Interim Presentation
EEG Signal Acquisition and Analysis for Mental
Workload Monitoring
• Brief Overview of project goals
• Achievements to date w/r project goals
• Tasks remaining
• Schedule
• Technical Issues current or foreseen
Aim 1
• The first aim of this project is to acquire
a suitable EEG signal using the
conventional method and compare with
dry electrodes.
• Psychology department laboratory
• EasyCap equipment
Tasks Completed
• Verified that the EasyCap Impedance
Meter ordered was suitable for use in
the project
• Examined the code written for the EEG
software in the Psychology department
and verified that it was suitable for use
in the project
• Preformed Conventional testing
• Compared conventional and microneedle electrodes in laboratory testing
Wet Electrodes Imp vs Time
Wet vs Dry
Aim 2
• develop an application that uses EEGs
to monitor the mental workload of an
individual in real time
• Emotiv EPOC
Tasks Completed
• Began preliminary work with Emotiv
• Preformed research into methods used
for monitoring mental workloads
• Have begun looking into a sample
application to analyse EEG samples
using Emotiv EPOC
• Software that records Emotiv info in real
Other Progress
• Webpage
Remaining Tasks
• Further development of sample
application into mental workload
• Subject Trials
• 8 Weeks until Bench Demo
• 10 Weeks until Thesis due