The Power of Mindsets Presentation

“The Power of Mindsets:
Nurturing Resilience in Our Youth and
Dr. Robert Brooks
Presented by:
Dr. Martha Villarreal
The Power of Mindsets:
The assumptions we possess
about ourselves and our students
that direct our behavior
The Mindset of effective educators
and other professionals– those who
touch the hearts and minds of
Key Characteristics:
Appreciate the importance of empathy
in understanding and responding to children
and adolescents—Every time you interact
with a student that student forms a
perception of you…..
Key Characteristics continued…
To recognize the significance of a
“Charismatic adult” and the lifelong
impact educators have on the
resilience of students: we must never
underestimate the influence that one
adult can have on changing a child’s
mindset and life forever.
…A Charismatic Adult:
Read and reflect on “Three Letters
from Teddy.”
Charismatic Adult
A person from whom a child or adult
gathers strength…
When resilient adults were asked “What
do you think the most important thing
was that helped you succeed?” the most
common answer was “One person made
the difference…”
To Understand the Components of
Motivation and Self-Worth:
The need to belong and feel connected and to
feel welcome: If students feel alienated in
school then learning will be compromised
and anger and resentment will become
dominant features
The need for autonomy and selfdetermination: When students are provided
with some choice and input into their work
and education, their sense of ownership and
cooperation increases
we must seek to identify, reinforce and
display the “Islands of Competence” of
each student … In schools we must
move away from focusing primarily on
deficits and instead, adopt a strengthbased model that enlists students in
helping others and minimize the fear of
mistakes and failure
Make a list of words you hope your
students would you use to describe
you… then ask yourself “What words
would they actually use?”
Jigsaw Activity
Read and discuss “To Touch the Hearts
and Minds of Students with Learning
Disabilities: The Power of Mindsets
and Expectations”
Hands-On Learning
Make a list of three people who are
charismatic adults in your life…
Make a list of three people that would
consider you a charismatic adult in
their life…
Parting Thoughts…
How do I make a child feel welcome in my
Greet me by name and SMILE
Kids won’t care what you know until they
first Know you care!
If something is not working with kids, the
ones that need to change are the adults
Asking for feedback is POWERFUL!