CHEMetrics 2003

in Water Analysis
The Marketing Department 2003
The CHEMetrics mission is
Perfecting Simplicity in Water Analysis
Extensive line of water testing kits
Highly accurate
Extremely simple to use
CHEMetrics Core Technology:
The self-filling ampoule
• Each ampoule contains a precise unit dose of
• Ampoule is sealed under vacuum.
• Ampoule has a scored tip for easy snapping.
• To run a test, simply place the ampoule into the
sample and snap the tip---the vacuum pulls the
correct quantitative sample volume into the
ampoule, and an inert bubble forms.
• Tilt the ampoule several times to mix the sample
and reagent, allowing the reaction to complete and
color to form.
• Use the color comparator or photometric
instrument to obtain quantitative results.
CHEMets® for simple visual
colorimetric water analysis
Accurate results in two minutes or less
As easy and economical as a test strip,
with the accuracy of a sophisticated
Designed for maximum simplicity and
CHEMets are available for over 40
analytes, including chlorine, copper,
hydrogen peroxide, nitrate, phenols,
phosphate, silica, sulfide, many more.
Concentrations from low ppb to
percent percent levels
Simple CHEMets Test Procedure
Immerse the CHEMet into the sample and snap off the tip—the vacuum
in the ampoule quickly pulls in the correct volume of sample.
Mix sample and reagent—in 2 minutes or less, the analyte in the sample
reacts with the reagent to form a color.
Match the color intensity to the standards in the comparator to obtain
quick, accurate quantitative test results.
Vacu-Vials® for Photometric Analysis
Use with CHEMetrics VVR and SAM photometers, or
with any spectrophotometer that accepts 13mm cells
• The fastest, easiest reagent
systems for precision
photometric water analysis.
• Direct concentration results are
presented with the VVR or
SAM—or by your
spectrophotometer’s calibration
• Vacu-vials are available for over
40 important analytes.
VVR Photometer for
Accurate Water Analysis
Filter photometer and filter modules for over 40 important analytes
Compact, hand-held portable, direct-reading, multi-analyte instrument
Works with Vacu-vials to provide dependable results in just 4 seconds.
No buttons to push, calibrations to perform, or complicated scrolling.
VVR optical filter modules are available for ammonia, chlorine, copper,
iron, nitrate, dissolved oxygen, phosphate, sulfide, zinc, many more
Single Analyte Monitors (SAMs)
Dedicated photometers use Vacu-vials—
simple-to-use, accurate, economical
• Economical SAMs provide accurate
results equivalent to more expensive
dedicated meters and probes.
• Just snap a Vacu-vials ampoule in
your sample, place the ampoule in
the SAM, and read the result in
• SAM kits and instruments are
available for chlorine, dissolved
oxygen, ammonia, ozone, ozone 2
(indigo) chlorine dioxide, glycol,
molybdate, nitrate, peracetic acid,
Titrets® Hand-held Titration Kits
Simplified visual titrimetric analysis
“Reverse titration” quickly determines analyte concentrations.
Extremely simple---draw small volumes of sample using the ball-valve
assembly on the ampoule tip until the color changes, indicating the
equivalence point of the titration.
Quantitative results are obtained by reading the scale off of the
graduated ampoule.
Total alkalinity, carbon dioxide, chloride, total hardness, sulfite, more.
VACUettes® Auto-dilution Ampoules
For colorimetric analysis of highly concentrated samples
Special auto-dilution feature eliminates the need for timeconsuming, error-prone preliminary dilution.
Entire test takes only 2 to 3 minutes, with accuracy
comparable to a time-consuming, tedious volumetric
Same design as CHEMets ampoules---but uses capillary
pipet on tip, calibrated to draw the correct volume of sample
for one of four dilution factors: 25X, 50X, 100X, 1000X.
Chemical Oxygen Demand
(COD) Reagent Vials
Replace Hach vials—very competitively priced
COD is the most frequently performed test in municipal and industrial
wastewater plants.
Customers can directly replace CHEMetrics COD vials for Hach vials,
without changing equipment or procedures.
USEPA approved, equivalent to Hach vials in chemistry, fully compatible
with Hach instrumentation.
Use built-in Hach methods without need for new calibration.
NEW COD Photometers
2 Photometers Available:
– A low-range photometer for
the 0-150 ppm range
– A high-range photometer
for ranges 0-1500 and 015,000 ppm
Easy to use—Buttonless
Capable of multiple
readings without reinserting
sample blank
Target Market Segments
and Industries
Water / Wastewater / Water Treatment: Monitor and control process
water, boiler water, cooling water; analyze and monitor wastewater and
effluents; monitor residual disinfectant products in drinking water.
Power Generation: Analyze low-level dissolved oxygen in boiling and cooling
water; monitor deposit-forming and corrosive elements in water; monitor
biocides and corrosion inhibitors.
Food and Beverage: Test for impurities in process and product water; verify
sterilization and test for residual disinfectants in aseptic packaging; monitor
efficacy of sterilization solutions.
Petroleum Refining: Wastewater/effluent monitoring and injection water
Chemical Process: Process monitoring applications; wastewater and effluent
water analysis in textile plants, steel mills, petrochemical plants, chemical plants,
electronics manufacturing.
Environmental Monitoring / Environmental Education: Surface water
monitoring for nutrient runoff and industrial effluent contamination; ground
water monitoring.
• Simplicity: The easiest-to-use water analysis products on the
market. No messy powder pillows, time consuming sample and
reagent preparation, tedious multi-step test procedures,
tiresome cleanup.
• Speed: Fastest test kits on the market!
• Accuracy: Quick and accurate, not quick and dirty!
• Cost-effectiveness: Save time, save money—lower cost per
completed test.
• Safety: Unique sealed ampoule protects users from contacting
hazardous chemicals—no mixing, no mess, no exposure to nasty
chemicals, no hassle!
• Stability: Vacuum-sealed reagent ampoules stay stable longer,
have extended shelf lives.
Product Literature Available
• 2003 Catalog
• Product Summary
• COD Flyer
• TPH Flyer
Please contact your CHEMetrics
Representative to receive copies.
2003 Product Catalog
Product Summary
COD Brochure
TPH Brochure