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Environmental Technology for Impact
29&30 April 2015, Wageningen, The Netherlands
Conference Programme
28th April 2015
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29 April 2015
Opening by Prof. H.H.M. Rijnaarts, ETE, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Keynote: Prof. J. Cramer, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Environmental Technology, from end-of-pipe to circular approaches
Session 1: Biorecovery
Valorization of biorefinery wastewater to carboxylates
L. Garcia-Gonzalez, F. Truzzi, A. Kaushik, H. De Wever
Enhancement of optical pure L-lactic acid production from food waste and sludge via
temperature control
X. Li, Q. Jian, Y. Liu, H. Chen, P. Gao, G. Xue
Driving microbial electrosynthesis from CO 2 to target compounds
P. Batlle-Vilanova, S. Puig, R. Ganigué, R. Gonzalez-Olmos, M. Dolors Balaguer, J. Colprim
Bioelectrochemical removal of CO 2 for biogas upgrading: performance and mechanism
H. Xu, K. Wang, D. E. Holmes
session closure
Caproate and butyrate formation in mixed culture chain elongation process using methanol
and acetate
W.S. Chen, Y. Ye, D.P.B.T.B Strik, C.J.N. Buisman
Microalgae as a tool to recover nutrients from source-separated urine
K.Tuantet, H. Temmink, M. Janssen, G. Zeeman
Does urbanization affect the frequency and genealogy of antibiotic resistance in bacteria
in wastewater treatment systems?
K. Gilbride, G. Isla, A. Tehrani, B. Hanna, R. Pashang
Combining aquifer thermal energy storage with biostimulation in VOCL contaminated
W. Sommer, Z. Ni, J. Valstarb, P. van Gaans, T. Grotenhuis, H. Rijnaarts
session closure
Lunch & poster sessions
Session 5: Reusable Water
Greywater for potable reuse: health risk assessment of organic micropollutants
J.P. van der Hoek, R. Etchepare
Converting safe industrial food byproducts into worm biomass using a novel reactor design
Micropollutant removal by algae grown on source separated wastewater
B. Laarhoven, H.J.H. Elissen, H. Temmink, C.J.N. Buisman
H. A. de Wilt, A. Butkovskyi, K.Tuantet, L. Hernandez Leal, T. Fernandes, A.A.M.
Langenhoff and G.Zeeman
Generating electricity within wetlands
Micropollutant removal in black water treatment systems
K. Wetser, C.J.N. Buisman, D.P.B.T.B. Strik
Pitches poster Authors: Oleskowicz-Popiel/Liu/Li/Guzman/Ebbers
A. Butkovskyi, L. Hernandez Leal, H.H.M. Rijnaarts, G. Zeeman
Pitches poster Authors: van Lier/Sjoerdsma/Dekker/Dykstra/Khan
Micropollutant removal by polyelectrolyte multilayer based hollow fiber nanofiltration
W. de Vos, J. de Grooth, K. Nijmeijer
Removal of metals from contaminated soil and waste streams: closing the circle.
M. Vanhecke, P.J. D'Huys, K. Sniegowski, L. Braeken
Session 3: Urban System Engineering
Assessment of the impact of sanitation systems on closing N and P cycles in urbanagricultural systems
I. Firmansyah, M. Spiller, F. de Ruijter, G.J. Carsjens, G. Zeeman
The nitrogen and phosphorus balance of Flanders: a case study for efficient nutrient
J. Coppens, E. Meers, N. Boon, J. Buysse, S. E. Vlaeminck
Creating a healthy decentralized water cycle in an urban environment
P. Smeets, H. Cortial , A. Zwertvaegher , E. Klaversma , K. Roest
Building Integrated Water Systems at Grove Library, Western Australia: Lessons Learnt
M. Anda, G. Khakbaz, J. Byrne, S. Dallas
session closure
Keynote: Prof. L. Angenent, Cornell University, USA
Using reactor microbiomes to produce chemicals from biomass: medium-chain carboxylic acid oil
Session 4: Biorecovery
Session 2: Reusable Water
Towards energy neutral microalgae-based wastewater treatment systems for water
reuse and resource recovery
I. Ferrer, E. Uggetti, R. Guitierrez, M. Solé, D. Arias, J. García
Biorefinery for Critical Elements: Recovery of elemental tellurium nanoparticles from waste
streams containing tellurate and tellurite harnessing microbial reduction catalyzed by
anaerobic granular sludge
J. Field, A. Ramos-Ruiz, R. Sierra-Alvarez
session closure
Session 6: Urban System Engineering
Energy and Nutrient Recovery from Municipal Wastewater: A Scenario Analysis for the
