Sandra`s presentation slides

Too Many Cooks?
Can a strategy for the creation of
sustainable mixed communities
be realised
Sandra Renicks
Development Programme Leader
Forward Scotland
The Community of Scotland
London Newspaper Headlines
Conned pensioner ‘living in shock’
Tributes for stabbed Barnet FC Youth Captain
BUNDLES of cash and suspected wraps of cocaine were seized in a pub
raid on Friday night
A former Metropolitan Police officer has been charged over a robbery at
a betting shop in east London.
Sidcup the High street has more properties unlet than let
Criminal gangs scam thousands of pounds from cash points in Camden
A handful of local authorities in London are to be offered a share of over
£56m to tackle youth crime.
Sustainable Development
Myths and Misconceptions
All actions for climate change are fundamentally
Sustainable Development is a green issue
Giving communities green spaces makes them
more sustainable
Sustainable buildings cost more money
People who live in energy efficient buildings use
less energy than those who don’t
Ignore the rules
Incoherent Activities
Environmental and Social Injustice
No change!!!!
Local Definitions
Active communities, where people are motivated
by connections to their own interests
A community that believes it is a community, with
the power to do something that affects their lives
and creates opportunities in their future
A place where people want to live
Forward Scotland Well- being
•Happiness and well-being as
•Surveys in urban and rural areas
throughout Scotland
•Not scientific but surprising
And the survey says….
Rural areas happier than urban areas
Older happier than the young
Little correlation with income
High level of concern with the environment
Low belief in ability to change
A town of well-being?
Muirkirk - East Ayrshire
Official Remote Rural
Just under 30% deprived
Felt Healthy
Good Social Networks
Very High Happiness Rating
Sustainable Communities in
•Already exist
•Where there is leadership from
•Where there is a sense of
•Where there is a sense of wellbeing
•Create or facilitate?
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