Invitation to Energy and Gender Workshop in Norway, 12.09

Mr. Joaquim Ximenes, Acting Director, National Directorate of Water Resources
Management, MIS
Mr. Svein Ingar Semb, NVE
Ms. Marianne Damhaug, Counsellor Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta
Our date: 13.05.2011
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Morten Berthelsen Johnsen
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Invitation to Energy and Gender Workshop in Norway, 12.0916.09.2011
Norwegian development cooperation aims to contribute to improved economic, social and
political conditions in developing countries within the framework of sustainable development.
The promotion of equal rights and opportunities for women and men in all areas of society is
given a high priority. Within the energy sector it is important that any energy interventions have
focus on poverty reduction by including women’s rights and gender equality.
To increase the understanding and capacity among Norwegian key partners on energy and
integration of gender implications, NVE hereby has the please to invite two female
professionals within the energy sector from your institution to a one-week workshop in Norway
on this topic. The workshop will be arranged in Norway from 12th -16th September 2011.
Target group: Female technical staff that work or with energy background in NVE’s partner
institutions and possibly other female professionals working as technical staff on energy
projects in other donor partner institutions in relevant cooperating countries.
Objective: to strengthen participants’ knowledge on organisation of the energy sector in
Norway and increase their understanding of how to integrate gender in their work. The seminar
will give examples of good practices and methods for gender mainstreaming in energy
projects. By the end of this seminar participants will:
Have basic knowledge of Norway’s Clean Energy Programme and major actors
Have strengthen their knowledge on the organization of the energy sector
Experience from field visit to hydropower plants (Small, medium and big)
Have knowledge of the key policy framework/commitments on gender at the
international, Norwegian and at their national level
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Side 2
Have basic knowledge of key gender concepts
Be able to explain why it is important to be concerned about gender in energy projects
and how energy project can improve women’s livelihoods
Understand key entry points and tools for gender mainstreaming in energy projects in
particular by using a case study provided by NVE
Develop action plans on how they will follow up on their gender in energy training as
individuals when they return back to their organizations and as a group
Approximately 15 participants from NVE partner countries
Workshop details:
Language of the course: English
Course timing: 5-days workshop from 12.09 to 16.09
Organizers: NVE, ENERGIA
Tentative program:
Monday 12th September
Introduction by NVE: the background, rationale & objectives for the workshop
Development of the energy sector in Norway (NVE)
Norwegian Clean Energy Programme
How Norad, NVE and ENERGIA are working to mainstream gender into energy policies
and programmes (ENERGIA)
Historical milestones and development of policy frameworks/commitment on gender
equality at the international level, in Norway and by participants’ national governments
Tuesday and Wednesday 13th – 14th September
Field trip to hydropower sites in Southern part of Norway (Venues to be decided).
Hydropower sites of various sizes will be visited in addition meetings with hydropower
owners and local government.
Thursday 15th September
The whole day is facilitated by ENERGIA
An introduction to key gender concepts
Why it is important to be concerned about gender in energy projects and how energy
project can improve women’s livelihoods.
Side 3
Practical entry points for how to mainstream gender in energy projects: planning,
implementation, monitoring, results and impact.
Case study on how to use gender mainstreaming tools in an NVE project.
Friday 16th September
Action plans: assess strengths, weaknesses of the participants’ institutions from a
gender perspective and identify opportunities and constraints
Development of action plans for the individual participants
Evaluation of workshop
Wrap up by representatives from NVE
Expectations for next steps and the work ahead
We would like to ask you to nominate female professionals to attend the workshop in Norway.
Travel costs and per Diem for the participants will be covered from a separate grant from
Norad. It is important that your nominated candidates have background from the energy sector
and with sufficient knowledge of English to be able to contribute both verbally in the workshop.
Please submit nominated candidates to NVE by Morten Johnsen ([email protected]) within end of
10th June 2011 together with CV’s of proposed personnel.
NVE, together with Energia, will select and invite participants to the workshop based on the
incoming nominations. A detailed program for the workshop is in the process of being
developed and will be sent to the participants once they have been selected.
Looking forward to your response
Yours sincerely
Morten Berthelsen Johnsen
Senior Energy Advisor NVE