REGARDS SUR LA MATIERE. Des quanta et des choses

IX ItPA Annual Congress
Naples, June 24th-27th, 2014
Aula Magna, Congress Center of Federico II University
The scientific program will include the following
international keynote speakers:
Bruno Domon, Luxembourg Clinical
Proteomics Center, Centre de Recherche
Public de la Santé (CRP-Santé), Luxemburg
Liam A. McDonnell, Leiden University Medical
Centre, The Nederlands, Chair EU COST action
"Mass Spectrometry Imaging: New Tools for
Healthcare Research"
Albert Sickmann, LeibnizInstitut für Analytische Wissenschaften - ISAS e.V, Dortmund, Germany, President German
Proteomics Society
Veronique Monnet, Peptides et
Communication Bactérienne, Institut Micalis
(UMR1319/INRA-AgroParisTech), I.N.R.A.,
Bernhard Kuster, Chair of Proteomics and
Bioanalytics, Technische Universitaet
Muenchen, Germany
Antonio Simeone, Institute of Genetics and
Biophysics “Adriano Buzzati-Traverso”, CNR,
Naples, Italy
Confirmed National distinguished speakers:
Irene Messana, University of Cagliari
Cecilia Gelfi, University of Milan
Pasquale Ferranti, Univeristy of Naples
Michele Ceccarelli, University of Sannio
Via Parternope, 36 Napoli
Themed luncheon Seminars:
AbSciex, 24th June 2014 : Human
Proteome Project
Thermo, 25th June 2014 : New
Agilent, 26th June 2014 : Solutions
for Systems Biology
Organizing Committee:
Prof. Piero Pucci
Prof. Margherita Ruoppolo
Prof. Leila Birolo
Dr. Angela Amoresano
Dr. Andrea Carpentieri
Dr. Maria Monti
Early bird and Abstract
Submission, May 24th 2014
Information, registration and
abstract submission:
HPP-Mitochondria Workshop
24th June 2014
Distinguished speaker: Dr. Tove Alm
Antibodypedia, Science for Life
Laboratory, Stockholm ,Sweden
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Gold Supporters: