Winfield Elementary Back to School Night

Welcome Back!
Winfield Elementary Back to School Night
August, 2013
First Grade Teacher
Fourth Grade Teacher
Assistant Principal at the Regional
Institute for Children and Adolescents in
Assistant Principal at Winfield
Principal at Mechanicsville Elementary
Principal at Winfield Elementary
My values:
Hard work
Integrity-Do what is best for kids at all
Schedule for Tonight
• 6:15 Volunteer Training
• 7:00 Introductions
• 7:05 Principal and PTO Presentation
• 7:25 Transition to Classrooms
• 7:30 Teacher Presentations
“Yes you can, and never give up.”
-Rick Hoyt
Link to ESPY Award
Nick Shockney, Principal
Ms. Sikorski, Assistant Principal
Office Staff:
Ms. Cathy Brown, Secretary
Ms. Mary Dickson, Secretary
Ms. Debra Broadrick, Secretary
Ms. Jill Millison, School Counselor
Ms. Annette Cremens, Nurse
Ms. Kelli Eger, Cafeteria Manager
Our Mission
Winfield Elementary is a community
of motivated learners working
together to achieve each individual’s
highest potential.
What Makes Winfield Elementary Unique?
• Enrollment of around 575 students
• Serve the Winfield Community and beyond
• Autism Program for students with special needs
• Additional resource and support staff
• Amazingly supportive community
• Dedicated professionals committed to every student
• Our kids set the example!
Principal Priorities for 13-14
• Establish meaningful relationships with
students, staff, families, and the
• Winfield Family.
• Implement changes associated with
CCSS and the new Teacher/Principal
Evaluation System while empowering
We Can
School Hours
• 15 minutes earlier this year
• Doors open at 8:45 AM
• School starts at 9:15 AM
• Dismissal begins at 3:45 PM
• A.M. ECSN / Pre-K 9:15 AM-11:45 AM
• P.M. ECSN 1:15 PM-3:45 PM
• Students need to be in their seats by 9:15 AM to avoid being
marked tardy (late).
• If your child is absent, a note must be sent in when your child
returns. If a note is not received, the absence will be marked as
• After a period of time, unverified absences are coded as unlawful.
• Students who leave prior to 3:45 will be marked tardy for the
• Extended absences require prior approval.
• Thank you for your support this week!
• Please use CCPS transportation.
• We have a very small parking lot. Please help us decrease
the volume of traffic in our loop.
• Please help our green school initiatives.
• If you need to pick-up/drop-off, please follow procedures.
• Lunch guests must sign in at the office and receive a guest
sticker. We must have a note in advance for anyone other a
parent or guardian requesting to have lunch with a student
(Grandparents, etc.).
• Please consider pre-paying for lunches. This can be done for
a few meals, the month, or the year.
• Pre-pay forms can be found on the WIN website.
• Breakfast available daily.
• Ms. Kelli Eger, Cafeteria Manager.
Lunch Prices
• Student lunch: $2.25
• Milk: $0.60
• Ice cream $0.75
• Student breakfast $1.25
Birthday Celebrations/Special Activities
• Please be aware and sensitive of students with food allergies.
• Please do not send in food items for Birthdays.
• Special activities involving food items must be pre-approved
by the Teacher and coordinated with the School Nurse.
Student Dress
• Please make sure students are dressed appropriately and
comfortably for learning.
• Student dress should not be a distraction to the student or
other students.
• Appropriate shoes should be worn daily. Students will be
going outside daily for recess and PE.
• Coats during the cold months.
Parent and Guardian Involvement
• PTO meetings, activities, and events
• Classroom volunteers
• Help at home
• Field trips
• Guest speakers
• Volunteer training
• We need your help!
Winfield is a Green School!
• Paperwork through Alert Now and on Website
• Contact office for requests for paper copies.
• Recycling projects
• Send lunch items in plastic containers instead of baggies
• Gardens
• Curricular connections
• Please have your children ride the bus to conserve fuel and
help reduce emissions!
• Professional Development School
• McDaniel College
• Student Teachers
• High School Students from the Carroll County Career and
Technology Center
• CHANGE Volunteers
Winfield Website:
• Staff
• Calendar
• News and Information
• School Improvement Plan
• Cafeteria
• Closings
• Media
• Parent and Student
• Link to PTO Website
• School Counseling
• School Supply Lists
• Summer Learning Resources
• Link to CCPS Website
• Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports
• Expectations
• ROAR tickets
• Over 30,000 CARE tickets awarded last year
• Student incentives and recognition
Misc. Information
• Alert Now email system
• Update contact information when changes occur
• Home Access Center
• Field trips
• Chaperones (volunteer training)
• Please no “shadowing”
Thank You!
• We are looking forward to a wonderful year!
• Please feel free to contact us at school if you have any
Winfield PTO
• Mr. Mike Yokay, President
• PTO Presentation