Jewish Social Welfare Commission Warsaw, Poland

Furthering a tradition of Service…
… in the Jewish Community of Poland
The Jewish Social Welfare
Mission & Partnership
The mission of our organization is to provide social- welfare
aid to all needy members of the Jewish Community in Poland.
Our partner organizations include :
The Jewish Religious Community of Poland, the Jewish Social/Cultural Association
of Poland (TSKZ),
The American Jewish Joint Distribution Commitee and
The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
The Jewish Youth Organization (ZOM),
The Association of Holocaust Children,
The Jewish Historical Institute (ZIH),
The Jewish Combatants Organization,
and others
“… and the work of tzedakah shall bring peace.”
- Isaiah 32:17
Jewish Social Welfare Commission
The Jewish Social Welfare Commission was established in 1999 for
the purpose of developing effective and professional means of
providing social assistance to members of the Jewish community in
Poland. In accordance with the Jewish tradition, the Jewish Social
Welfare Commission insists that giving is an essential part of human
dignity and thereby strives to enhance the quality of life for all
welfare clients. Members of the Commission include representatives
from a variety of Jewish organizations operating in Poland: The
Union of Jewish Religious Communities, the Jewish Social/Cultural
Association, the Children of the Holocaust Association, the Jewish
War Veterans’ Association, and the American Jewish Joint
Distribution Committee (JDC).
“Justice, justice you shall pursue.”
Deuteronomy 16:20
The “Why’s” of Welfare
Poor health conditions and physical/mental
Social Isolation and Loneliness of the elderly
The need for professional training and
“You shall strengthen him, be he a stranger or a settler.
He shall live with you.”
- Leviticus 23:35
Who are Our Clients?
Holocaust survivors
Families of the post-Holocaust generation
Widows of Jewish spouses
Families with children
“Love the stranger, for you were strangers in the Land of Egypt.”
Deuteronomy, 10:17-21
What are Our Services?
Financial Assistance for Holocaust Survivors
Medical & Rehabilitative Assistance
Home Care
Senior Clubs
Volunteer International Program (VIP)
Prevention Programs
Medical/Rehabilitative Assistance
Ongoing distribution of medication and
rehabilitative equipment to welfare clients
Individual and group rehabilitative sessions
Home Care
Meal preparation and delivery
Client transportation for doctor’s appointments
Personal hygiene provisions
Home repairs & modernizations
Winter relief
Meals-on-wheels food program
“A test of a people is how it behaves toward the old... the affection and care for
the old, the incurable, the helpless are the true gold mines of a culture.”
Senior Clubs
- Abraham Joshua Heschel
Four clubs located in Katowice, Lodz, Warsaw
and Gdansk
Seniors (mainly Holocaust survivors) participate
in various activities including group discussions,
lectures, rehabilitation, gymnastics, film
screenings, table games, music, Jewish holiday
Bridging Generations…
„He does justicefor the oppressed,Gives bread to the
hungry…supports the orphan and the widow.
The Lord will reginforever;you God, O Zion throughout all
generations. Psalm 146
Social services for Nazi Victims is supported by a grants from the
Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Social services for and programs are supported by the American
Jewish Joint Distribution Commitee and the Jewish Religious
Communities of Poland and private sponsors