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November 15, 2010
Presenters: Malinda Todd and Arlene Childers
Slogan Match
Pick a slip of paper with either a slogan or
the product
 Find the match to your slip of paper
Ex. Just Do It goes with NIKE
Move to the wall with your partner
 When everyone has found their match
share your slogan and product with the
Slogans Make Your Product
NC REAL Enterprises Grows
Entrepreneurship By:
Training teachers
 Developing timely, hands-on
entrepreneurial curriculum.
 Supporting local entrepreneurship
programs in:
– 50 K-12 Schools
– 57 Post-Secondary including 54 Community Colleges
– 40 Community Based Organizations
Experiential Learning Cycle
What an
Entrepreneurship Camp
Looks Like
Day 1
Students learn about what it means to be an
Students learn about small businesses in their
Students are assigned business teams
Students work with team to create a business
Students present the idea to a Banker for a loan
Day 1
Day 2
Teams learn about making commercials
 Students hear from a local entrepreneur
 Students learn about business image and
 Teams start creating marketing tools for
their business
Day 3
Students hear from a local entrepreneur
 Students participate in marketing activities
 Students work on the marketing and
operations for their business
Day 4
Students learn about personal and
business financials
 Teams develop financials for business
 Teams complete commercials for their
Day 5
Teams complete their
business plans
 Teams practice
Teams present
their businesses
and commercials
to a panel of
 Judges award
prizes to the
 Party!
Entrepreneurship Camp in
Ashe County 4-H Entrepreneurship Camp
What Youth are Saying About
Entrepreneurship Camp
21 surveyed were asked, “Would you attend
the Camp again next summer?” 100 % – Yes
"I like how we came up with good business
ideas from the games and activities."
"I liked all the activities and group projects.
Making our own business was loads of fun."
How Communities are
Making Entrepreneurship
Camps a Success
Partners, Partners, Partners
Many entrepreneurship camps are located
and lead by the community colleges with
 Western Piedmont Community College
partners with 4-H to include the camp in
their regular summer camps so they
manage the paperwork and instruction
 Piedmont Community College partners with
the local Chamber of Commerce and the
Chamber members provide lunches
Use Speakers and Judges to
Recruit Advocates
Wilkes Community College invited local
banker to serve as the loan officer for the
student businesses
 Carteret recruits economic developers,
school administrators and other
community leaders to serve as judges
Create Theme Camps That Celebrate
the Local Heritage or Amenities
Carteret Community College and the Core
Sound Waterfowl Museum held a Marine
Heritage Camp where students developed
businesses related to their island culture
 Saponi-Occoneechee Tribe is Hillsborough
incorporated tribal culture into the
entrepreneurial lessons
 Western Piedmont incorporated farming
into their camp through field trips and
Actively Promote the Camp
Youth Entrepreneurship is a great way to
raise attention for entrepreneurship in
your community
 Invite the press, especially on days when
students are doing activities
 Piedmont Community College has camp
business teams present to their Chamber
 Let schools know about the camp before
summer starts
REAL Entrepreneurship Camp
Facilitator Training
Summer Camp- 2-day workshop on planning
and leading a youth summer camp
 Training includes a workbook with planning
templates, sample agendas, and well over a
weeks worth of REAL activities
 Next training is January 20-21, 2010 in Raleigh
 Registration at
Thank you
Arlene Childers
Assistant Director
NC REAL Enterprises
4168 Oak Hollow Dr.
Morganton, NC 28655
phone: 919-491-7572
[email protected]
Malinda Todd
Associate Director
NC REAL Enterprises
3739 National Dr., Suite 110
Raleigh, NC 27612
Phone: 919-781-6833 x126
[email protected]
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