Meet my friend
Madam CJ Walker
Early life
Madam was born December 23, 1867 .
Her birth name is Sarah Breedlove.
She is my best friend I know every thing about
her like her moms name is Mrs. Mineva
Her dads name is Mr. Owen .
We where both 7 when her parents died. Her 1
sister and 4 brothers where crying. Oppps… I
forgot we where born in Delta, Louisiana. We
where slaves too.
Her Husband and child
When we where 14 Madam got married to this
really handsome guy named Moses McWilliams.
Three years later my god daughter came to the
world Madam’s biological daughter and that was
1885. My god daughter Leila. Moses died 1887 I
was sad so was Madam CJ. This is all I remember
sorry .
Madam CJ and I couldn't have lunch any more
for like 3 months because she was working on 3
hair products such as: Scalp ointment ,
Wonderful hair grower, and Vegetable shampoo.
I was mad but she got a lot of money. Next she
invented the straighten comb and she was
famous I was with her too!
Sudden tragedy
We where in Irvington-on-Hudson New York and
it was May 25 ,9119 and she died I was crying
and I felt her heart and I said she was gone and I
told everyone.
Know Madam CJ walker story is
told. The END