Municipality of Galati Romania - BSBEEP

BSB JOP Project
Black Sea Buildings Energy Efficiency Plan
Kick off Meeting
Samsun – Turkey
5-6 August 2013
Costel Hanta
Municipality of Galati
1. Galati City - General Information
the seventh biggest city in
Romania (231.204 inhabitants at
2011 census);
The country biggest iron and
steel plant (ArcelorMittal Galati);
the country's largest Danube
shipyard (Damen Shipyard);
harbour in Romania;
the first Software Park in
academic, research and cultural
Galati Municipality – Short presentation
The main responsibilities
 administration of the public and private city domain;
 administration of local road transport infrastructure;
 financing of local culture institutions;
 administration of the local public sanitary institutions;
 municipal territory planning and urbanism;
 water supply, sewerage and WWTP
 municipal waste management;
 social assistance services (social cases, disabled people);
 municipal public transport;
 building social housing;
 public order and safety;
 civil status services;
 preventing and managing the local urgency situation.
Number of employees 359
Annual budget (2013)
78.294.382 Euro
Regional Operator For
Water Supply And
Local Public
Municipal Heating Utility
Ecosal Public Service
Galati Municipality
Main Networking activities
International Black Sea Club - connected with :
Black Sea Economic Cooperation, Economic and Social
Council of the United Nations, International Union of Local
Authorities, European Council for Small Business.
The Council of Danube Cities and Regions offers
assistance to all potential partners in identifying
appropriate themes and modalities for cooperation in
implementing the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.
Twin cities:
Pessac – France, Ancona – Italy, Coventry – England,
Pireus – Greece, Wuhan - Republic of China, Hammond –
USA, Limon - Costa Rica, Odessa, Mickolaev, Sevastopol,
Yalta - Ukraine
Galati Municipality
EU Projects and International Cooperation
I. 22 projects financed by structural funds, with a total value of about 35
million euro, as follows:
16 projects within the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013,
(urban, social, educational and health infrastructure)
3 projects within the Transnational Cooperation Programme South East Europe:
RETINA - revitalization of traditional industrial areas
DAHAR - the development of the inland river ports
SILVER CITY - innovative urban strategies and action
plans to increase the role of seniors
Galati Municipality
EU Projects and International Cooperation
one project within URBACT II Programme FIN-URB-ACT - integrated
urban actions for fostering and financing innovative economies and
one project within the Joint Operational Programme Romania Ukraine - Moldova - providing medical and social services
 the BSBEEP project financed by the Black Sea Basin Joint
Operational Programme 2007 – 2013
II. other 8 projects under evaluation procedure, with a total value of
about 8 million euro
Galati Municipality
Strategies/Programmes/ Projects/ Initiatives about
energy efficiency
The Strategy for Local Development of Galati City 2014 – 2020
Pilot – ESCO City within EBRD – GEF project in Romania (energy
efficient rehabilitation of 36 public buildings – schools, kindergartens
and LED public lighting)
5 projects for energy efficient housing rehabilitation (11 residential
buildings with 585 apartments)
Brownfield Revitalisation Plan and Investment Programme within
RETINA project (4 scenario proposals - Photovoltaic Park, Biogas
capture system, Recovering recycled materials, Waste to energy)
Galati Municipality's expertise
Municipal Heating Utility Company
the heating network, with 119
thermal points and 2 heating
stations running on gas - heating
more than 80.000 apartments;
94% of the total amount of thermal
Galati Municipality's expertise
"Strategy for the development
of the centralized heat distribution in Galati"
The strategy fit with the requirements of the Heating 2006-2015
programme, warmth and comfort, approved by Government Decisions no.
462/2006 and no. 381/2008 – and the Local Council (no. 295/2008).
1 - The rehabilitation and modernization of the thermal points
2 - Rehabilitation and modernization of heating systems
52 thermal points and 14 thermal distribution points completely upgraded
and 16 thermal points are in progress of upgrading.
Galati Municipality's expertise
Local Public Transportation Service
Number of lines (trails, km tram runaway, km trolleybus lines)
Tram - seven tracks
Trolleybus - two paths
Tram track length: 55 km of which 48 km one way used
Trolley line length: 25.4 km one way
The number of electric vehicles in the company (trams and buses)
 66 tram cars, of which 63 motor coaches
 3 trailer wagons
 13 buses
Technical parameters of vehicles (installed capacity, consumption/km)
Trolleys 150 kW - 170 kW
Trams 4 x 43 kW, 2x 160 kW, 2 x 140 kW
Average consumption 1,8 kW/ km – 2,8 kW/ km
Galati Municipality's expertise
Local Public Transportation Service
Modernization strategy of the company in the electricity domain
Acquisition of 25 new trolley buses, evaluation of the electric traction
system, i.e. medium voltage and dc power cables, replacing worn
contact wire and equipment in the recovery stations
New recovery stations at EU standards
Modernization of tram lines
New electricity and thermal generation capacity
Cooperation with EU partners
Energy profile of Galati City
Energy profile of Galati City
Energy profile of Galati City
Measures and actions for energy efficiency of public
Modernization and effciency of the public lighting system:
replacing the 400w sodium light bulbs with 250w light bulbs on the
main streets and boulevards, and 150w bulbs with 70w bulbs in the
installing 72 Efiflux machines in the ignition posts that will reduce the
tension from 230v to 190v and, implicitly the energy consumption, in
certain time intervals (at night, after the hours with intense traffic);
modernization of the lighting network on a length of aproximately 179
km, by replacing old cables.
Energy profile of Galati City
Measures and actions for energy efficiency of
public lighting
II. Supervising the elimination of flaws underground (underground
electric lines) that generate high losses of electricity (broken
cables discharging underground)
III. Transitioning to lighting using energy saving light bulbs in the
public institutions coordinated by the Municipality of Galati
IV. Refurbishment of two parks equipped with a lighting system
based on solar energy (photovoltaic)
Thank you for your attention!
Contact person: HANTA COSTEL
e-mail: [email protected]
phone nr: +40 236 323136
Mobile Phone:
Skype address:depp.galati
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