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SBRI / Collaborative R&D
Gareth Browning
SBRI in Wales
What is the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI)?
The Welsh SBRI Innovation Catalyst Programme
Examples of current SBRI Competitions
Support & Funding
Range of Tools with different objectives / characteristics
Innovation and
Knowledge Centres
SBRI is a programme that brings innovative solutions to
specific public sector needs, by engaging a broad range
of companies in competitions for ideas that result in shortterm development contracts
SBRI Process
Open competition based on Public Sector Challenges
Problem Owner defines the problem space for which solutions are either
absent or inadequate
Applications assessed by the Project Lead and most promising ones
awarded development contracts.
Project risk is managed through a Phased process
SBRI Features
Procurement Process
Operate under procurement rules rather than state aid rules
Development Contracts
100% funded R&D
Deliverable based rather than hours worked or costs incurred
IP rests with Company
Certain usage rights with Public Sector – companies encouraged to exploit
SBRI in Wales
SBRI in Wales
2012 - Geovation – Wales Coast Path Challenge
May 2013 – Launch of the Welsh SBRI Innovation Catalyst Programme
Programme to stimulate public sector use of SBRI
TSB contribute to funding
Address priority challenges for WG and other Welsh public bodies
4 SBRI competitions 2013/14
£2.5m contract commitments
How can we improve the health and well being of our
population through the better use of population health
6 projects
£50k each
2 projects
£250k each
Currently 6 suppliers working on the ABMU SBRI Challenge
Projects to….
create a ‘clinical object library’ that describes patient’s interaction with health services
allowing unprecedented ease of access to understanding highly complex clinical
pathways, interventions and outcomes.
develop clarity health, mapping technology that will enable the user to drill down to
various levels of detail within the maps. Processing SAIL data will provide each patient
with several risk profiles.
apply predictive analytics to benefit the population of ABMU by producing interactive
visualisations to make better use of the population linked data for planning and
evaluation to improve health.
create an innovative technology platform that combines the data contained within the
SAIL databank with other datasets to enable self-service of sophisticated analysis
through the use of Search Business Analytics.
develop flexible web-based tools allowing rapid exploration of the data held in the SAIL
databank allowing users to select, examine and compare cohorts of patients within the
provide an environment in which analysis of SAIL data can be undertaken; this
comprises: a data warehouse, a web portal, and an analytics platform.
‘To enable nurses to spend 10% more time with patients
in direct value added care’
>5 projects
>£40k each
>2 projects
>£400k each
BCUHB SBRI Challenge
Currently 5 suppliers working on the BCUHB SBRI Challenge
Projects to….
blend intelligent, safe software with smart hardware and environmental sensors to deliver a patient
focused ward system.
develop a scalable, full spectrum solution from electronic data entry, through smart processing and
automated outputs, which can integrate with Clinical Systems at any level, in order to increase time
spent by nurses on patient care.
(iii) investigate the use of cybernetic interfaces that take the pain out of dealing with complex information
systems and let the machines do the heavy bureaucracy behind the scenes so the human teams can
focus on delivering health care.
(iv) developing an innovative digital solution to centralise data and make it securely available at Nurses'
fingertips, while also tracking equipment and bed allocation to improve ward efficiency and audit
develop a secure clinical data exchange platform to support Nurses at the bedside work more efficiently
with smart integrated technology.
Upcoming Competitions (Wales)
Expect to launch 2-3 new SBRI Competitions
Details tbc end Oct’14
Launching in late 2014/early 2015
Feasibility Studies and Demo Projects Apr’15 - Mar’17
SBRI Competitions (UK)
NHS England +
Eastern Academic Health Science Network
Multiple SBRI competitions
Total of £2.5m funding available in Phase 1
Child and maternal health
Integrated care
Medicines adherence
Telehealth/ Telecare (learning disabilities)
Phase 1: max 6 mths + £100k per project
Deadline: 10th July 2014
Collaborative Research & Innovation Support Programme
Knowledge Events & Workshops
Proposal Preparation
Early Stage Project Scoping
Collaborative Research Innovation Support Programme
50% or £5,000 (whichever is the lesser)
Exceptionally 100%
Projects which:
- collaborative R&D
- demonstrable potential Impact
- leverage R&D Investment into Wales
- stimulate Innovation
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