Chrysler Plants1

Chrysler’s Fenton Missouri
Assembly Plants
• St Louis South Assembly Plant has been recognized as a world leader in
efficiency by the 2006 Harbour Report. Among the highlights for the
Chrysler Group; the company's St. Louis South Assembly Plant, where
members of UAW Local 110 produced the Chrysler Town & Country and
Dodge Grand Caravan was recognized as North America's premier minivan
plant for two years in a row.
• St Louis South won the 2007 National Safety Council award. The council
considers the plant as “the best of the best” in safety and performance.
• In 2003, The Harbour Report recognized the St. Louis North Assembly
Plant, as the most-improved plant within the Chrysler Group. It increased
its efficiency by 28.6 percent during the launch of the Dodge Ram, a period
in which manufacturing efficiencies are often difficult to achieve.
St Louis Assembly Plants
• Segment winner (Minivan) for the 2006 JD Power IQS ( Initial Quality
Survey) Award.
Dodge Caravan Models ranked in top quartile of JD Power van segment.
In 2006 JD Power rated the Chrysler Town and Country 25 percent better
than the industries quality average.
In 2006 St. Louis South was a warranty cost leader for the corporation,
reducing warranty expense by 58 percent.
St Louis South paint shop was recognized as a Chrysler benchmark for
lowest warranty cost per unit for 2007 and 2008.
In 2003 the Dodge Ram Heavy Duty 2500 pickup was named Motor Trend
magazine's 2003 "Truck of the Year”. "This is one of the most coveted
awards in the auto industry," said Tom LaSorda, Chrysler Group Executive
Vice President-Manufacturing. "It represents the dedication and hard work
of our employees and their contribution to the overall success of our new
2003 Dodge Ram."
See Appendix A for additional awards and recognitions.
Manufacturing Capability
• The St Louis South plant is a production ready facility able to produce 4
different vehicles at one time. This capability was made possible by a
$500 million dollar bond issue for retooling in the summer of 2007.
The body shop was completely redesigned and 900 state of the art robots
were installed. St Louis South now has the most advanced production
capability in the Chrysler system. See Appendix B 1a, B1b and B1c
The St Louis South plant has been idled for only 5 months and retains full
productive capability. This facility can resume production in 60 days.
Another example of this plants flexibility was it’s ability to produce not
only units for the domestic market but also for the European market
including but not limited to right hand drive and the 2.8 turbo
diesel. This is why St Louis South was referred to as the minivan “Gateway
to the World.”
In addition the St Louis North plant received a major retooling when
Chrysler invested $350 million dollars to upgrade conveyors and robots in
the new body shop. The body shop has the capability to produce multiple
body configurations. St Louis North is the only plant Chrysler has in
the U.S. capable of building both long and short bed trucks.
St. Louis North is the only plant in the corporation currently building the
newly introduced “RAM BOX”. See Appendix B2
Infrastructure & Distribution
 The Fenton Chrysler facility has two plants; St. Louis South with 2.64
million square feet and St. Louis North with 2.29 million square feet
under roof totaling nearly 5 million square feet for production. The
assembly plants are on 273 acres, allowing plenty of room for future
 This complex allows for fast, efficient access to national and
International markets. With 10 major highways, Missouri has the 6th
largest interstate system in the nation. St Louis and Kansas City are the
2nd and 3rd largest truck terminals in the United States. The Chrysler
Assembly Plants in Fenton, Missouri has immediate access to four
class-one railway systems.
 The St Louis complex has cost effective shipping network by means of
its rivers and barges; connecting St Louis to key U.S. cities and
worldwide ports. The Fenton facility is within 500 miles of 43 percent
of the U.S population and 49 percent of all U.S manufacturing plants.
Our proximity allows for shipping to every market in the U.S. as well as
major markets in Canada, Mexico, South America and the Far East.
 The Chrysler complex in Fenton has led the way by capturing the waste
gases at a nearby landfill. These waste gases contain 50 percent
methane, a renewable energy source that otherwise would go to waste.
Methane is also a green house gas and the conversion of it to energy
reduces the use of fossil fuels and eliminates the emission of green
house gases into the atmosphere.
