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Natural Sciences & Engineering
Research Council (NSERC)
Alexander Graham Bell PGSM/PGSD
Scholarship Applications
2012-13 Competition
1st class
→ Master's
→ Doctorate
→ Doctorate
NO registration
in Master's
→ Doctorate
→ Doctorate
NO registration
in Master's
0-12 months
in Master's
0-12 months in
0-24 months in
4-36 months in
Required in each of the last two years of full-time study (or equivalent)
– Exceptions to be justified by university.
*As of December 31st of the year of application in program for which support is requested
• CGS are tenable in Canadian universities ONLY
• PGS may be held at foreign universities ONLY IF student has obtained at least one
Canadian degree in NSE
NSERC Scholarship Amounts
• PGSM = $17,300. for one year
• CGSM = $17,500. for one year
• PGSD = $21,000. per year for 24 or 36 months
• CGSD = $35,000. per year for 24 or 36 months
• Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident
• Proposed research must be in NSERC
supported fields
• Criteria for clinically-oriented programs
(eg. Clinical Psychology): research project
must be deemed eligible to be funded by
NSERC and proposed supervisor must
hold active NSERC Discovery Grant
Application Process
1. Go to: http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/PGCS/BellandPostgrad-BelletSuperieures_eng.asp and carefully read all of the
information to ensure your eligibility to apply.
2. Go to: http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/OnlineServicesServicesEnLigne/Index_eng.asp
If you have never applied to NSERC before you will need to click on
Register to obtain a login and password.
3. Go to: http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/OnlineServicesServicesEnLigne/instructions/201/e.asp
and carefully read and/or print off the Form 201 application instructions.
Watch the Resource Videos: http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/StudentsEtudiants/Videos-Videos/Index_eng.asp
4. Go back to: http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/OnlineServicesServicesEnLigne/Index_eng.asp and now you are finally ready to log in and
begin to complete your on-line application!
Supporting Documentation
• Transcripts:
• Original transcripts of all post-secondary
education must be submitted to your department
• No charge for U of G transcripts if sent directly to
your department
• Request by fax or in person at Enrolment
Services (UC level 3)
• Name & Email Address of person who will scan
& upload your transcripts can be found at:
Supporting Documentation
• Reports on the Applicant:
• Provide the name and email addresses of the 2
individuals selected to complete the Reports
• Referees will be provided with a link that will
allow them to view the application and complete
the Report
• Applicant will be able to see if the Reports have
been attached but will not be able to view
Application Due Date
Friday September 16th
• On-line application must be completed and
• Reports on Applicants must be submitted
• Original transcripts must be submitted to
your department’s Awards Contact
Research Proposal
• If your research is health-related it is absolutely
essential that you consult the Eligibility Criteria for
Students and Fellows section of the Program guide and
if any doubt send a one page research summary to
NSERC requesting confirmation that your research falls
under their mandate
• Send your research proposal to:
• schol@nserc-crsng.gc.ca
• Applications are not transferred from one council to the
• Just because your advisor has an NSERC grant it does
not automatically follow that your research will fall under
NSERC’s mandate
Vanier Canada Graduate
• aims to attract and retain world-class doctoral
students by supporting students who demonstrate
both leadership skills and a high standard of
scholarly achievement in graduate studies in social
sciences and humanities, natural sciences and
engineering, and health by offering doctoral
scholarships valued at $50,000 per year for 3 years.
Canadian and international students are eligible to
be nominated for a Vanier CGS
• Very prestigious and competitive
• No Vanier Scholarships available this year in CIHR
Vanier Eligibility
• Outstanding grades and research are expected of all
• Strong emphasis on leadership skills both academically
and within the broader community
• Must apply through and be nominated by the Canadian
University to which applying for Doctoral studies
• Pursue doctoral studies at a different University than
where previous degrees completed or in progress
• Students already enrolled in their doctoral program are
also eligible to apply as long as they will have completed
no more than 20 months of their doctoral program as of
May 1, 2012
Vanier Application Process
entire application is submitted electronically
using ResearchNet:
• Hard copies of official transcripts submitted to
Lois Bamsey, Awards Officer, Office of
Graduate Studies
• Due date: September 13, 2011
• Students applying for a Vanier Scholarship
should also apply for NSERC PGSD or
SSHRC Doctoral
Michael Smith Foreign Study
Supplements (MSFSS)
• Available to current CGSM & CGSD
• If your research will involve travel outside
Canada keep in mind if awarded a CGS in
spring that MSFSS application deadlines
are in May and September
• Up to $6,000. for 3-6 months abroad
Other NSERC programs
• Summer Program in Japan or Taiwan
• Eight week period developing collaborative
research links with Japanese or Taiwanese
• Application deadline Oct 10 for summer 2012
• NSERC Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship
• If you or your advisor have an industry contact
who may be interested in partnering with you
contact me
Canadian Institutes in Health
Research (CIHR)
• Doctoral competition: apply directly to CIHR using
ResearchNet : Deadline October 14, 2011
• Masters competition: U of G only allowed to forward 5
• : on-line application process using ResearchNet
• The Canada Graduate Scholarships Master's Awards
administered by CIHR are intended to provide special
recognition and support to students who are pursuing a
Master's degree in a health related field in Canada.
These candidates are expected to have an exceptionally
high potential for future research achievement and
CIHR Masters Application Process
• Due on-line January 5, 2012
• Original hard copy transcripts must be submitted
to Awards Officer, Office of Graduate Studies no
later than January 5 but when you submit your U
of G Transcript Request check off on the form
“After Current Semester Grades”
• CIHR Webinar to be held later this month
• Check the Graduate Studies website for details
and watch for an email from your Graduate