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Rainey School Presentation
•Who are Tobermore
•Production Process
•Health & Safety
•Marketing Strategies
•Recruitment & Selection
•What do we offer staff?
•Management Structure
•The Role of the Accounts Department
Who are Tobermore
Kieran Fields
Who are Tobermore Concrete?
•In business for over 50+ years
•Product range has changed from traditional concrete (building
blocks) to value added products (paving and kerbing).
•Manufacturers of:
•Concrete Block Paving (includes the Permeable Paving range)
•Paving Flags/Slabs
•Kerbing & Edging
•Walling (Includes a mortar free retaining walling system)
•Importers of Natural Stone (Pietra Range)
Who are Tobermore Concrete?
•Operate within Northern and Southern Ireland
Markets, including UK mainland from August 2004.
•We currently have 7 Paving & Walling Centres in:
• Tobermore, Bangor (Northern Ireland)
•Dublin, Galway, Cork (Rep. of Ireland)
•Leyland Preston (England)
•Falkirk (Scotland)
Awards Won by Tobermore
•Winner of Northern Ireland Quality Awards 2003
•Queens Awards for Enterprise 2003
•UK Business Excellence Awards 2005
•Chartered Institute of Marketing – Best Regional Marketing
Team 2007
•European Quality Award (EFQM) 2007
•UTV/Business Eye Company of the Year 2007
•Belfast Telegraph Business Awards Company of the Year
Queens Awards for Enterprise 2003
UK Business Excellence Award 2005
Chartered Institute of Marketing
Awards 2007
EFQM Quality Awards 2007
Paving & Walling
Tobermore Paving & Walling Centre
Bangor Paving & Walling Centre
Galway Paving & Walling Centre
Dublin Paving & Walling Centre
Leyland Paving & Walling Centre
Cork Paving & Walling Centre
Falkirk Paving & Walling Centre
David Caskey
What products do we sell?
•Over 1300 products
•Range twice the size of our nearest
•We are continually involved in new
product development and product
innovation i.e. New Hydropave
Permeable Paving Range and Secura
Grand Retaining Walling System.
Shannon – Domestic House
Shannon – Commercial
Toberloc – Machine Lay Product
Hydropave – Permeable Paving
Retail Complex – Junction One
Religious Buildings
Maghera Chapel
Cookstown Chapel
Methods used for motivation
•Productivity bonuses
•Recognition awards
•Customer Related Bonus
•Saying “Thanks”
Stock Control
Assess Current Levels
Stock controlled continued
•Produce Plan
•Produce maintenance plan
•People plan
•Aim to keep 98% of standard
products in stock at all times
Health & Safety
Debbie Ditty
Health, Safety & Environmental Officer
•Manage Health, Safety and Environmental
•Implement legislation
•Policies and Procedures
•Workplace inspections
•Accident investigation & reporting
•Coordinate safety management during
construction projects
IMS System
•IMS – Integrated Management System
•Quality ISO 9001:2008
•Environmental ISO 14001
•Health & Safety work to 18001
Health & Safety
•Occupational Health
Waste Management
• We ensure all
waste is segregated
and recycled when
• Various types of
waste are
generated on site
Mandatory PPE
•Safety boots must be
worn at all times by
everyone working in the
production areas
•Hi visibility Vest / jacket
must always be worn in
the yard by everyone
including contractors,
visitors etc.
Water Recycling
•We have installed a 3 stage
settlement tank to filter out
•Water is used to supply
Hess 2 & 3 with the water
they require for production.
•Water usage is dependant
on the moisture content
already in the sand when it
comes from the quarry
Energy Usage
•Electricity is supplied by Airtricity
•Strive to reduce electricity consumption
•Procedures in place
•Office example: Reduced our usage by
£70 per weekend which equates to
£3640 per year.
•Working with Carbon Trust to compile a
certified Carbon footprint.
Yard Hazards
•35+ FLT's at any time
•40 tonne loading shovel
•Continuous lorry
movements per day
•Private and Trade
Kieran Fields
•Landscape design service
•Product literature
•Product innovation
•Paving & Walling centre's
•Free samples
•Lunchtime CPD presentations
•Portfolio of installations
•Technical guidance
•Delivery service
•Private Developers
•Civil engineering companies
•Builders merchants
•Laying contractors
•Government bodies
•Co. Councils etc.
•Retail customers
Business Development/Marketing
Areas covered:
Internal computer system (Navision)
1.Email & ezines
2.Website www.tobermore.co.uk
3.Resolving Network problems
Desk Top Publishing
1.Product Information Guides
2.Invites & Faxbacks to various events
Hardware issues (Printers, laptops, cameras etc)
Brochures (Both Commercial & Domestic)
Marketing Strategies
Marketing Strategies
For the company to achieve its Marketing objectives,
its very important to incorporate a combination of both
online and offline projects within the marketing mix.
