Brian Nosek

Open Science Framework:
Supporting the research worflow
Brian Nosek
University of Virginia
Improving science with openness
Top-down – fast, but narrow
– Funders: levers only for grantee projects
– Journals: only at point of publication
Bottom-up – slow, but comprehensive
– Researcher’s entire workflow part of the
cumulative record
– Leverage norms rather than requirements
Opening the research workflow
Registration is one piece
Open Science Framework (OSF)
Web app and tools for collaborating, documenting,
archiving, sharing, and registering science
Respect workflow
• Robust to different workflows
• Integrate private and public workflows
Incentivize openness
• Support top-down and bottom-up incentivization
Existing solutions are:
– Discipline specific
– Appended to the workflow
– Constrained to a point in time
– Content restrictive
OSF registration is none of those. Instead:
– Templating
– Integrated in the workflow
– Any time, any frequency
– Registers everything
Open Science Framework
OSF Demo
Collaborator and Lead Developer:
Jeff Spies
Open Science Framework (OSF)
• For collaboration, documentation, archiving,
sharing, registration
• Integrates components of workflow
• Replaces ad hoc archiving with shared solution
• Merges private and public workflows
• Integrates top-down and bottom-up solutions
• Breaks disciplinary silos
• Connects infrastructure
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The Sell
How can you get credit for doing good science?
Stick versus Carrot