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Local Agenda 21 in territorial
planning in energy and waste
Permits for power plants for
electricity production by renewable
energy sources
Torino 29th January 2013
Alberto Cucatto – Quality Air Service and Energy Resources of the Province of Turin
Energy plants permissions
It is not the production of electrical energy that must be authorized but the
construction and operation of the production plant, according to:
• Emissions to the atmosphere for thermoelectric plants (> 3 MW for
gaseous fuels> 1 MW for liquid and solid fuels)
Hydroelectric derivations
Waste treatment (in case of energy recovery from waste)
Permissions for the construction of structures
Permissions for specific constraints existing on the project site
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Energy plants permissions
Verification phase of VIA (L.R. 40/1998)
Power hydroelectric plants > 100 kW and derivation of flow> 260 l / s
• Thermal plants with total combustion power> 50 MW (Environmental
Integrated Authorization)
• Power wind and photovoltaic plants > 1 MW, excluding PV on
buildings and those on the ground in industrial areas (as classified by
Thermoelectric power plants> 300 MW
Unique process of national competence, including environmental impact
assessment (April 9, 2002 Law No. 55.)
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Authorizing procedures semplification
The Leg. Decree 387/2003 provides a unique license for plants
producing electricity from renewable sources.
• Issued by the competent Authority (delegated Regions or Provinces)
in accordance with local regulations concerning the protection of the
environment, the landscape and the historical and artistic heritage.
• Within 90 days from the filing of the petition.
• It is entitled to build and to operate the plant in accordance with the
approved design and, if it is necessary, the declaration of public,
unpostponability and urgency.
• It represents, whenever necessary, the variant planning instrument
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Guidelines approved by the L.D. September 10, 2010
• Standardize the process
• Ensure a proper integration of the plants, especially with regard to
wind plants.
Plants placement in the landscape and in the territory: general criteria
1. Good plant design, proven with adhesion of the designer to quality and
environmental management systems
2. Exploitation of the potential energy of the various renewable resources in the
area and their ability to replace fossil fuels
3. Design criteria in order to get the lowest possible consumption of land, making
the most of available energy resources
4. Rehabilitation of areas already degraded by past activities or currently in activity
(brown field), including industrial sites, quarries, landfills, etc. ...
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
5. Planning related to the area specificities, especially in agricultural areas the
integration in the context of agricultural traditions and local rural landscape.
6. Research and development of design solutions and innovative technologies
7. Involvement of citizens (preliminary information/training staff and future workers)
8. Effective exploitation of the recovery of thermal energy produced in the process of
cogeneration in biomass fueled plants.
Unsuitable areas
There is the possibility that the Regions indicate areas and sites unsuitable for the
installation of specific types of plants according to criteria established by the
guidelines themselves.
Guaranties: costs for divestment plant at the end of its life and recovery sites
Preliminary charges: Max 0.03% of the investment in favor of the previous administration
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Plants liable to unique authorization ex art. 12 L. D.
Table A added from L. 24 December 2007 n. 244 to D. Lgs. 387/2003
Solar photovoltaic
200 kW
250 kW
20 kW
60 kW
100 kW
For plants with a lower production it is provided the semplified certifying
procedure (PAS) ex art. 6 D. Lgs. 28/2011 (municipal competence)
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Unique Authorization Contents
In addition to what is accepted in the art. 12 of Legislative Decree no.
It includes all acts of authorization, rating, opinion, consent expressed
or tacit consent however provided by the single regulations and made
by the authorities occurred in Conference
It include any requirements to which the construction and the running
plants are subordinate
It provides a deadline for the start and conclusion of works, after which
it loses its effectiveness, unless extension is provided
Can be defined conference services any compensating measures for
municipalities of environmental and territorial nature and not only
financial ones.
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Photovoltaic plant of about 2.800 kW on a hazardous
waste landfill - BARRICALLA - Collegno
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Tot. 2.770 kW
Plant present conditions
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Photo simulation – definitive condition
Wood biomass cogeneration plant from
around 12 MW - Airasca
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Wood biomass cogeneration plant:
Biomass fueled steam generator of 49 MW from the heat source
 Combustion in kiln with moving grating
 Production of 50 t/h of steam at 60 bar and 460 ° C
Steam turbine of nominal electrical power 13.5 MW with tapping for cogeneration (6
Water-cooled condenser through 3 evaporative towers
Line treatment and ejection fumes
Storage systems and supply of biomass to the boiler
Demineralized water production system
System recovery and storage ashes
Plant connection to the grid
Exchangers for heat providing for industrial adjacent plant
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Pellet Lading
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Evaporating towers
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Biogas plant produced with agricultural
products and zootechnic refluents of 800 kW
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Plant layout
Anaerobic Digester
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Cogenaration powered container
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Digestate storage by separating solid –
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Cogenerator with vegetable oil in an
industrial site
• Section of electrical cogeneration in soundproof
– Thermal power input: 2,500 kW electrical power:
998 kW
– Thermal recovery system (800 kW approx):
• Steam generator by fumes recovery: 200 kW
• Heat exchanger for hot water by fumes: 280 kW
• Heat exchanger with cooling engine fluids (around
300 kW)
• Treatment fumes System:
– Oxidative catalyzer for CO and unburnt
– Urea injection SCR or ammonia for reducing NOx
– No. 2 chimneys (bypass and GVR)
Cogenerator with vegetable oil:
functioning model
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo
Il Programma ENPI CBC Bacino del Mediterraneo