Some examples:
•Corporate hospitality
•One to one presentations
•One to many presentations
•Designers Conferences
•Mail shot
Corporate Hospitality – Layers Night
Communication – Designers Conference
Lunchtime CPD Presentations
Presentations – Hydropave Permeable Paving Launch
Recruitment &
Fiona Kennedy
Recruitment & Selection
•Position identified, job description and ad
drawn up and application forms issued.
•Forms monitored, short-listed and interviews
•Interviews completed, references checked
and offer made.
•All administration completed.
•Employment commences with thorough
induction process to company and also health
and safety induction and training required for
the job.
Staffing levels
•Tobermore employs approximately 160 employees
•50.6% in production, 49.4% in Admin / Sales &
•15 Employed in Southern Ireland
•8 employed in Mainland UK
Ex-Rainey Pupils employed by
Managing Director:
Maintenance Manager:
Production Planner:
Credit Control Manager:
Cc Assistants:
Assistant Accountant:
4 in Despatch:
David Henderson
Trevor Smyth
David Caskey
Marlene Sykes
Cathy Averell
Christine Kee
Gareth Scott, Darren
Jones, Niall Hutchinson.
Area Sales Executive:
Harry Badger
Purchase Ledger Clerk: Andrea Herron
Sales Development:
Liz Lawrence
Health & Safety Officer: Debbie Ditty
What do we offer staff?
What do we offer staff?
•Tobermore recognise people as
being our most important asset
and offer continuous training to
all employees.
What do we offer staff?
•Opportunities to
communicate through
CIM’s (continuous
improvement meetings),
team working and team
•Teamtalk – Company
magazine distributed to
all Tobermore staff.
What do we offer staff?
Company nights
Management Structure
The role of the
accounts department
Mark O’Connor
Role of the Accounts Department
•Credit Control
•Managing Finance Requirements
•Preparing budgets
•Preparation of monthly management accounts
•Controlling costs
•Product costs & contributions
•Statutory returns
•Continuous improvement
Credit Control
Purpose – To maximise profits by
ensuring that all sales are paid for on
Credit Control
•Credit Policy
•Terms of trading clearly stated
•Fast accurate invoicing procedure
•Fast accurate upkeep of sales ledger
•Monthly statements and aged debt listing within
1 day of month end
•Deal promptly with queries
•Act quickly to collect overdue accounts
•Measure debtor days monthly
•Measure and control debtors days over 3 months
Managing Finances
Purpose – To ensure that there is
adequate finance available to service
our debts.
Sources of finance
•Retaining earnings
•Bank overdrafts
Foreign Exchange Management
•Spot rates
•Forward Contracts
•Purchases in Euros
•Wages & Salaries
•Capital Expenditure
Preparing Budgets
Purpose – To convert our strategy
into a financial plan.
Preparing Budgets
•Starting point is agreeing the strategy
•Projected sales figures
•Departmental Budgets
oMarketing Plan
oDelivery Costs
oAdministration Costs
oSelling Costs
oPaving Centre Costs
oFinancial Costs
oProjected Profit & Loss Account
•Capital Expenditure Budget
•Budget Approval
Preparing Monthly
Management Accounts
Purpose – To give an up-date
measure of the company’s financial
Management Accounts prepared by
20 of the following month
oMonthly Profit & Loss Statement & Balance Sheet
oYear to date comparisons against budget
oYear to date comparisons with last year
•Debtor days comparison with previous year
•Departmental cost statements
Controlling Costs
Purpose – To ensure that we stay
online with our projections.
Controlling Costs
•Departmental managers meet with the Financial
Director to discuss variances
•Corrective action agreed if necessary
•Managers put in place actions agreed
Product Costs &
Purpose – To ensure that sales
people have the necessary
information to enable them to
maximise sales and margins.
Product Costs & Contributions
•Cost price of each product calculated
oMaterial Cost
oLabour Cost
oProduction over-head Cost
•Haulage rates agreed with delivery drivers
•Sales Executives have programme on lap-tops
to calculate gross margin
•Product costs used to value stock
Statutory Returns
Purpose – To ensure that we comply
with Government Legislation.
Statutory Returns
•VAT returns (N.I. & R.O.I.)
•Aggregate Tax
•Intrastat returns
oExports & Imports / EC sales lists
•PAYE returns
oMonthly & year end
•Various statistical returns
•Final Accounts
Continuous Improvement
Purpose – To allow each individual to
have their input into how things can
be improved.
Continuous Improvement
•Departmental meetings once a month
•Inter-departmental meetings
•Actions agreed & ownership accepted
•Report back
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