The Nurse Practitioner Candidate Professional Development Program

A Joint Partnership of Southern Synergy
Experience of “solo” candidates
Smaller pool of staff in rural/regional areas
Fewer opportunities to advance career
Interest from potential NPCs
Funding requirement to provide a professional
development and support program
Partnerships within the training cluster (Synergy)
To improve career opportunities for skilled
nursing staff
To develop and support a critical mass of NPCs
To identify nurses with suitable competencies
and attributes, within the cluster organisations,
to become NPCs and undertake a PD program
To further develop the NP role, within the cluster
organisations, to enable the long term
sustainability of advanced roles within services
Discussion within the cluster
Development of a submission for further
Support from 4 cluster services
Task Group established to identify resources
and develop the program
Content identified
Educational content
◦ advanced assessment, physical health, medico-legal,
Case studies
Peer supervision and support
An adjunct to university study
Internal study day program only (no advanced
Access to mentors and opportunity to engage in
consultations etc.
◦ difficult to get mentors and clinical supervision in rural
First day of the program
NPCs and those working towards an NPC position
Employer supported
◦ participants must have Manager and SPN approval
◦ a way for employers to support candidates in their NP
Range of backgrounds
◦ ED, CL, Child and Youth, Dual Diagnosis, Community,
Inpatient Adult, Aged
Must be motivated, prepared, actively participate
NPC Resource Folder
 program outline
 prof. development
 leadership plan
 learning plan
 professional portfolio
 log book
 CPGs
 useful reports
 ANMC Competencies
 AMH 2010
 TG Psychotropic
Version 6
 Clinical Primer in
Psychiatry (Castle &
Bassett 2010)
Web resources
 “H Prime”
on-line web link,
resource sharing
and discussion
Pre and post evaluation
◦ Participant
◦ Service level
Opportunity to harness motivated and skilled
An adjunct to Masters, the NP Collaborative
A way for services to support their candidates
Support rural services
A requirement for the funding of candidates
in this round
Develop a critical mass
More endorsed MHNPs