Parent Orientation PPT 2014-2015

Welcome to
Grade Parent
Ms. Guerra
Campus Administration
Tonya Hyde, Principal
(210) 368-8800
Rebecca Herrera, Asst. Principal (PK-2)
(210) 368-8805
Laura Boon, Counselor (PK-2)
(210) 368-8808
Ms. Guerra
(210) 368-8800 ext 8056
Conference Period
Monday – Friday
FSHISD Attendance Policy
Regular school attendance is essential for the student to make the most of his or
her education. Attendance is taken at 8:00 a.m. Students not at school at 9:30
are counted absent for the entire day. If a student is absent part of the day as
a result of a medical appointment, the student will not be counted absent if a note
from the doctor documents the appointment. If your child is absent, please send a
dated note from home/doctor. All noted must be received within three days or the
absence becomes unexcused.
If a student will be absent from school three or more days, the parents need to
call the teacher to make arrangements to pick up schoolwork. Parents should call
at least one day in advance to give the teachers adequate time to gather the
assignments and books. The completed assignments should be brought to school
when the child returns or when the work is completed within the time frame
allowed. Generally speaking, students are allowed one day to complete work for
each day absent.
TARDIES- The tardy bell rings at 7:50. Please make every effort to make sure
your child arrives on time. All tardy students must be signed in by a parent in the
office before admittance to the classroom. Be aware that excessive tardies leads
to “instructional recovery” or as we remember… after school detention. Tardies
count and will impact Attendance Awards.
Grade Schedule
FSHE School Day 7:45 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Students are tardy if they are not in their classroom by 7:50 a.m.
Instructional Enrichment
Social Studies
Second Grade Classroom Expectations
1) Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
2) Raise your hand to talk
3) No running or fighting
4) Follow directions
5) Stay on task
Students that meet these expectations will
Positive notes and stickers in their agendas
Special privileges
Behavior awards such as treasure box prizes
Class Store
1) Verbal Warning
2) “Fined” and lose 5 minutes of recess.
3) “Fined” and lose 10 minutes of recess.
4) No recess and parents will be called.
1) Severity Clause - Student sent to the office.
2) Write ups in the agenda.
Students must achieve 70% mastery of the Texas Essential
Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and meet all other minimum course
requirements. Grading includes the following categories
Our grading policy is stated in the Student/Parent Handbook. It is as
69 or below – F
70 - 74 – D
75 - 79 – C
80 - 89 – B
90 - 100 - A
Reports Cards go home four times a year at the end of each quarter.
Progress Reports go home every three weeks following the first grading
quarter and additional reports may go home as needed. Please also be an
advocate for your child and check their grades as often as possible
online. You can set the program up to receive an email every time your child’s
average drops below a certain percentage. Please sign all progress reports
and return them to the teacher the next school day. Keep one copy.
Conduct Grades
Another important reason to check your child’s agenda daily is so you
are always aware of what their conduct grade will be on their report
card. Your child will receive either an “E”, “S”, “N”, or “U”. Those
grades will be determined by the number of writes they have.
0-1 write ups in agenda
2-7 write ups in agenda
8-10 write ups in agenda
11 or more write ups
**Office referrals result in an automatic N in conduct.
Each day your child will bring home his/her agenda in their
notebook. Please take time to check for homework and/or
important papers in notebook pockets. Also you may send notes
from home, in this pocket, as we will check daily. Behavior will
be documented daily. A green dot means your child followed all
school expectations and procedures. A write up will explain
otherwise. Please sign your child’s agenda and return to
school daily. Our goal is to establish a partnership to keep you
informed about academic and behavioral success.
If there should be ANY changes in your child’s transportation
arrangements, please send a note the day of the change. Please
include if the change is permanent or a one time occurrence. No
child will be allowed to deviate from their regular scheduled
transportation without documentation from the parent.
Communication between
teachers and parents
Our first line of communication with you will be through the
use of your child’s Agenda. Please make it a habit to check
daily. These items include, but are not limited to homework,
report cards, progress reports, discipline notes, etc. If
concerns arise, please bring them to our attention through a
note in their agenda or by email. We may not see our phone
messages immediately, but you may also leave us a message by
phone. Conferences may be requested by the parents or the
teacher. There will be a designated conference time for each
Sign up on one of the back computers today!
The purpose of homework is to reinforce skills that have been taught in
class. It is recorded on the report card whether or not the student turns
in their homework.
