Seveso III intro LUP.

Seveso Directive on the control
of major-accident hazards
involving dangerous substances
European Commission, DG Environment
Industrial Emissions, Air quality & Noise Unit
Seveso III 2012/18/EU
• First reading agreement on 27 March 2012
• Adopted
4th July 2012
• Published
24th July (OJ L 197/1)
• Entry into force
13th August 2012
• National transposition
• Implementation
31rd May 2015
1st June 2015
Seveso III
Main purpose – align scope to new international
chemicals classification (CLP Regulation
transposing GHS classification)
Information to the public
Public participation
Access to justice
Main philosophy Seveso II remains
Philosophy Seveso
Demonstrate safety
in the Safety Report
Information to the Public
Accident Reporting and Lessons Learnt
Seveso III
Prevent major accidents
Safety Management = operator
Land use Planning - Inspections = competent
Limit consequences on human health and
• Emergency planning – Information to public =
operator and civil protection services
Seveso III – Land Use Planning
• Article 13 Directive 2012/18/EU - clarifies Article
12 Directive 96/82/EC as amended by Directive
• What? MS to take into account Seveso principles
in their LUP by controlling
• Siting of new establishments
• Modifications to existing establishments
• New developments (transport routes, locations of public
use, residential areas)
Seveso III
Land Use Planning
• How? LUP should take account of
• appropriate safety (new!) distances between Seveso
establishments and residential areas, buildings and
areas of public use, recreational areas and, as far as
possible, major transport routes
• for areas of particular natural sensitivity or interest :
other relevant measures (new!) can be taken
• for existing establishments, additional technical
measures so as not to increase the risks
Seveso III
Land Use Planning
• Consultation of the public concerned
• NEW! Detailed procedural guarantees for
participation in specific individual LUP projects
(Article 15) – similar guarantees for participation
in general plans and programmes
• NEW! Access to justice (at least judicial review) if
inadequate consultation on individual
• projects
Seveso III
Land Use Planning
• NEW! Operators to provide sufficient information
(for LT, on request)
• NEW! Coordination possible with consultation
procedures under EIA and SEA Directives
(Environment Impact Assessment for specific
public/private projects and Strategic Environment
Assessment for plans and programmes)
Seveso III
Land Use Planning
• NEW! No more mandate to draw up guidelines
and database with risk scenarios
• Those guidelines have been established in the
framework of Directive 96/82/EC as amended by
Directive 2003/105/EC
• Work is on-going by TWG LUP and MAHB in view
of adopting a Handbook including also typical
accident scenarios, to be finalised by end of 2013
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