Speech 205 - Rhetorical Devices

Activity (5 minutes)
 Write:
Your speech topic is the Barack Obama
Write an….
 Attention getter (1 of 8 types),
 Thesis statement (C+B+R)
 Preview statement (Make up 3 main points)
 Review statement (Same 3 points as Preview)
 Memorable last line (1 of 3 types)
Stylistic Devices (part 1)
Mr. Sanders
Oral Communication
7:45am – 10:15am
 Arranging sentences so that words and phrases echo each
other in length and structure.
 County Market = “We value fresh, we value family, we value
 “In these four years we have been touched by tragedy, exhilarated
by challenge, strengthened by achievement.” – Bill Clinton
Contrast of
“My only love
sprung from my
only hate.” –
Romeo and
Rhetorical Questions
 Asking a question to make a point, but NOT expecting an
 Good – “If practice makes perfect, and no one's perfect, then
why practice?”
 Good – “How many roads must a man
walk down before you call him a man?”
 Bad – “Have you ever thought about dogs?
Well, I have and today that’s my topic!”
 Parallelism –
 Forever I do, forever I love you
 The Few, the proud, the marines
 Antithesis –
 You make me cry, you make me smile, I hate you, I love you
 It hurts so bad, but it felt so good.
 To be or not to be / Unnecessary necessities
 Rhetorical question –
(Interrupting for Emphasis) – to emphasize or clarify the point
speakers are attempting to make
“We cannot, we will not, succumb to the dark impulses that lurk
in the far regions of the soul everywhere.” – Bill Clinton
 Repeat a sound, word, phrase, or idea.
 “I have a dream!”
-Dr. King
“I love you like a love
song baby, and I just
keep on hitting, rePeat,peat, peat,peat,
 Alliteration
 Repetition of consonant
 Ex: Billy Bob bought baked
 Assonance
 Repetition of the same
vowel sound
 Ex: My prized possession I
hold to the highest
standard. It ignites the
spark of possibilities in
your eyes.
 “It’s good
mood food!”
Example time!
 Parenthesis –
 Alliteration –
 Repetition -
 Assonance -
Pop Quiz!
 Look through your notes…
 Which of the seven
rhetorical devices so far is
this text referring to?