Collection and Assets
Management: One University
Library's Journey to the Future
Dr. Sheeja N.K.
Dr. Susan Mathew K
Smt. Sreerekha S.Pillai
Sri. Surendran Cherukodan
Collection management
It is a set of interrelated activities
maintaining a collection of library
resources to serve the needs and
wants of its clients (Kennedy,
To trace the problems and prospects of
collection and asset management of the
University Library of Cochin University of
Science and Technology (CUSAT)
CUSAT: An Overview
Established in 1977
State owned
Three campuses
Twenty eight departments
Cochin University Library (CUL)
Established in 1977
Situated at the main campus.
One central library and 21
departmental libraries
6000 users
Koha Library Management System
Annual budget 2012-13 - 175 lakhs
Average 2500 books per year
151 foreign journals, 52 Indian
journals and 12 databases.
Trends in Collection Management
Review Reveals….
Rapid growth in size and scope of library
Focus from collection development to
management of library collections
Attempts at co-operative collection development
Economic constraints
Digital information system
Expectations and needs of different users
Trends in Collection Management
Review Reveals….
Limitations in library staff and budget
Change in the scholarly communications system
Ownership and control of information in the
digital information system
Managing storage of print collections
Digital formats
Licensing issues
Collection Management at CUL
Print Books
Priority list of latest publications
recommended by Heads of
Reference books :10%
General books : 5%
Subject books :85%
Classification- Universal Decimal
Classification (UDC)
Cataloguing - AACR-2
Web OPAC- http://ul.cusat.ac.in
Collection Management at CUL
E-books recommended by
Department Heads
Selected only from those who
provided “pick and choose” option
with perpetual access.
IP authenticated access of e-books
across the campus network.
Downloadable link provided in the
OPAC and Library webpage for
accessing e-books.
Collection Management at CUL
Downloadable link for E-books in library catalog
Collection Management at CUL
Downloadable link for E-books in Library website
Collection Management at CUL
Priority list of journals recommended
by Heads of Departments of CUSAT.
Centralized purchasing model
Subscribes to 203 print journals.
Directly from the publishers
‘Kardex system’ for recording the
details of periodicals.
Online Journals and Databases
Subscribes 36 online
journals and 12 full
text databases
>7000 e-resources
from UGC Infonet
digital library
Online Journals and Databases
E-gateway grants direct link to all e-resources
accessible in the campus
Collection Management Challenges
Print resources
Increase in the price of the journal
Conversion rate of foreign currency
Space management
Preservation cost
Collection Management Challenges
Online Resources
Licenses for databases
Additional annual fee for updating and
maintenance/hosting for e-books
Remote access
Asset Management
The CUL maintains an institutional
repository –Dyuthi
theses, conference proceedings, teaching
and learning materials and other scholarly
publications of the scientific community of
CUL – Future Directions
New building with ICT infrastructure development
Implementation of new inventory and security tools
Advanced training on Integrated Library
Management systems, Space management, Collection
Management, Information Literacy, Search Strategies
Evaluation of collection , and control of digital