Athlone Town Presentation - Westmeath County Council

Westmeath County Water Conservation
Stage 3 Watermains Rehabilitation
Athlone Town
February 2013
Main Rehabilitation Works - Athlone
• Why?
 Aging water distribution network
o Older Cast Iron mains, and
o Asbestos Cement mains end of their design life.
 Athlone Town in 2009 water shortages and overnight shut offs
necessary to maintain water reservoir levels in Reservoirs
Potentially Recoverable Real
Short Term Response
 Response deployment of water services resources.
 standpipes were set up at locations throughout the Town
• Long Term Response
 WCC plans to deal with the replacement and rehabilitation of
critical watermains
 Feb 2012 Coosan Road area watermain replaced.
Main Rehabilitation Works - Athlone
• What next?
 Replacement of over 25km of watermain
 Replacement of the most problematic sections of watermain
in terms of maintenance and water loss.
 Opportunity arises via funding secured under the European
Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Timeline is critical
 Investment in the future of the network
Main Rehabilitation Works - Athlone
• Planning
 WCC are conscious that works in the streets will present particular
 Awareness of the need to minimise impacts on traffic flows
 Ensure that business and residents are not adversely affected more than
is necessary by the works.
 Every effort made to avoid unplanned interruptions to water supplies
 Ensure impact on other services such as transportation and emergency
services are minimised.
 Site investigation works complete to allow detailed design of the
Works Locations in Athlone Town
Ballymahon Rd
Assumption Road
Gate St
Old Galway Road
Blyry Rd
Sean Costello St
Church Street
Garycastle Rd
Battery Heights
Connacht Street
Old Dublin Rd
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Affected Roads / Streets Schedule
Works Section Name
Old Galway Road/Roscommon
Road/ Baylough
Battery Heights
Connacht Street, Pearse Street
Assumption Road
North Gate Street/Abbey Road
Church Street
Sean Costelloe Street
Old Dublin Road
Ballymahon Road
Roads / Streets affected
Old Galway Road/Roscommon Road/ Accommodation Road,
Iona Park and St Josephs Villas,
Battery Heights, The Batteries, Battery Road, St. Anne's
St. Ruth's Park, St. Asicus Villas, Magazine Road, Connacht
Street, Pearse and Barrack Street, Main street, High Street,
Bastion Street, Parnell square, Patrick Street, Lyster Street
Arcadia/One Mile Road to Roundabout Ballymahon Road
Assumption Road, Coosan Point Road, Beechpark, Auburn
WTW site/ Wansboro Park, Marine View ,Coosan Road, Abbey
Road and North Gate Street, Lucas Lane, St. Francis Terrace,
Court Divinish ,Preachers Lane
Custume Place, Church Street , Dublin Gate Street, Sean
Costelloe Street, Griffith Street, Friars lane, Loyds Lane, Strand
Street, Wolfe tone Terrace
Sean Costelloe Street, Irishtown, Castlemaine Street, St. Mary’s
Place, Mardyke Street, Gleeson Street, Grace Park Road,
Ballymahon Road, Lower Road, Bower Road, Sarsfield Square.
Castlemaine street, Brideswell, Dublin Road, Killyon Hill
Ballymahon Road to Blyry Road Junction , Blyry road to
Main Rehabilitation Works - Athlone
• Works Programme
Anticipated construction work will commence in June 2013
Estimated 9 Month programme
planned completion mid February 2014
Account taken of overlaps with other works e.g. new road at Garrycastle
The Gathering and other events e.g. Tri – Athlone
 Contractor will be supervised on site by Employers Representative’s
Site Agent
 Liaison Officer to interface with public during construction stage
 Works will be communicated to general public via local papers, radio
and Westmeath County Council website
Traffic Management
• Contract Requirements/Tender Phase
 Traffic diversions - one way systems will be
 Specific Road closures for specified durations to
limit impact where possible
Mid tem or holiday period for schools,
Barrack Street / Pearse Street in August
Avoid Main routes around Christmas period for Traders
programming to avoid simultaneous works on critical
traffic routes and Motorway Junctions
Traffic Management
• Pre Construction
 Works Contractor provides a Traffic Management Plan to WCC
Area Office/Roads Department for approval prior to
commencing the works
• Construction Phase
 Alternative access arrangements will be facilitated where
required through development of the construction phase Traffic
Management Plan
 Disruption to be minimised by:
effective planning
avoidance of peak times in critical areas
appropriate phasing of multiple work crews
use of night work – not generally envisaged in residential areas
use of appropriate warning signage
Investment in the Network
Investment in Athlone
Westmeath County Water Conservation
Stage 3 Watermains Rehabilitation
Athlone Town