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Raleigh Durham Tableau User Group
Meeting #2 – Thursday January 16th, 2014
Chris Schultz
BI Architect @ BCBSNC
Raleigh Durham TUG
Tonight’s Agenda
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Dan Murray!
Raleigh Durham TUG
• Special thanks to our hosts Jennifer Salamh and Duke!
• Purpose of this User Group:
• Meeting and networking with other local users
• Company Showcases: seeing examples of the great Tableau
work being developed throughout the Triangle
• Special Guests: Tableau consultants, authors, and other
experts from both inside and outside the area
• Friendly competitions and contests around Tableau viz
development (iron viz!?)
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Raleigh Durham TUG
Who is here tonight?
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Raleigh Durham TUG
RDU TUG Meeting Frequency and Format
• Quarterly Meetings
• Additional meetings may be scheduled around special
events between the quarterly TUG meetings
• General Format:
• 1. General Announcements
2. Speaker #1 (Local Company Showcase )
3. Speaker #2 (Special guest)
4. Round Table / Tableau User Q & A
• Official Raleigh Durham TUG Website
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Raleigh Durham TUG
Local Company Showcase: BCBSNC
Small team of users in Sales started using Tableau Desktop in 2009
Push to get Tableau Server, took a couple years – lots of resistance
and misunderstanding of the product
Tableau Server POC in late 2012 kick started the growth in Tableau
usage and adoption
Server implemented in May of 2013
Tableau Activity and Usage @ BCBSNC
2 Tableau Server environments
6 Desktop users in 2009
39 Desktop users today
104 workbooks published to Tableau Server
152 users with interactor access on Tableau Server
700+ views published to Tableau Server in 2013
13,000+ views rendered by Tableau Server in 2013
Challenges for Tableau adoption at BCBSNC
• Governance, particularly around data
• Getting official buy-in for DataViz COE
• Getting off-premise and external parties access to their data –
(looking into Tableau Online options)
• Competing BI Tools – when to use which?
DataViz COE Services
Connecting Users
Connect BCBSNC Tableau user community to
each other and to broader Tableau community.
Voice of Tableau and Data
Body to communicate to BCBSNC leadership
and users regarding Tableau utilization and
Consulting Services
Coach and consult tableau users on effective
visualizations for improved business and
Server Support & Administration
Site Creation, initial user set up, monitoring
usage and growth on server, license tracking,
new versions, security, upgrades, etc.
Viz Development (when sanctioned
as “enterprise” projects)
Supporting the User Community – collaborative
tools & activities
Where does Tableau Fit within our Existing Toolset?
• Fills a void in our data visualization capabilities
• Allows us to answer questions that we haven’t thought of at the time of design
• Analysts have more control and flexibility over their data which is a must given the complexity of
our data, number of different data sources, and number of processes that have to be ingrained in
the analysis
• The DataViz COE takes the place of the traditional BI application “support” model in that it not
only governs the environment, it also assists in visualization development and proactively
promotes best practices and user adoption
Reporting &
Data Visualization &
Visual Discovery
When to use which: Business Objects vs. Tableau
When to use Tableau
• Analysts are doing the development – Tableau Desktop is much easier to learn and use
for building ad-hoc visualizations and self service dashboards for the average analyst
• Requires Data Blending -Current process is very manual – requires data that’s either not in
EDW (3rd party) or it has to be transformed or prepared outside of the Warehouse
• Dynamic data and requirements - The current analysis / report is generated by power user
/ COE Analyst and the information they need is very dynamic – the requirements change on
a month to month basis (like Medical Expense trends)
• Need data visualization on big data – Tableau’s Data Extracts provide in memory data for
When to use BOBJ
• Enterprise Reporting - tool of choice for rigorously validated reports, broadcast, bursting, and
pixel perfect reporting
• Static data and requirements - when reporting requirements will be slowly changing
• Need very detailed reporting at an operational level - lots of text, lots of columns, need to
print out
• Reporting application requires SLAs - BOBJ is the target environment for reports that will be
operationalized and need SLAs
• Business User protected environment – reports or queries where database complexities and
SQL are hidden away
Tableau is filling a huge void for our Power Users
Next up: Special Guest Dan Murray
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Raleigh Durham TUG
Conclusion and Q&A
Thank you for coming!
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Raleigh Durham TUG
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