Florida Department of
Environmental Protection
State Pretreatment
Industrial Pretreatment Program
Sam Jinkins, Pretreatment Specialist
• Introduction - Ms. Randi Peddie
• Inspections - FOG and SSOs
• Rule Revision - Program document updates
• Annual Reports/DMR Requirements
• Program Assignments
• New Addition to FDEP’s industrial
pretreatment Staff - Ms. Randi Peddie
Inspections, FOG, and SSO’s
• SSO list will be reviewed
during all PCI’s and PPA’s
• Reported sanitary sewer
overflow list
• Department is updating the
inspection forms to specifically
require reporting for any fats,
oils, and grease related
issues….Stay tuned.
Chapter 62-625 Revisions
• Existing legal authority and other program
documents must be updated to
incorporate the May 10, 2010 rule
• Updates of program documents will be
required when:
• Program modification is requested
• Next inspection
• WWTF discharge permit renewal – AO may be
Chapter 62-625, F.A.C. Revisions
• Sewer Use Ordinance (SUO)
• Review the EPA Model SUO for optional and
required streamlining changes
• Each section of this model indicates if optional
or required
• These are noted before or after each section
Chapter 62-625, F.A.C. Revisions
• Other program documents (ERP, PIP, etc.)
• Ensure definitions are updated – e.g. most
ERPs include the SNC requirements
• Include the optional provisions – e.g. replace
SUO in the PIP, include enforcement responses
in ERP matrix
• Multijurisdictional Agreements (MJA) –
contributing jurisdictions must update SUO
Chapter 62-625, F.A.C. Revisions
• Common Problems
• Multiple Changes to SUO due to permit
renewal that includes a local limit reevaluation
• CA wish to reference local limits in the SUO and
remove the concentration based local limits
• references to optional provisions often taken
out of context and are removed
• Best Management Practice (BMP) example
Where should BMPs go in SUOs?
Required and Optional
2007 EPA Model
SUO Reference
Florida Administrative
Code Reference
Definition (required)
1.4 E
Local Limits (optional)
2.4 C.
Application Contents
4.5 A.(7)d.
Permit Contents (required)
5.2 A.(3)
Reporting (required)
6.4 A.
62-625.600(4)(a) and 62625.600 (7)(a)
Record Keeping (required)
Significant Noncompliance
9 H.
Annual Pretreatment Reports - DMR
• Pretreatment (Monitoring Code PRT-I,
PRT-E, and PRT-R) discharge monitoring
reports (DMR) must be included in the
Annual Industrial Pretreatment Report
• Submit the AR, including the DMR, to the
IPP program in Tallahassee
• Submit signed original to the Department IPP
in Tallahassee
• CC the District Office
Annual Pretreatment Reports - DMR
• Common Problems
• Exceedances - WQS, groundwater standards,
permit limits, etc. must reported in both the
No. Ex. column and Section 3 of the annual
• Conventional pollutants (BOD, cBOD, oil and
grease, nutrients) not reported
• DMRs – Not submitted, submitted to the
District office, or submitted separately from
the AR
Annual Pretreatment Reports - DMR
• Signatory requirements for AR
• “Reports submitted to the Department by the control
authority in accordance with subsection (8) above must
be signed by a principal executive officer, ranking
elected official, or other duly authorized employee. The
duly authorized employee must be an individual or
position having responsibility for the overall operation
of the WWF or the pretreatment program. This
authorization must be made in writing by the principal
executive officer or ranking elected official, and
submitted to the Department prior to or together with
the report being submitted.
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Samuel Jinkins
Environmental Specialist III
Domestic Wastewater Pretreatment Program