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Integrated Online
Research Compliance System
Current Situation
Research involving the use of
Hazardous materials & equipment
Human subjects / Human biological materials
Seek clearance from compliance offices
Objectives of the System
Harmonise the compliance process
One-stop platform for researcher
Enhance communication between compliance offices
Key Features of System
Real time dashboard view
Routing of application for review
Email notification for action required
IACUC application
For new application and subsequent amendments
(Forms will not be available on IACUC website)
Not for amendment of existing protocols
(Amendment forms remain on IACUC website)
IACUC application – Major changes
• Procedure B - combined Procedure B, Procedure D
and part of OSHE RA forms.
(No Procedure D form)
• ‘Actual’ amendment of an approved protocol.
(No amendment forms. A checklist for amendment)
• Change in format of forms.
(Questions asked in form generally remain the same)
Why change to iORC??
 Legal & safety compliance
 Reduce administrative burden
 All submissions on a single portal- new forms
amendments, regulatory applications can be
 Communication source
Shared form- OSHE & IACUC form
Comments by reviewer/PI/HOD
Are there any grounds for a confidentiality breach?
All submissions will be confidential and not accessible by unauthorized
OSHE - Current OPRAS - Limitations
1. Does not allow Co-PI to be listed and have access
to the risk assessment submissions
2. PIs are not allowed to make changes once
3. Communication is via email hence need to
document all communications separately
4. PI need to provide same information to OSHE &
IACUC on animal work
Current OPRAS - Limitations
5. Does not capture training records
6. Grant release forms & Diving research
form was not included
7. Amendment is not possible using the
system- hard copy manual submission
8. IACUC form is not included
Benefits of iORC
RA (OSHE) submission and IACUC applications on the
same portal
Shared animal procedure form “Procedure B”–
Allow other project members to draft a risk
assessment (or IACUC protocol) on PI’s behalf
HOD would be able to approve online
Forms ensure all required fields are properly filled
up upon submission, thus reducing processing time
Benefits of iORC
• Allow PI to submit the following forms online
Grant release form- Certified PIs
Field research form- (both certified & non-certified PIs
Diving research form Amendment form
• Online approval letter sent to respective email
• hard copy approvals not necessary
Benefits of iORC
• Attachments feature – Allows SOPs, inventory
lists, Regulatory applications, SDS to be
submitted with the RA.
• PIs able to edit the content after submission &
track the process of each submission and clarify
with the processing officer directly
• “Edit Function” – Templates of original risk
assessment can be edited for amendment
OSHE Forms
Project Details Form (This is a MANDATORY form.)
Lab Certification form if you are under Lab Certification Scheme (currently hard copy
Field Research Assessment (currently hard copy submission)
Diving form if you are conducting Diving Research (currently manual hard copy
Laboratory based project risk assessment form
Animals Procedure B (Shared form for OSHE & IACUC)
Other Hazards
Risk Summary (This is a MANDATORY form.)
Amendment (currently manual copy submission)
OSHE Review Process
for OSHE forms under iORC
How to get started….
• Select new application to get to following page
• OSHE forms can be found under safety and health clearance
What purpose can iORC be used for?
• Applying for release of new grants for research PIs
–certified under the lab certification
–Not certified under lab certification
• Approval for new animal protocols
• Approval for new field research work projects
• Approval for new diving research work
• To make an amendment for an approved application
submitted through iORC
What are the things iORC cannot
be used for?
• To make amendments for earlier applications submitted
– through OPRAS
– by hard copy submissions
• To make amendments to earlier approved field research
Teaching and student protocols need not be submitted
through iORC for OSHE review
Are there any mandatory OSHE forms?
• Project details and risk summary are
mandatory forms
• MUST BE FILLED for all types of
Which forms should be filled for grant release if
the PI is lab certified and there is no animal work?
Which OSHE form should be filled If
the PI is doing field research work?
Even if the PI is certified under lab
certification select this form
When should animal procedure B
form be submitted?
• For IACUC – when animals are subjected to nonsurgical procedure, including the use of hazardous
• For OSHE – when hazardous material (biological,
chemical, radiological etc) are used on animals
• Therefore this form is common for both IACUC and
OSHE submissions when hazardous material is used
• Will be reviewed by both offices
If procedure B is common need it be
selected twice?
• No
• If procedure B is selected under animal work
forms it will automatically selected under
OSHE forms and vice-versa
If PI is certified, which other forms should be
selected if procedure B is involved?
Select the relevant
main form under
Animal Use forms
Select the Lab
Certification Form
and the other two
mandatory forms
If PI is not certified, which other forms should be
selected if procedure B is involved?
Select the relevant
main form under
Animal Use forms
Select other
relevant sections
under Step 3 and
the other two
mandatory forms
Where should the procedure B
be filled and is it necessary to fill
it twice?
• Procedure B should be selected under animal
• It is not necessary to fill it twice
Is it possible to submit only IACUC forms for
research work without any OSHE forms when
procedure B is selected?
Is it possible to submit OSHE forms without
IACUC forms when animal procedure B is
What if a certified PI complete only OSHE forms
and forget to select animal work forms?
When filling the lab certification form there will
be a prompt to ask whether animal work is
How can certified PI inform OSHE of use of
regulated biological agents and GM work
Is it possible to attach documents
when using iORC?
• Yes, it is possible to attach documents in places
where the option is provided by the system
• E.g. when submitting GMAC form
Do we need HOD to endorse the form?
Once PI submit the online form, HOD will be
notified and need to support the application
before processing.
Do PIs receive the hard copy approval once the risk
assessment is approved by OSHE?
• No, They will receive the approval in PDF version
in email, it will also be automatically saved in
the system for future reference.
Thank You!
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