Assignment 2 Service Encounter Report

Service Encounter Report
Due: Session 11
2500 words (+/- 10%)
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Service encounter diary
Service encounter 4 critical incident (CI) encounters – 200
‘Moments of truth’ - critical to your experience
Refer to next slide. During your encounter there are points in
the experience that are memorable – satisfying or dissatisfying
- for example ‘ your party had to wait 1 hour for your meal in a
restaurant even after bringing it to the waiters attention’. It is a
poor experience like this that you could write up as one of the
four diary entries.
Based on your experience with one service provider (firm)
Evaluation of each CI (1 v dissatisfied – 5 v satisfied)
Overall satisfaction with the firm
Overall satisfaction with service provider
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Service encounter
Moment of
truth satisfaction
of truth
Moment of
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Overall Structure
Letter of transmittal
Title page
Table of Contents
Executive summary
Introduction (100 words)
Nature of the service, service firm & encounter environment (300 words)
Service expectations (200 words)
Service CI one (100 words)
Critically analyse and evaluate (600 words)
Service CI two (100 words)
Critically analyse and evaluate (600 words)
Conclusions (100 words)
Recommendation (include overall recommendation rating) (250 words)
Appendices – includes diary (4 CIs + ratings )
# number of words after each section -guidelines
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Services marketing
Control theory – cognitive & behavioural
Attribution theory – causal, control, stability
Service quality gaps model (specific gap)
Equity theory (fairness) ratio of inputs to outputs
Zone of difference (zone of tolerance)
Role and script theory
Perceived risk
Relationship benefits – confidence, social, special
Queuing theory
Waiting time - psychological considerations
Conflict – types and impact on encounter
Can you add others?
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Form groups
Evaluate CI encounter description
Was it a moment of truth?
Was it a descriptive account reflecting the
mood and emotion of the person?
Did the account include services marketing
concepts (use of terminology)?
How could the account be improved? - written
more concisely, more descriptive and include
services marketing terms.
How suitable were the selected services
marketing theories/concepts for analysis and
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