Abuja Centenary City
The financial hub of Africa
The centenary city is a new “smart city” to be built
from the scratch on more than 1,000 hectares of
virgin land in Abuja.
It’s going be the second but largest “Private city”
development in history, after songdo international
Business district in south Korea.
The land for the city shall be acquired in accordance
with the FCT land swap Agreement.
The city shall promote leisure, tourism, commerce
sports .
The Abuja Centenary City will be the financial hub of the capital of
An efficient business enclave will position Nigeria as a key player in the
global financial arena.
The new city will be sustainable because it balances economic, social,
cultural and environmental factors to produce harmonic development.
The Abuja Centenary City is part of the celebration of the Independence
Centenary of Nigeria.
The Centenary City is a project of the future. It will be a high profitable
entity for the government agencies, investors and users because of its
designation as a “duty free zone” and“ tax shelter "with special banking
The new city will be one of the most powerful catalyst that will
trigger opportunities for better social and economic
development in Nigeria.
The decision makers of Nigeria have provided excellent
conditions and land for development,
Now it is up for the investors and technicians to perform the
highest quality work to make this project a reality.
The endearing legacies of the celebration shall be the
development of a centenary city in Abuja.
The city is conceived to focus the attention of the investing
world towards Nigeria in a way that has never been done
The successes of such cities as Dubai,Monaco,Singapore have
shown that development of this class of cities spur social,
political and Economic tool to securing foreign investment.
To create a new city, a modern urban centrality
For the sustainable development of this magic land,
where natural beauty and architecture icons must merge
together to create an environment that is alive and
A Green City: A natural buffer that envelopes the entire
city and encircles the central neighbourhood that protect
and nurtures the public facilities.
The city will aim at reducing waste to zero.
Domestic waste will be used to create nutrientrich-soil, fertiliser and incinerated as an additional
power source. Other waste such as plastic and
metals, will be recycled.
A Central park: That will provide clarity and iconic
power to the city as a whole but most powerfully to
the city centre.
Super-block system that is modular and organic
yielding a resulting grid of arteries, streets and
pathways with an efficient traffic system where
pedestrians, bicycles, cars, trams and monorail
can co-exist in a friendly manner.
Independent Power source: with a gas-fired 500MW
power plant connected directly to a gas terminal,
constant power supply to the city can be taken for
A prominent cultural core with various symbols of
Nigeria unity and strength, parks, galleries etc.
Commercial: Exquisite office towers, Exotic Hotels,
Magnificent shopping malls, imposing
Expo/convention centre, cosy Theatres and
Residential: Elegant high rise apartment, Towers,
single family houses, semi Detached Houses, Rowhouses, Apartment blocks etc.
Primary and secondary schools, University campus,
Health Centres, Health farms and Theme park.
Institute of Sports, Sport Hospital, Business,
Presidential Archives, Presidential Retreat, A New
Ceremonial Arcade( Unity Square).
New Abuja Gate: A magnificent and well-inspiring
architectural masterpiece that will eloquently
introduce the centenary city and welcome visitors
to Abuja.
The main landmark will be the tallest building in
Africa(more than 465 meters high).The "tallest
building in Africa "will be a mixed use high-rise that
will contain a variety of spaces to accommodate
international banks and firm representation office
business hotels, high-end restaurants, gymnasium
sand spa, executive suites ,etc.This tower will have a
unique shape that resembles modern interpretations
of African art and is designed to meet the highest
environmental requirements. The tower will be
located near the centre of the site, close to the lake,
in the Central Park.
Abuja Centenary City is located on the Abuja-Airport
A new express railway will link the Airport, Abuja
Centenary City and Abuja.
The main natural features of the site are the rocks and
the river.
The river will become a lake. The rocks will be the
natural backdrop of the new city.
The basic strategy in the design is the concentration of
corporate and commercial buildings and dispersion of living
and service are as around the centre. A large number of
mixed-use mid-rises and high-rises in the central core of the
new city.
Concentration of complementing buildings ensures an
efficient infrastructure network and allows larger expanses of
green areas.
Metropolitan level facilities, such as the Health Centre,
Communication Hub and University Campus are located close
to the regional highways.
Parametrical lower densities give space for a “green belt "that
will act as a buffer zone for the New city.
The design of the new city will be consistent with a
modern business district with a clear urban structure and
well defined neighborhoods and areas. The city will
provide a secure and high quality environment due to a
careful and coherent sustainable design.
The space between the corporate and commercial centre
and residential areas will be land scalped and balanced
harmonically with nature, particularly around the lake. As
the central backbone will run from the south rock to the
northrock,a dramatic contrast of the buildings and the
central park against the natural back drop of rock out
cropping will give the place a unique and natural feel.
The highest density and the highest buildings
are located along the Central Park. Therefore,
the investment value and the cost of land will
be higher in that area. Gradually, as you fan
out, the density will be reduced and will give
way to ecological reserve areas and a green
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