Spelling-Students will have a spelling test every Thursday with retakes on
Math-Math homework will be sent home to give students extra practice
on what is being taught in class and/or what needs to be reviewed.
Reading-reading passages for comprehension/fluency and independent
reading for 20 minutes nightly
The students can complete their homework in any order they like.
However, all homework is due by Friday morning. We require that
parents take a few moments to look over the homework for accuracy
and child’s name before handing it in.
Please make sure your child practices his/her spelling words and reads
for at least 20 minutes each night. Spelling tests are recorded on the
student’s report card.
Start date for Homework is Monday, September 8th!
A reading log will be sent home monthly. Your child can
read orally, silently, or you can read together! They can even read
a book more than once. The only requirement is that they read
for 20 min each day. Each log should be returned on the last day
of each month and signed by a parent. In addition, there will be
“reward” at the end of the month for those that return the
reading log at the end of the month, they will not be allowed to
participate in the reward if they do not return the log at the end
of each month.
AR is a program where children pick books at their level,
read them, and take a computerized test over the story. They will
accumulate points to earn special rewards throughout the year.
We will have these books available for them and encourage them
to use the program. This is not a mandatory program; however, it
is a great motivator for the kids. Any grades they make on these
computerized tests will not be on the report card.
Opportunities for Parent
Don’t forget to turn in your Volunteer Background
Check Form. It is mandatory for all volunteers.
Room Parents – We love our parent volunteers!
There are so many ways to volunteer in the
room…please consider letting us know you would like
to volunteer to come in during designated times to
PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)
Field Trips and Special Events (ex: book fair)
Other Information:
• It is recommended that all students wear tennis shoes to school. They
cannot participate in the P.E. activities without them. Also, the rocks
on the playground hurt their feet if they wear any kind of open toe
• LUNCH - Lunch will be at 11:25.. If you wish to have lunch with your
child, meet your child at the cafeteria. Your child will meet you as the
class walks to the cafeteria.
• Make sure your child has lunch money or a lunch from home each day.
All accounts can be taken care of in the cafeteria or visit
• Any money brought from home, please put in the zipper pouch with a
money from home note with your child’s name on it.
• Due to accidents that do occur unexpectedly, it is suggested to send a
change of clothes in a labeled large Ziploc bag, to
keep at school.
SNACK– We will not be having a designated snack this year. If your
child needs special accommodations, please contact me.
BIRTHDAYS—Birthdays are special to us! Please feel free to send in a
special treat such as cookies or cupcakes on your child’s birthday. We
will celebrate summer birthdays at the end of the year. We don’t mind
cupcakes and birthday celebrations at the end of the day. Feel free to
send the snacks with your child with a note or drop them off in the
office and I am happy to help celebrate your child in our classroom.
BOOK ORDERS- A Scholastic Book Order Form will be coming home
once a month. If you choose to purchase books for your child, please
make sure orders are placed in a sealed envelope with your child’s name
on the front. Checks are made out to Scholastic Book Clubs. You can
also place your order online using the class activation code which
allows you to pay by credit card and the class gets $3 in free books
for each online order!
VISITATION- We enjoy and appreciate our parent volunteers! Upon
volunteering and visiting the classroom we ask that you please follow
procedures. Unscheduled visits are disruptive to the classroom
environment and student learning. Sign in at the office upon arrival and
wear your pass where it is visible. When leaving please sign out in the
DISMISSAL- School dismisses at 3:00 daily. The parent pick-up line is
very congested due to pre-k students who must be picked up by a parent.
We ask that you please consider busing your child as it is the easiest
convenience for all.
BUSING- If your child will be using bus services, please be aware of a
couple of things. Children are only allowed to ride the bus to their home
address or after school care provider. If they have an after school
provider, the address must be on file. Please keep the teacher and front
office informed about any transportation changes. Please discuss with your
child the location for morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off. Please send
a note in writing if your child will be going home a different way than their
usual way.
Please do not send any valuables to school with your child.
Sometimes our classes get very cold beyond our control. If
possible, have your child keep a sweater/sweatshirt in school
for those cold days in the classroom.
Please read the student-parent handbook
carefully. You may find the student-parent
handbook on the Fort Sam Houston website at . You may request a hard copy of
the student-parent handbook, but limited copies
are available. In an effort to reduce the use of
paper, we hope that you will access the document
We are going to have
an awesome year!