CSI presentation 9.13

Creating a shared vision for CSI in Namibia
CSFN Vision & Mission
A strong Namibia & a strong civil society
with a secure financial foundation
To generate, manage & disburse funds for
civil society activities in Namibia, with a
particular focus on support for communitybased development & welfare
Main Activities
• Raise funds & hold endowments from any
source for Civil Society activities in Namibia
• Make grants to civil society organisations,
especially in relation to community
development & welfare
• Increase support for civil society activities
from all sources – Government, Corporate
Sector, International Agencies and the public
Building a Programme
• Generating a comprehensive knowledge of
civil society agencies and activities across
• Developing open, accountable and secure
granting and support mechanisms
• Building cost effective regional coverage
• Providing information and, where required,
support mechanisms for sponsors
Panel discussion
Creating a Shared Vision for CSI in
• Networks and partnerships
• Multi-stakeholder engagement strategies
• Innovative approaches to catalyse multistakeholder engagement