Preparing and Submitting Your Research Proposal

How Your Research Administration Team
Supports You From Start to Finish
Michelle Melin-Rogovin, Manager of Research Administration
Research Administration Services
Your Team: Who Do You Ask for
What Kind of Help?
 Department Staff
 The department staff who know your research idea,
who will help you to assemble aspects of the proposal
while you are on service.
 Research Administration Services
 The research administrators who will work with you
and department staff to assemble and submit the
proposal correctly and on time to OSR.
 Office of Sponsored Research
 The central office team who will review your proposal
and approve it to be submitted on behalf of the
university to the sponsor.
The Process: Where Do You Begin
and How Long Does It Take?
 Submit and receive approval from EM Research
 Approval should be received a minimum of 6-8 weeks
prior to sponsor deadline if Federal sponsor, possibly
longer if subcontracts are involved with proposal.
 Research Administration Services is contacted
about your proposal (Michelle Melin-Rogovin or
Catie Hor).
 Recommend setting up a meeting to review your
proposal idea, elements involved and timeline ASAP.
The Process: Part 2
 The Plan
 We set up a plan involving your staff and our team
 Analyze the RFA, assign work and follow up
 RAS manages the process
 Anticipates complications early
 Communicates with PI and staff often
 Keeps on top of deadlines
 Communicates with OSR and ensures timely
 Bottom Line –You will be assigned an RA who
will work with you from start to finish.
 What We’re Managing Together
 Subcontracts from other universities or institutions
require approvals from the institution of origin and NU
– adds 1-2 weeks
 OSR requires 5 business days for approval of proposal
 Science has to be submitted 2 business days prior to due
 The New InfoEd System adds a layer of uncertainty
that is still being worked out.
 Bottom line: Subtract 8-9 days from the due date of
your proposal and that is when it needs to be
finished; if you have a subcontract planned, identify
it early.
Our Ultimate Goal
How Does it All Get Done?
 Research Plan
 Works with department staff to
get information about program
to formulate
 Refine working budget with
RA and continue to focus on
research plan and supporting
research documents
 Checks in with Research
Administrator with questions
on research plan
 Adds language to budget
justification (or provides
Research Administrator
 Takes research plan and
develops budget for PI to
review and approve; can draft
budget justification for PI to
add language.
 Develops administrative shell
for application, uploads and
requests initial review from
OSR. Incorporates
 Follows the development of
the research plan and adjusts
budget accordingly
 Provides input to PI about
allowable costs and special
conditions of RFA
How Does it All Get Done?
 Works with department
 Provides boilerplate
staff to assemble required
 Alerts RA to any changes in
budget or scope as the
research plan is finalized.
 Asks questions regarding
 Keeps on deadline and
encourages department
staff to as well
information to PI about
application or reviews
written material
 Can ask OSR information
or refer PI to OSR if there
are questions about the
 Continues to remind PI
about deadlines, all
required scientific
How Does it All Get Done?
 Reviews and approves final
 Provides final budget for
budget and budget
 Sends final documents to
RA to be uploaded into
application program.
approval, receives
comments and uploads
final budget.
 Finalizes justification
based on final research
 Reviews all final
documents for guideline
specifications and format.
 Upload all documents and
send to OSR.
How Does it All Get Done?
 Reviews comments from
 Receives second round
OSR, approves changes,
and OK’s to send to
 PI follows validation
process in Commons and
works with OSR to follow
the process to receive a
final validation.
of comments from OSR,
makes revisions and
reviews with PI.
 Uploads edited
documents, provides PI’s
OK, application is
requested to send to
sponsor and OSR sends.
 RA receives validation
and sends to PI.
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