R. Khiewwijit, H. Temmink, H.H.M. Rijnaarts, K. Keesman
Integration of Wastewater Treatment Plants and Biogas Plants in the concept of Virtual
Power Plants
S. Hien, J. Hansen
Double benefit: preventing environmental pollution from urban sanitation waste by
producing fertilizers – a case study in Ethiopia
D. Kragic Kok, Y. G. Hagos, H.B. Asfaw, J. Soedarso, K. Kujawa-Roeleveld
Pitches poster Authors: Mahmoud/Scherrenberg/Dijcker/Azari/Schellekens
Resource recovery based sanitation: a new approach towards “Water out, Shit in”
J. Vreeburg, G. Zeeman
Pharmaceutical biodegradation coupled to Fe or Mn reduction
Domestic slurry rheology
W. Liu, N. B. Sutton, T. ter Laak, A.A.M. Langenhoff, H.H.M. Rijnaarts
session closure
Dinner in Wageningse berg
A. Alidai, I. Pothof, F. Clemens
session closure
Environmental Technology for Impact
29&30 April
April 2015,
2015, Wageningen,
Conference Programme
30th April 2015
Keynote: Prof. J.M. Lema, University Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Cometabolic (or metabolic ?) biotransformation (or biodegradation?) of micropollutants in wastewater treatment plants
Session 7: Biorecovery
Session 8: Reusable Water
Session 9: Urban System Engineering
Ecophysiology and application of acidophilic sulfate- and sulfur-reducing bacteria
Granulation and auto-immobilisation processes in high salinity wastewaters
Semantic MediaWiki for Local Organic Cycles in Urban Europe
A. Stams, A. Florentino, J. Luis Sanz, I. Sanchez Andrea
S. Ismail, H. Temmink, C. Plugge, J. van Lier
Effectiveness of ceramic membranes in AnMBR for food and fish processing wastewater
D. Buntner, R. Reif, J.R. Ramón Vázquez-Padín, A. Silva-Teira, J.M. Garrido
D. Meyer-Kohlstock
The Myth of Innovative Environmental Technology for Impact
Pitches poster Authors: Brunsch/Otten/Silva-Teira/Ye/Alsohaimi
Pitches poster Authors: Maharjan/Menger-Krug/Pothof/Roest/Harmsen
session closure
Lunch & poster sessions
session closure
Combined H2S and thiols removal from sour gas streams at haloalkaline conditions
P. Roman,M. Bijmans, A. Janssen
Pitches poster Authors: Veltman/Vasconcelos-Fernandes/Cabrera-Rodríguez/RazoFlores/Bajracharya
session closure
Keynote: Prof. M.C.M. van Loosdrecht, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Innovating wastewater treatment through academic research
Session 10: Biorecovery
High performance configuration on MFC for copper recovery
P. Rodenas, T. Sleutels, C. Buisman, A. ter Heijne, M. Saakes, R. van der Weijden
D. Davelaar
Graphene/MnO 2 coated three-dimensional anodes for high-performance microbial fuel cells
C. Zhang, P. Liang, X. Huang
session closure
Session 11: Reusable Water
Session 12: Reusable Water
Controlling fouling development and rejection during semi dead-end microfiltration of
electrostatically stabilized nanoparticles
K. Trzaskus, A. Kemperman, K. Nijmeijer
Supercritical water desalination (SCWD): towards zero liquid discharge in drinking water
S. Odu, L. van der Ham, S. Metz, S. Kersten
session closure
Beyond enteric pathogens: Review of water-based pathogen risks with water reuse
N. Ashbolt
Long term performance, (bio)fouling analysis and microbial composition of direct
nanofiltration installations treating anoxic groundwater.
F. Beyer, B. Rietman, A. Zwijnenburg, P. van den Brink, M. Jarzembowska, C. Plugge
session closure
Industrial Case Session: Biorecovery
Industrial Case Session: Reusable Water
Innovate with the End in Mind
P. Gonzalez-Contreras, Paques
to be announced
J. Klok, Paqell
More than simple papermakers: Multiple products from the paper and board industry
S. Bousios, Bumaga
New approaches to phosphate recovery
R. Cunha, Wetsus
World-scale Chemistry in a Water Stressed Delta
H. Pool, DOW
Crossing borders while driving the Circular Economy
J. Boere, KWR
Waterreuse: leverage and accelerate
F. Goossensens, Arcadis
The value of research to operate a saline wastewater treatment plant
P. van der Marel, WLN
Plenary Panel discussion: The magic of interaction between science and industry
Reception with conference closure by Prof. C.J.N. Buisman and participation of representatives of Wageningen University and Research Centre