 The continued greening of this state of the art complex includes
converting paint sludge to energy. In the calendar year of 2008 this
complex converted 50 tons of paint sludge to energy; reducing the
need to burn 65 tons of coal.
 This paint sludge reclamation process results in less material(101,040
pounds) going into landfills. St Louis facilities were awarded the
Chrysler Environmental Leadership Award in 2007.
 See Appendix C.
 The work ethic and culture at the St Louis Assembly complex has led to
numerous awards for productivity , quality and safety.
The professionalism of the workforce at these assembly plants have
proven throughout the years that they are highly skilled and competent
auto assemblers.
These attributes, when combined with labor and management
cooperation enabled this plant to work through a new model launch to
regularly exceed world class (85%) first time capability.
Even after the plant idling announcement on June 30, 2008 and the
shift reduction at the truck plant the members of the UAW continued
to perform and exceed world class production standards.
Fenton has a strong production floor culture that is work force ready,
and is poised for building the next generation of world class
automotive vehicles.
See Appendix D and E
• St. Louis South is a production ready project and bringing back the Heavy Duty
Dodge Ram truck back to St. Louis North would immediately provide economic
stimulus that will put thousands of Americans back to work.
According to the Missouri Department of Economic Development for each auto
manufacturing job, 5.28 other jobs will be created. These facilities recently
employed 5,400 if we re-established production at the previous employment rates
according to the information provided 23,232 jobs would be created in Missouri.
According to the Level Field Institute for each assembly job nine new jobs will be
created nationwide.
This complex can serve as a model for green manufacturing. While providing
thousands of jobs for Americans and reducing our need for foreign fossil fuels.
The St. Louis region not only benefits from the taxes generated by the work of
Chrysler UAW members, but they are an important asset to the community. This
kind of human capital is hard to replace.
Their record of public service and volunteerism is demonstrated by their
continuous involvement in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, faith community, various sports
associations, charity work and the support of our troops and Veterans.
See appendix F for a complete list of community and volunteer activities.
Appendix A
 The 2009 Dodge Ram Truck has won 13 awards;
* MotorWeek – Best Pickup Truck
* Consumer Guide - Large Pickup – Best Buy for 2009
* – Work Truck of the Year
* ICOTY – 2009 International Truck of the Year
* Truckin’ magazine – Truck of the Year
* Texas Auto Writer's Association (TAWA) – 2009 Full-Size
Pickup Truck of Texas
* – Inside Line Editors Most Wanted 2009
* – 2009 MyRide/Autobytel Editors’ Choice
Awards - Truck of the Year
* Maxim – Achievement in Party-Enabling Technology
* Ward's AutoWorld – Ward's 10 Best Engines of 2009 (2009
Dodge Ram 5.7-liter HEMI® engine)
* Automobile Journalists Association of Canada – Best New
* Sobre Ruedas – Sobre Ruedas Best Pickup Truck for '08
The industry-exclusive[1] waterproof,
drainable, RamBox™ Cargo
Management System. Load the cargo
bed with sheet rock and RamBox™
remains accessible. Have a road party:
both sides fit up to 240 soda cans with
ice. Or valuable equipment. Or
whatever. No other truck even comes
close. RamBox™ fits:
120 cans of soda with ice
Power tools
Sports equipment
Shopping bags
Golf club bag
Helmets and gloves
Muddy boots and work clothes
The RamBox™ Cargo Management
System comes with built-in cargo rails,
sliding tie-down cleats and top rail
covers. There are hundreds of uses for
the multi-position bed divider that
doubles as a bed extender.
Appendix B2
Appendix E
Appendix F
List includes but not limited to
 Jefferson Barrack’s
 Toys-for-tots
Hospital Spinal Cord
 St. Louis Missouri
Veterans Home
 VFW National Home for
 Wounded Warrior
 Fisher House Project
 United Way
 Care packages for our
overseas troops
 Juvenile Diabetes
 Giving Tree
 Women's and Men
Homeless shelter
 Dr. Martin Luther King
scholarship awards
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