Graduate Student Payment Process - University of Calgary

Graduate Student Stipend Payment Process
Faculty of Medicine
Awards & Project Appointments Office
Stephanie Acosta-King
[email protected]
•The Graduate Student Payment form is completed by the department electronically and
saved in the original EXCEL format.
•It is then emailed to Samira Nanji in Research Accounting ([email protected]) and the
Awards & Project Appointments Office ([email protected]) for verification of project
funds availability, end date, account permissibility, and student’s current enrollment status.
•Once the form has been verified, a notification is emailed to the Awards & Project
Appointment Office and project holder by Samira.
•The Awards & Project Appointment Administrator, Stephanie Acosta-King, then
"initiates" the payment in Peoplesoft.
•Once the payment has been "initiated“ it becomes available for online approval by the
Project Holder. (A Job Aid for project holders approving scholarship/stipend payments
online is available on the Awards & Project Appointments Website if help is needed to
navigate the online approval process).
•Once the payment entry has been 'approved' by the Project Holder, the stipend is
processed by HR Payroll.
A Master’s or PhD Student in the Faculty of Medicine receives a stipend of guaranteed funding for
completing work that is directly related to their education and training. Please refer to the Program
Website or contact the Graduate Program Administrator for your department to obtain information related
to minimum funding requirements.
This payment can be made as a stipend (monies paid from a supervisor’s grant) or paid directly from a
scholarship (or award) won by the individual student or both.
The stipend payment is considered T4A income and is not eligible for statutory deductions. Income
covered by T4A include research grants, scholarships/stipends, bursaries and fellowships.
Please ensure that the account code provided on the payment form being submitted is permissible under
the project by checking eFIN prior to submission.
Very rarely, a Granting Agency may stipulates that only Employment/Salary (T4) Income may be paid
from the project. In this instance and only if a request to pay a scholarship/stipend (T4A) has been denied
by the granting agency, the student may be paid an employment salary. Statutory deductions will apply;
including the employer paid portion. This additional cost is required to be calculated as part of the project
funds availability. (Statutory Deductions include: Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, Worker’s
Compensation Benefit and Income Tax).
Master’s Student Stipend/Scholarship Form
Doctorate Student Stipend/Scholarship Form
Stipend Payment Forms are to be used to
process the guaranteed funding provided to
graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine
from a supervisor’s project.
All forms are housed on The Awards &
Project Appointments Office website.
Please use forms directly from the website as
they are updated frequently.
Graduate Fee Payment Form
To be used when
funds are
available and
desired to pay
fees directly to
the Fees Office
from either a
project or from
funds being held
in trust for a
graduate student
under the
One Time Award Payment Form
To be used for
graduate students
who are
receiving a onetime award
payment from a
project. Please
Note: external
awards are NOT
processed using
this form.
Employment Salary Payment Form
This payment is
Income and is
NOT to be used to
pay a graduate
student for work
that is applicable
to the obtaining of
their degree.
Graduate Student Payments (Graduate Science Education)
• Awards & Project Appointment Office
• Stephanie Acosta-King
• 210-6687
• [email protected]
Postdoctoral Fellowship Payments
• Postdoc Coordinator
• Marilyn Mooibroek
• 210-9827
• [email protected]
Post Graduate Medical Education
• Karen Fedato
• 220-5076
• [email protected]
Undergraduate Student Payments (Undergraduate Science)
• Program Coordinator
• Jennifer Logan
• 220-3751
• [email protected]