Safety Facility Presentation - Norwalk

Measure G
Enhancing Educational Opportunities
at every school in
Norwalk and La Mirada
August 2014
Norwalk-La Mirada
Unified School District
―The Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School
District serves a vital role in our
community by providing quality
education to over 19,000 K-12 students
in Norwalk and La Mirada.
―We are committed to enhancing
educational opportunities for all students
in each and every school in Norwalk and
La Mirada.
Board of Education Goals
― High Academic Achievement
― Graduation Rates steadily increasing
― Effective Standards-Based Instruction
― Full Implementation of Common Core State Standards
for all students K-12
― Fiscally Solvent and Increase Enrollment
― Strong Reserves
― Accountability for all Stakeholders
― Formal and Informal Protocols (evaluation process)
― Safety and Security of Students and Staff
― Student safety is enhanced through effective school
security systems.
District Priorities
Continue to be…
― Ensuring safe and upgraded learning
environments so all students can achieve.
― Providing technology required for 21st century
jobs and careers.
― Providing technology to support Common Core
State Standards and new state testing (SBAC).
― Improving school safety and security.
― Supporting the health and well-being of
students with adequate athletic facilities that
support and contribute to school and
What’s the Issue?
―Many local schools here in Norwalk and
La Mirada need basic health and safety
improvements because they were built
decades ago, with some schools over 75
years old.
―Needs include updating technology,
repairing deteriorating classrooms, leaky
roofs and bathrooms, and removing
asbestos and lead paint.
What is Measure G?
― To address these needs, on July 21, 2014 the
Norwalk-La Mirada School District Board of
Trustees placed Measure G on the November 4,
2014 ballot.
― Measure G is a $375 million education bond
measure designed to provide funds to help
maintain safe and healthy learning
environments and improve the quality of
education facilities for every student in every
― If approved, Measure G would cost property
owners in the district approximately $60 per
year per $100,000 of assessed – not market –
property value.
What will
Measure G Fund?
―If adopted by voters, Measure G would
provide funding to address school repair
and upgrade needs, including:
― Repairing drainage systems, leaking roofs and
decaying walls
― Updating computer, science and math lab
― Upgrading fire safety systems including safety
doors, fire proofing, and smoke alarms
― Upgrading school security and fencing
― Updating technology for twenty-first century
Benefits of Measure G
in Norwalk & La Mirada
― If approved, Measure G will help
modernize elementary, middle and high
schools throughout the entire District to
ensure that every school in every
neighborhood benefits
― If approved, Measure G will help update
technology to ensure that all students
have access to so they are prepared for
the jobs of the future.
Measure G Will Help
Dulles Elementary!
―Air Conditioning in all Classrooms, Office
& Cafeteria
―Building Renovations – doors, windows,
paint, etc.
―Furniture & Technology
―Playfields (irrigation and drainage
―Fence and Gate (safety)
Comprehensive Review
of District Needs
―The Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School
District conducted a comprehensive
review of school needs to identify the
specific repairs and upgrades needed to
improve education at every school site in
Norwalk and La Mirada.
―The District received robust community
input and feedback from stakeholders,
community leaders and hundreds of
What are Measure G’s
Accountability Provisions
― Measure G includes strict accountability
requirements including a list of authorized
projects, independent annual audits, and an
Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee
to ensure that funds are spent as promised.
― The Citizens’ Oversight Committee must include,
among others, representation of a bona fide
Taxpayers’ Association, a Business Organization,
and a Senior Citizens’ Organization.
― NO funds can go toward administrator salaries or
― ALL Funds are required to stay local and cannot be
taken by the State
How Can I Get More
Information on Measure G?
―For more information, visit or if you have any
specific questions feel free to contact
562-868-0431 ext. 2010
―Additional Information can be obtained
from PTA Booths set up just outside the