Booker T. Washington

Civil Rights leader
President of Tuskegee Institute
Economic independence was the only
way to achieve
social and political equality
Forget social equality instead learn a
skill, become self-sufficient, buy a
Then equality will come
Famous speech given at The
International Exposition in Atlanta,
Fight for civil rights
Demand equality (14th
Knowledge and truth not
Education for 10 percent
“talented tenth” of African
American population
Did not agree with Booker T.
Dubois thought
Washington was making
social, political and
economic decisions that
affected all blacks
Disagreed with the idea
that blacks who became
economically successful
and waited long enough
would see race relations
W.E.B. DuBois
 Lugenia
Friend of Dubois
Fought for social equality
Civil leader
Leading educator
First president of
Morehouse College
Burns Hope
“mover and shaker”
Civic leader
Neighborhood Union:
Gave neighborhood
vocational classes for
Health center
Clubs for boys and girls
Provided financial aid
An African American barber and
entrepreneur, he was founder and
president of the Atlanta Life Insurance
Company, one of the most successful
black-owned insurance businesses in
the nation.
At the time of his death in 1927, he was
also Atlanta’s wealthiest black citizen
1. Which African American leader believed that a
“Talented Tenth” of the African American
population could serve as leaders for all other
African Americans?
A. Frederick Douglass
B. W.E.B. DuBois
C. John Hope
D. Booker T. Washington
2. What organization was founded by
Lugenia Burns Hope?
B. Girl Scouts
C. Neighborhood Union
D. Y.W.C.A.
3. What business made Alonzo Herndon a
successful businessman?
A. Coca-cola
B. Atlanta Mutual Insurance Company
C. Georgia Pacific
D. Western and Atlantic Railroad
4. What racial issue did Booker T.
Washington support?
A. economic equality
B. political equality
C. religious equality
D. social equality
What racial issue, opposed by Booker T.
Washington, did W.E.B.DuBois support?
A. economic equality
B. political equality
C. religious equality
D. social equality