Batman – The Dark Knight PPT

The Dark Knight: Questions
1) What is the Joker dressed up as?
a) A doctor
b) A nurse
c) A robber
The Dark Knight: Movie Question
2) How many busses were missing?
a) 50
b) 20
c) 1
The Dark Knight: Movie Question
3) Who did Commissioner Gordan say
got out?
a) Barvey Ment
b) Larvey Kent
c) Harvey Dent
The Dark Knight: Movie Question
4) What is the name of the hospital?
a) Tung Wah Hospital
b) Gotham General Hospital
c) Queen Mary Hospital
The Dark Knight cont…
5) Who is the hostage?
a) A fisherman
b) A fire fighter
c) Police officer
d) News reporter
The Dark Knight
6) Who do you think is cooler?
Batman or the Joker?
Teacher Demonstration: Change the Script
Hostage 1:
Hostage 1:
I have no brothers or sisters. In
fact, I don’t have any family at all.
That’s very sad.
I have family! Please let me go!
How big is your family?
I have a very big family. I have
three sons and four daughters.
My parents live at my home
That is a lot of mouths to feed. I
What happens next?
a) Joker and the hostages have a fight.
b) Joker feels bad about what he has done
and releases all the hostages.
c) Batman rescues everyone on the school
d) Batman and Joker have a fight.
e) Others?