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Dave was abused when he was a young boy
growing up. He has persevered growing up with
having to deal with being slapped, pushed, and
punched. Now Dave is a writer and has written
seven books.
David James Pelzer was born December 29, 1960 in
California. His mom’s name is Catherine Roerva Christen,
and his father’s name is Stephen Joseph Pelzer. His father
had died when he was a little boy. The years before
David turned four his mother The day that Dave turned
four years old every thing changed. His mother has been
the worst when she thought he did something wrong
because she would hurt him. His father would try to stand
up for him, but his mother would say, “No way”. Every
day he would use school as a way to get away from his
mother. Over the years the abuse is worse.
David had to sleep in the basement. He did not get
to eat much food. When David discovered that
there was a store near the school he wanted to try
to get some food. Every day he would go to the
store and see how he could steal the food. As his
mom started to wonder how long it takes him to
get home from school on a regular bases. She
would now time going to and from school. David is
now being more cautious with his time now that he
knows. At lunch his mom packs him nothing so he
will starve. Every day David has to do chores or he
will be punished by his mother. Dave was also
stabbed, burnt, and slapped by his mother.
When David J. Pelzer was a teenager he had
gotten a new baby brother. His family said they are
going on vacation to the cabin. David wanted to
go fishing with his father and brothers, but mother
would not let him go. When father and bothers
were away it was pure torcher. Mother just
changed David’s new baby brother and Dave was
hungry. Then Dave's mother forced him to eat a
awful dipper. Then the boys and father were home
every thing went back to normal and no more
punishments. David turned 12 and teachers had
found out what was happening to David J. Pelzer,
and put in a foster home for children. His mother
was put in jail for being an alcoholic and doing
cruel punishment.
Many books from David J. Pelzer are now out.
These books are about his life growing up. He has
his own website online about his life and books.
People admire him for sticking up for himself
through childhood. David is 46 now and has his
family by his side always. He has one son named
Stephen after his father. Dave was in the air force
after he got out of foster home at age 18. I think
Dave is one person that nourishes his family now
that he has a real family. David is now famous
because the books he wrote about himself as a
child to an adult. The accomplishments Dave has
had are being an author and standing up to child
Dave J. Pelzer
When David was 4
years old he got abuse
till 8 years later. His
mother was sent to
jail for violence and
she was an alcoholic.
Dave became an
author for telling
people about his life
as a child now he is
Christina Aguilera
As a child growing up
her mother was sent
to a domestic violence
center. Her mother
was an child abuser to
Christina. Her mother
was in a center from
getting abused and
abusing. Now
Christina is a famous
pop singer.
Now and
then when
these two
growing up
they were
Christina and
David are
and adults in
About David J. Pelzer And what he
did in life as a child.
 Lover
of family
 Who excels at writing
 Who feels the need to take great care of
 Who needs to not be afraid
 Who fears child abuse
 Who would like to see people happy
 Believes in faith
 Stands for child abuse
 Is against anything dealing with abuse
Report By: Kayla Gerhart
October. 4th , 2011