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National Federation of State
High School Associations
Avoiding Problems with Sexual
Becky Oakes
NFHS Director of Sports
2013 NISCA Convention
Indianapolis, IN
March 29, 2013
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National Federation of
State High School Associations
National Federation of
State High School Associations
• National leadership organization for
high school sports and fine arts
• Writes playing rules for 17 boys
and girls sports at the high school
• National authority on
interscholastic activity programs.
• Conducts national meetings;
• Sanctions interstate events;
• Produces publications for high
school coaches, officials and
athletic directors;
• National source for interscholastic
coach training; and national
information center.
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 Core courses
• Fundamentals of Coaching
 Elective courses
• Engaging Effectively with Parents
• Teaching and Modeling Behavior
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• Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment
• The Role of the Parent in Sports
Fundamentals of Coaching
 Fundamentals of Coaching provides a unique studentcentered curriculum for interscholastic teacher/coaches,
assisting them in creating a healthy and age-appropriate
athletic experience that supports the educational mission
of our nation's schools. This course presents content that
all coaches should know and be able to do.
Engaging Effectively with
 Engaging Effectively with Parents provides a unique student-centered
curriculum on essential techniques and methods for coaches to
effectively communicate and interact with students, parents and
 This course features specific guidance for speaking, listening,
implementing a communication system, and strategies for dealing with
problematic parents and guardians. The extensive resources section
includes additional information, including a communication guide,
sportsmanship guidelines, tips for dealing with difficult parents, and
The Role of Parents in Sports
 In the Role of the Parent in Sports, the NFHS has
provided information and resources to help educate you
on the importance of proper behavior by parents in school
sports and the role you must play to ensure your child has
a positive sport experience. As a parent of a student who
participates in athletics, you make a huge difference in the
quality of your child's sport experience, as well as what is
being taught and learned by our youth.
Teaching and Modeling Behavior
 Teaching and Modeling Behavior was written by Bruce Brown, Director of
Proactive Coaching and a master clinician, to help the teacher/coach understand
the definition of modeling behavior and sportsmanship. Coaches will understand
how inappropriate behavior affects how they and their teams are perceived by
students, fans and officials. Coaches will learn the benefits of taking a proactive
approach in teaching and modeling behavior, and will learn specific approaches
for rehearsing appropriate behavior and sportsmanship. Coaches can start and
complete a course immediately after a course purchase is approved, and will
have up to one year after purchase to review and access all printable resources.
Creating a Safe and Respectful
 This course educates the user about their responsibility to
provide a safe and respectful environment for the students in
their care.
 Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment will define and
provide recommendations in three specific areas; inappropriate
relationships and behaviors, hazing, and bullying, including
cyberbullying. Every coach should complete this course before
having contact with students or players.
NFHS High School Today
How to Avoid These Headlines
How to Avoid These Headlines
“It Just Happened-Really?”
Sexual abuse does not just happen
Risky behavior
Lack of respect
Lack of having or following policies
Lack of meeting responsibilities
Lack of boundaries
Lack of clear expectations for conduct of the
 Student accountability
 Just not thinking!!!!
“Unclear Water”
 What is sexual abuse
 Where as coaches do we have a bad start
Physical contact
Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat….
Weak policies
Becoming the friend and not the coach
“Clear Water”
School policies
Team policies
Coach policies
Establishing boundaries
Necessary discipline
“The Three Legged Stool”
Coach is the seat
Leg 1- administration
Leg 2- parents
Leg 3- students
Solid foundation to
avoid sexual abuse
requires: good
policies, expectations
and leadership from
communication with
parents of how school
program conducted
and clear
communication and
meeting all
expectations as set
forth with students
“Know the Rules and Avoid the
 Let’s see how we do
National Federation of State
High School Associations
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