Bic River Basin Management Plan

Bic river basin management plan
and involvement of local authorities
in the implementation of the
program of measures
Dumitru Drumea, Executive Director, GWP Moldova
20-21 May, 2012, Sofia
Bic river basin
• Total population – 1,1 mln people, Chisinau –
800000 people
• Basin area – 2150 square km, town of Chisinau –
• River length – 157 km in the limits of the town –
12 km
• Flow – 2 m3/sec, after WWTP 3-4 m3/sec
• Main economic activity in the basin – agriculture
– 60% of the basin area
• Cost of the water – 0,6 euro/m3
State of ecosystems in the Bic river basin
according to the EU WFD
Environmental directives of EU as an
integrated part of Moldova – EU
Action Plan in regard to environment
• Management plans for river basins
• Protected areas
• Participation in the Common Agricultural Policy
(organic farming etc
• Water Initiative for Eastern Europe
• Participation in the Danube and Black sea
activities (attraction of experience form other
regions from Europe to Moldova
Local authorities
Promote the adoption on local level an integrated water
resources management plans (IWRM) – a long term process
to optimize the development, management and use of water
resources to advance social and economic development and achieve the MDGs.
Brings all major stakeholders in water together –
governments, academics, community groups, agriculture,
energy, NGOs, women’s groups and others – to share
information and knowledge to create holistic cross sectoral
approach leading towards more sustainable development,
management and use of water resources
Sponsoring Partners (sectors of economy, international and local agencies
Expert groups
Bic river basin council
Technical staff
Ad-hoc groups
Water authorities
Regional Water management units
Network of Partners
Network of national institutions dealing with water management
Local population (its capacity to pay water services, water users
Strategy for involvement of local authorities in
water planning
• Mission – to help local and sectoral authorities to achieve sustainable water
resources management in the basin
• The wider context: consultation meetings, water supply programs, IWRM
planning target, synergy with infrastructure.
• Acceptance that ‘EU integration in water management’ is a long term process and
partial steps are needed to apply and plan it.
• Training for different water users to understand the IWRM approach
• Women play an important role in the provision, management and safeguarding of
• The strategy lists five outputs:
1 - facilitate development of water management in local planning
2 - develop tools and programmes to implement provisions of planning
3 – assure link with different water stakeholders, frameworks and sectors
4 - establish and consolidate local partnerships and promote regional
5 - develop and effectively manage the network of local public and sectoral
Management Water Practices of local Councils
General aspects
Openness and inclusiveness
Regulations for the regional and municipal Council
Regional secretariat staff and employment conditions
Technical content and performance
The location and mode of operation of the regional
7. Financial management
8. Set up a streatgy, work plan and budget of the Council
9. Resolve legal matters in order to manage funds
10. Abide with national Conditions for Accreditation and
Areas of Change
A. Environmental management
A1. Policies
A2. Legislation
A3. Financing & incentive structures
B. Institutional responsibilities
B1. Creating an organization frameworks
B2. Institutional capacity strenghtening
C. Instruments for management
C1. Water resources assessment
C2. Plans for IWRM
C3. Demand management
C4. Social change
C5. Regulatory instruments
C6. Economic instruments
C7. Information management
Challenges in stakeholder and public
Area for innovation!
It is virtually impossible to
identify all possible and potential
stakeholders !
Avoid purely administrative processes !!!
• Information to all
• Consultation of many
• Active involvement of few
Need for change in mind and philosophy
• for the administration
• for stakeholders
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