Children and youth culture programmes & events

A municipality in the north of Sweden
• One of Sweden’s fastest growing cities.
• University City since 1965.
• 110 000 people live in Umeå.
• Average age the population is 37.
• Approx 24 000 children in the age 0 to 18.
Culture Centre for Children and Youth
An activity owned and organised by Umeå municipal Cultural Administration.
Culture Centre for Children and Youth
The theatre warehouse /
Drama teachers /
Culture programmes & events
Municipal Cultural Administration
Main target groups;
Children and youth
Personnel within The Municipality
Pre- and Compulsory School
“The theatre warehouse”
Theatre groups for children and youth
A voluntary spare time activity
Both in city centre and suburbs
For children and youth 10 – 18
years old.
An annual theatre festival
Children and youth culture
programmes & events
for schools and the general public
• Distribution of theatre, dance, music
and circus.
• Production of plays and workshops
with focus on participation and
” Creative Saturday”
Open house for the public every
Saturday 12-15. No entrance-fee.
• Try costumes in the theatre
• Role playing in the fairytale/play room
• A children cultural programme
• Creative activities in the studio
• Storytelling in the fairytale tent
• Dance and party games
• Café (Children friendly prices ).
Support to young stage
Drama groups
For children and youth with
physical and mental disorders
Prevention work using
drama in vulnerable
suburban areas
• Girl- and boy groups
• School Classes
• Immigrant integration and multi
culture projects
Cutting edge projects
• TIE – Theatre in Education
• DICE – Drama Improves
Competences in Education
Consulting and lending
For Schools, associations and
young culture groups
Consulting and guidance
Lending from the wardrobe
Lending of props
Reference library
Manuscripts etc
Further training for
For personnel within the Pre- and
Compulsory School
and Upper Secondary School
• Further training and courses in creative
activities, mainly in drama subjects
• Supervision and guidance
• Competence development
Internal further training
For our drama teachers and
other personnel
• Further training and courses
in creative activities
• Supervision and guidance
• Competence development
• Study visits
Competences among the personnel
10 full time employees, another 10 working part time
and some extra whenever needed
Acrobats, Actors, Administration personnel, Clowns, Directors, Drama teachers,
Educationalists, Librarian, Musicians, Producers, Project leaders, Recreation
instructors, Social worker, Visual arts artists etc
Gjallarhornet in central Umeå (a temporary
solution, approx. 1000m2, in two floors)
One Black
A Storytelling
One studio
The pillar
A meeting
Store rooms
The UN convention on the Rights of the Child is the compass
To work towards what is best for
each child.
The right to express opinions and
to have them taken into account
The right to freedom of expression
and to receive and disseminate
The right to participate in leisure,
cultural and artistic activities
The right to play and to do things
like sport, art, music and drama in
their free time
Those who have any kind of
disability should have special care
and support