta
Mu Alpha Theta is national math honor society for high schools and 2
year colleges.
Full membership- 3.0 un-weighted GPA, 2 letters of recommendation,
completed Algebra 2.
Associate membership- 3.0 un-weighted GPA, 2 letters of
recommendation, has not completed Algebra 2 yet.
Dues- $20 full members, $0 associate members
Meeting date/time- last Thursday of each month in E301
Mrs. Romain & Mr. Carpenter
Mallard Creek Unity Club
Project Unify integrates Special Olympics programs with ongoing youth activities and focuses on creating
school climate and community engagement to ensure all students develop intellectual, physical, civic and
emotional competencies.
Special Olympics Bowling Tournament
End the “R” Word Month Activities
Basketball Skills Clinic
On Campus service projects and hours
Volunteering with Special Olympic Teams
Participation in and completion of service hours requirements
Minimum School Grade Requirements and in good behavior standing
$5 Dues
Ms. McKaig & Mr. Rutledge
MCTV7 is the closed circuit broadcast team that delivers the morning
announcements. The crew is divided into to two teams an "A" day
and "B" crew.
Tryouts for all positions are held twice a year and members are
selected for on "On Air" and technical positions. Students will miss
a portion of first block class, so they should decide if they can miss
the class time and maintain their grades.
Mr. Storch
National Technical Honors Society
Must earn an A in a CTE class
Recommended by a CTE teacher
Be a Junior or Senior
Have a cumulative un-weighted GPA of 3.0
We meet the 1st Tuesday of every month.
Advisor: Rebecca White
Academy of Engineering
Must take a PLTW engineering course to be in the
Meeting: 1st Thursday of every month
Mrs. S. Howard & Mrs. White
The Tri-M Music Honor Society
The Tri-M Music Honor Society is an organization that promotes the
advancment of music in our community. The organization also performs
services for worthy causes in the community.
Requirements for eligibility include enrollment and maintaining a "B"
average in a music class at MCHS, maintaining a minimum of 2.5
overall GPA, and successfully completing the nomination and
recommendation process.
Mrs. Guild
Mr. Boren